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Autumn in Nekoland!

October! Mid Autumn Festival!
The month where there is this one day where Hou Yi and Chang’Er get to see each other! Well that’s according to the legend of the chinese Goddess of the Moon!

So how is everyone doing?
Lakorn sugar rush is finally over! I hope you’ve enjoyed the last 3 recently completed lakorn! My fave out of the 3 would probably be Prom Pisawat!
Gone were the days of subbing 7 episodes a week! Phew! Thinking back, I wonder how I did that? I think it surely must be all the sugar I’m getting!
I was lost for a while not knowing what to do with my new found free time. And then I found a new hobby! Well sort of like going back to old habit instead. Which is watching drama! And this time neko have drifted over to the cdramaland instead! I’ve found some new love over at cdramaland 🥰 I try not to be a permanent resident there, or else I might not be able to swim back to nekoland again. Now if you are looking for something to watch, I’d recommend Dating in the Kitchen, Love is Sweet, Love in Time, Sparkle Love, Maiden Holmes, Count your Lucky Stars… I actually have a long list to recommend but I try not to overwhelm you all!😝

So what is the “October’s happening” in nekoland?
neko have been lazy in subbing! Another reason is because neko is feeling down that Server 7 is down! I was told that I’ve violated their TOS. Server 7 is a paid server which I’ve started using since early this year. I know that a lot of you like server 7 because it is fast and adsfree! I’m still in communication with their technical support and see if there’s anyway to salvage this and find out what TOS which I’ve violated. Unfortunately they are not really responsive! 😔
Adding more new server?
I’m still looking into this. A lot of the video streaming site out there doesn’t work with the streaming solution that I’m using right now as it only work with direct video link. Also a lot of paid server out there have limit in storage and also bandwidth! So for now the only working server will be server 5!

In summary, October is going to be a quiet month in Nekoland! neko is going to set a goal so that I won’t drift too far until I couldn’t swim back. I’ll try to catch up with the release of KSJSJ and perhaps an eps of BSD per week! 😉

Discord invitation is still open to all who would want to chat about lakorn, cdrama or etc.
For now if you have any recommendation of cdrama that you think I’ll like, head over to #other-fansubs and let me know! I’m actively checking that tag! 😂

Again, please remember to play by the house rules and thank you for being patience!