Way overdue 2020 year end review!

Hello nekolings!
I know! I know! This is way overdue. I thought I could quietly do away with this! Hahahahaha! And I was surprised that some of you nekoling are actually looking forward to this! Thank you for asking! I’ve been slacking a lot this year! #blamelaogong (Best excuses ever!) 🤞that it won’t happen again for 2021 review. At least I’ve already make plan with my watchparty buddy that we will remind each other and work on this piece of homework review together! 😅
2020! The year the pandemic spread worldwide! The start of the new normal. And also the year where neko completed 18 projects 😲 – thanks to quarantine! Next come the hardest part which is to rank all the 18 projects based on my personal preference.

Jaosua Mua Nim

Another twins lakorn! Seems like 2020 is raining twins’ lakorn in nekoland! This one…. Hmm…. My comment, only watch this is you want to past time and have nothing better to watch! Or if you are a fan of Bom Phongsakon! 😅
I picked this one up is because I’ve always wanted to sub something of Bom. I like him since when he first debut in movie Senior with Jannine Weigel. At that time it was either this or Madame Baan Na. And since I can’t stand Pinkploy, that’s how I ended with this one!

What can I say other than I miss Pon after Trabab See Chompoo! Honestly nang’ek is annoying in here! If I have a magic wand, I’d change this to BL! I’d love to ship this two brothers together! Hahahaha! 🤣🤣🤣

The summary of the lakorn sound promising. I was hoping for a good slap/kiss lakorn. But it was poorly executed. I find this lakorn dragging and they focus too much on the second couple which makes me wonder who is actually the lead! 
Maggi is really pretty in this one and great acting as always. But Oath…. Well all I can say is that he only look good when in still! My fave couple turn out to be Doctor & Yupa! 😁

Honestly I’m quite disappointed with this one. It have so much potential with the cast that they have. It started out good but later, instead of rooting for the main Pra’ek, I find myself rooting the the second lead instead. I don’t mind if they spend a bit more time with younger sis and younger bro couple. This one make me want to jump into the show to correct certain action of the Nang’ek and Pra’ek!
You will need a lot of lakorn logic to tolerate this one! I’m just in it for the eye candy! 🤣🤣🤣

Talking about good timing! This one actually came at the right time when I’ve got no project of interest. Under normal circumstances, I definitely will not pick this one up or even look at this. I like female Toey but nope not male Toey! But the overall cast look great, there’s Ball and Job, and the posters look great too! Hahahaha yes I’m easily sold by packaging and good look! 🤩
How should I rate this one? Hmm… I’d say this is just an average lakorn with HE!

I wonder how Smart feel like getting the same role again after 10 years! TBH I love the storyline of this lakorn that’s the main reason why I decided to pick this one up. I do feel bad making Nong Timer sit through timing this one even though she doesn’t like Smart at all! Thank you Nong Timer. I really appreciate this! 😘😘😘 This one is really a lakorn lakorn, where at the end everyone get what they deserve. (Err… Except for the GF!). I love the story line and this will probably score higher in my list if they change the pra’ek! 😆 

Another slow subbing project! Also another twin story! Well at least this time round the Nang’ek are real twins! Typical lakorn of separated at birth and identity change. Overall it’s okay. Too much scene with the side character. If spice it up with a bit more romances then it will be even better! 😉

Not sure if you know, all the girls from timing team love Maggi Appa. And when I was looking into new slow project to sub, one of the Nong suggested that I should look into this instead. Looking at the speed of the release you probably can guess that I’m enjoying this one too! It’s definitely my fave genre! If you like romantic comedy, then this one is for you! 😊 

I would describe this one as short and sweet! A mini drama by Broadcast Thai and also Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) to promote tourism and support community products. This mini drama take us away from the usual city setting to the breathtaking Bhumibol Dam and Srinakarin Dam. Exactly what I’m looking for during this dire time! And what is there not to like when it features my two fave stars! 🥰 neko’s 🐍

Kolkimono is one of my lakorn bucket list. LOL! Yes I do keep a lakorn bucket list! There’s actually one more left in the list. The one left will definitely make me emotional and cry my eyes out if I were to sub it. It’s an old one back in 2013 but really good one! And not my usual genre! 😹 Can you guess which lakorn is this? Hahahaha! Nope you won’t get any prize even if you guess correctly! 😝
Now back to Kolkimono. I’m a big fan of P’Bird. I even attended a few of his concerts a while back! And Chompoo is one of my fave actress err…. correction she’s more like my favourite fashion icon! I love her cute, colorful and quirky style! 
I wanted to watch Kolkimono when it air in 2015. Unfortunately there weren’t any sub and I wasn’t fluent enough to pick this one up. Now I’m revisiting this again after 5 years! 🙃
This one is definitely not your typical lakorn. It revolves around Japanese mythology and also majority of the filming took place at Fukuoka, Japan. So it serve as an escape for me during the quarantine time! 🌸🌼🌻 The ost by P’Bird also is added merit! And Tye is the real eye candy in here! Sorry Ken! 

Another one from ch3 stock lakorn pile! And another one which I enjoy greatly. Supernaturla lakorn with a lot of fresh meat and eye candy! ❤️❤️❤️ Hahahaha!
Fan of Max Tul. Sorry they don’t have much interaction in here!
I’m now a big fan of Thana and Champ afther this show. I hope they have more work as lead perhaps in daily lakorn! 

Sorn Ngao Rak

This is one of my most anticipated lakorn despite not knowing what’s the story line about! Well I got rope into this lakorn because of the posters and of course eye candy God Itthipat! 😂 I enjoy this one even though the story line is pretty mess up! And the offline drama might be even more dramatic than the drama itself! 😅 But that aside, this lakorn is one of the lakorn that have the most beautiful setting. Both Marina and Richie play the role of the twins very well.

This one sure is a hidden gem from ch3 stock lakorn pile! I wonder why ch3 keep on stocking good lakorn and only showing us the bad ones! This one makes me fall in love with Ball Jitpanu! 🥰 I enjoyed every minute subbing this gem. Gaga is just so adorable! This is how a good lakorn should be. Everyone get what they deserve and of course a BIG HAPPY ENDING!

Game Rak Ao Keun

Those who have been following me for some time would know that I’m a sucker for eye candy!😻 And Joss Way-Ar is definitely one of them.
GRAK is a story about when revenge game doesn’t go as one plan. What I like best (other than eye candy Joss) is the good chemistry between Nune & Joss. Also they sprinkle a lot of sugar to us! I love every single scene when they are together. The OST by New Jiew also rope me into this lakorn immediately. I was shipping Risa & Stubborn kid so hard that the original ending kind of throw me off. I’m just grateful that GMM decided to grace us with alternative ending 5 months later! Thank you GMM! 😘

Another one of my anticipated lakorn! Kem & Mook look so good together! 🥰
This lakorn really pay attention to the details. The stylist did a great job. 👏 I love all the clothes which Mookda wear. But yet they fail in contraceptive! LOL! JK! If they do that we wouldn’t have any story isn’t it? The twins are super adorable!
Overall, I’m satisfied with this one. I look forward to seeing them again soon! 😊 See you in the next installment!

Ah! Daddy Weir & Baby Mookda! ❤️❤️❤️ However it seems like Euro & Noey get all the romantic action instead! But overall I do enjoy this one. One thing lacking is the steamy kiss and romance between our lead. I console myself that perhaps this was filmed during the covid restriction time! Can I get them to pair up again?

A reunion which I have been hoping for since Karn La Karng Neung ended. And since were are in this topic, I wonder when we are going to get part 2. The story of Chen Ming. And I hope that the nang’ek will be Mookda or Pupe! P’Tle, please! 🙏
Pimmy fit the role of Pantawan to a tee. She sure can sing, dance and act! One of my fave girl! And Boom with that smile and dimple… How can I hate him even when he’s acting like an @s$h0le! Love the OST! Love Pimmy! Love Boom! So in conclusion I just love this one! 🥰

I honestly didn’t have high expectation for this one when I hear that the storyline is about an assassin and his target who is also the person who broke him and girlfriend up! I jump into this one without much expectation. And to my surprise this one turn out to me one of my fave. It’s complete with all flavor, there’s romance, comedy, bromance, drama, action. And couple with OST by Num Kala and Lula which clearly reflect the feeling of our Pra’ek and Nang’ek! 🥰❤️🤩 Definitely my cup of coffee!
Aum is a Queen! Love her!
Mik! Oh Mik! Honestly I try to stay away from Mik not because I don’t like Mik. But it’s because Mik’s fan are super impatient and demanding. And honestly no matter how you try to rush for sub explicit or implicit, it doesn’t help! It’s just annoying and causes delay in the release! 😈

Some update on the servers. Server 7 (WordPress/Videopress) link for some of the lakorn is down. I need to clean these links but I still doesn’t have time to deal with that yet. neko’s videopress priviledge got strip due to violation TOC of the hosting company which I’m not going to go into detail about it. So I ended up signing up another hosting plan with a different hosting company but am going to play it safe this time. The link will only be up for a certain period of time. And when I feel that I’ve overload the server, I will be deleting the link from old completed projects and what that mean is that old projects will only be in Server 5 which is Internet Archive. Internet Archive is the only free server out there which is still able to support the streaming solution that I’m using. Nope! There is no plan to add new servers at the moment due to cost and also time. I’m sorry if Internet Archive doesn’t work for your country!

Just a gentle reminder, pestering me won’t get you anywhere. It will just further delay the release. And please read the announcement in the project page. If it is slow project, that mean it’s going to be slow. Snail pace! Tortoise pace! Or perhaps hibernating polar bear pace! 😴 As long as it is not drop, you’ll get to watch it one day!
Nope! I don’t have any subbing schedule and making one will just make this like a homework which need to be submitted at a certain timeline. And no one like homework! But I do set a soft target for myself and tend to follow through unless I’m being pissed off and that is when neko silent boycott begin! 😈
New project? If you don’t see a dedicated project page with timeline table, then it’s not a confirmed project! It’s that simple! Asking everyday will not get you anywhere!

2021? It’s April now and I’m not exactly sure how 2021 is going to pan out for nekoland. MJB kindda ruin lakorn for me. And DKLD doesn’t exactly help either. Even Mike & Mookda couldn’t exactly reel me back to nekoland, back to the lakornworld! neko have been seeking solace in the “World of Honor” where drinking and basking in the sun with soulmate makes more sense! 😆 Hopefully something good with lotso eye candy will come soon to make me want to come back and stay at nekoland! Perhaps this one? 😅 I guess we are about to find out soon!

Personally, 2021 have been a super difficult year by far. It’s not easy for neko to cope with the changes especially when the changes involves the lost of my teerak! 😿 But one thing I know for sure is that I’m going to treat myself better in 2021 and balance out between subbing, watching, work and life!

Last but not least, appreciation and thank you.
Big thank you to timing team CHUỒN CHUỒN CÁNH SEN for great support as always. A big round of applause to them! Thank you Nong Nong! 😘
Thank you to Subber Paradise for helping me to come up with a solution for the video streaming issue.😽
Also not forgetting, thank you to friends and fellow subbers too for helping me out whenever I’m stuck and also send message and concern whenever you sense that I might be feeling down or not at my right mind!  You know who you are! Joop! Joop! 💋 Thank you for hanging in there together with me! It’s always nice to have someone that I’m able to consult with! (Sound familiar! Yeah I copied this from last year review but with some edit of course! 555! 😝)
Also to all nekolings who have been supporting me vocally or silently. Thank you! And thank you for playing by my house rules!

So what’s your best and worst from the list? How are you going to rank these projects? Feel free to chip in! 😉

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