ATTENTION! This is not me!

I want to bring it to everyone’s attention regarding what’s going on in the subbing world right now! And just so you know the below facebook page is NOT MINE! It’s another fake page and is impersonating me and my blog. Using my cat “Me”‘s as profile pic and my work as the cover photo. 🙁

I thought the decision of dropping Mae Sue Bpak Rai Poo Chai Rot Jat would bring some senses back to these group of people and also those people whom are supporting the troll page. It’s disappointing that they just doesn’t care. And there’s few in those group even commented that they don’t care where the source is from as long as they get to watch it! If no subber is subbing, I wonder from where they will get their sub from? 😈

Unfortunately, I’m not the only subber who have become their target and frankly I’m not sure what they are trying to achieve here by making the life of all subbers miserable. If you see that there’s not much sub series being released is partly because we subbers have been ranting to each other and are “nuay jai” เหนื่อยใจ [downhearted] by their action.

They went as far as submitting copyright claim to FB claiming one of Ingfakirata’s video as their work resulted to the original subber video being deleted by FB. And the consequences is, Ingfakirata have announced that the subbing of Game Sanaeha is suspended indefinitely. You can read it first hand from their Jirayuhomedrama FB page []

There’s more fake pages which have been created overnight. If you do happen to come across them, please do not fall into their trap and follow these pages blindly.

I’m hoping that this will be over soon and that I can sub freely and happily again. But at the moment, I’ll take necessary measurement to protect my work! Yes, I’m very possessive of my work. Who wouldn’t? After all I’ve spent endless of hours working on it!

At depressing time like this, we subbers needs all the love and support we could get to cheer us up! These are some of the ORIGINAL SUBBER SITES & PAGES which I can vouch for.
kitkat – ,
Thippy –
Muse a.k.a SJDK – , ,
Ingfakirata –
Rainbow Subbing Team –
Subber’s Paradise –
Ninjakkn –
Jasmin’s lakorn –

If you’ve enjoyed any of the subber’s work, do drop by and let us know! That would definitely brighten our day a little!




55 Comments on “ATTENTION! This is not me!

  1. Oh my gosh. I fell for the always meena page, tho they had nothing , so i went to dailymotion, then came here and bumped into the real places to stream along with this post. WHAT IS WRONG WITH PPL. WATCH RESPONSIBLY! TREAT SUBS LIKE ALCOHOL. I was like what if MyDramalist had a Subbers tab, with subbers listed along with their legit sites, and then subbers could tag themselves to series on the site they are working on and put completeion status (progress)

  2. Thank you for subbing. You do a great job. I have watched quite a few Thai dramas all thanks to you.

  3. I totally understand you! Once upon a time I subbed in english few videos that were about kpop variety but they got linked into different sites and they weren’t credited back to me. So in the end I decided to delete my original videos and stopped subbing because of horrible experience with first videos I ever subbed. There is too much people nowadays that won’t respect the hard work of a subber/subbing team. I thank you all thai subbers and appreciate you for subbing lakorn, it’s still a small community between international fans that like lakorn so I really really thank you for doing an awesome work for us who don’t understand thai. And I hope you won’t stop subbing, I am fine with whatever measures you take and I don’t mind logging in to a forum to get a password.

  4. I totally support your decision. Thank you so much for your hard work!! Love from Brazil!

  5. This is truly messed up and I understand why you have to go to these lengths to protect your work…who wouldn’t?! Thank you for all you do Neko, you and all the legit subbers who put in so much time and effort so us Lakorn lovers who don’t understand the language can enjoy these shows. You are greatly appreciated!

  6. Thank you for all your hard work. I only go to the sites on the list. Can we do anything to help? Please don’t give up your true followers do appreciate all you do.

  7. I’m so sorry this is happening to you and the other subbers. Without you we wouldn’t be able to see the lakorns that we love. Thank you and I hope the situation improves quickly.

  8. What about encouraging subbers posting vids on daily motion and linking them to their own websites rather than fb? Most of the people I know don’t even use fb anymore.

  9. I’ve enjoyed many of the original subbers’ work and I try to watch only on original subbers’ sites. I spoke out about this issue on youtube to let others know the youtube page C3Thailand English Subtitles is also not original and steals other’s works. I can’t believe that person, Hein Klien. Stealing is one thing, but claiming the work as your own, multiple times and with multiple subbranch, is a next level of evil.

    I support that subbers stop subbing during this time. I also can not believe others who don’t care where they watch the dramas. If they don’t care, they should look for the original subbers and watch it from there. However, a large part of the problem is that people are being fooled to think Hein Klien’s pages are the real thing. Many people are new to Thai dramas because of the upgrade in storytelling and cinematography, so they are easily fooled. Thankfully, I’m not new – I just took a really long break.

    That person should not claim your hard work and profit from it.

    • By the way, I watch raw and use Google Translate voice activation when I really want to understand the dialogue. This method actually works to help you understand the sounds in the language.

  10. You all do a great job and I love going to each person’s website to see old and new Lakorns it’s a shame that these trolls are shameless cheaters who are making all of us suffer. No matter how I want to watch a Lakorn I will not support them. I will watch it raw even though I might not understand some of the words. I hope this blows over soon so that I can watch lakorns subbed by you wonderful subbers. We love you and we have our fingers crossed that they trolls will get the message and leave your work alone.

  11. i really hate these trolls, they make all subber are suffer and also thai lakorn like me….so frustated because i need subbers to understand and enjoy thai lakorn. I so tried to make report for every re-upload video at troll page.. i hated Hien Tien who are laughing at Ingfakirata …so shameless these people who stolen others and claim it their…….fan from Malaysia

  12. I don’t know if these pages asked for you guy’s permission or not but they also have your videos on their pages on dailymotion. these are the pages on dailymotion.

  13. Thank you for your job, and I always come here to watch lakorns. I really appreciate the work of you subbers!!

  14. always using only the ‘real source’. thank you for all your work. all those fake I invite to visit me and I will feed them all with Cyprus koupa (read polish ‘kupa’)!!!!!! getting angry seeing fakes like that….. Neko, dear, don’t get too sad, we are here to support you and all other subbers who work hard… su su! Jia YO! hwaiting! ganbatte! himne!!!

  15. Thank you for all your hard work. It is sad that this keeps happening to all of you. I went on Facebook and found 3 identical pages to the one you posted. Reported on all three as well. Do what you need to do. Full support from me.

  16. I’m so sorry about this. I always try to use the original subbers’ sites for watching and too see the audacity of these people is so disheartening. Hoping this will get better, but I support anything you decide to do.
    Thanks for all your hard these past years!

  17. Lol…trolls..everywhere thats why i hate people who share the video..they not work..but claim the others work..i will help u and the other original sub if i know

  18. AWE…so sad to think about all this….i hope that something can be done. i loved all the original subbers pages…i have been following them for such a long time. i hope that none of you all stop subbing…its too bad the shows don’t realize that because of you all hard work…thai dramas/lakorns can be enjoyed and loved all over..don’t know what these other dublicate sites are thinking… sad to know that…keep fighting!! 😉

  19. It is very unfortunate that these trolls continue to ruin it for us fans! I’ve reported on FB multiple times but these accounts keep popping up. I understand and am on the look out to report these videos and accounts.

    Fighting na’ka! Thank you for all that you’ve done and continue to do for us!

  20. This is seriously infuriating, I don´t even understand the point of their actions, really. But I don´t want to add negativity to the situation, just know that thanks to you and the other subbers I have found a new escape from reality by watching your videos and I am incredibly thankful for your hard work. I hope this ridiculously senseless situation stops soon and you can go back doing what you like and get nothing but thanks from all of us. Fully support whatever decision you make

  21. Finally your all subber known whats they doing about your all job is sabotase with they troll and the first think your all never believe what i tell to you neko or thippy i had tell first i see their page is shock how your all work is they say is they job and i dont known how to report them so i just leave a massage to your blog neko or thippy ( i dont rember ) and thank good finally your known about the troll doing your work and i just want say dont give up to the thieve your hardwork and report to fb about they are doing and i hope your subber still fighting and i hope i still can watch your job ok….su…su…dont give up with they ok i will suport your subber and uf they make fake acount again i will report too you agai oke….

  22. It is really saddening that there are people who steal the rightful owner’s credit. Urghhhh!!! I hate them so much!!! 😡😡😡😡😬😬😬😬😬…. We will always support you neko and all the subbers who are doing their hardest to give us the best subbed lakorns,. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! you are all very much appreciated.. also, please don’t give up on us 😔😔😔😔😔 cause we will never give up on you!!😁😁😁😁😁

  23. hopefully your list can help those lost souls who really are new to watching and are clueless where to watch that they fall prey to the promises of those troll’s page. Because I know there are quite a lot of them… I myself do not know anything a year and half ago and was watching thai lakorns in dramacool and kissasian or wherever. I didn’t have a clue that there are actual sites run by subbers. I thought viki was the only platform for fansubbing.

    Those who understand who the real subbers are and their pages and still prefers to watch on those fake accounts or doesn’t care… they can all go to hell.

    Fighting neko! we will be supporting you and the other subbers.

  24. Hi neko thank you for giving list. Pls don’t drop the projects. Guys lets report the fake accounts.

  25. How can we make sure a site is authentic? I would hate to support those who are stealing from others hard won efforts.
    I’m so sorry that this happens.

  26. They are too much..right now…I don’t know what to say anymore to them, the trolls and their supporters. I lost all the vocabularies already. I can just…sighhh..Karma will get back to them, it just a matter of time. As for now, I think all the subbers can rest and stop for a while. You can sub, but dont publish it. Let see what will happen to them… What they gonna do… They want to play the game, so lets play. Lets the game begin….

  27. Neko in my personified by will always be support you. You’re doing a very difficult job. All do efficiently and quickly. Thanks to you and other real subbers, we can watch Thai lakorns with English subtitles. I thank you from the bottom of my heart that you are.

  28. Keep the chin up. You have my appreciation and everyone else.

  29. I dont know whats whats wrong with him/her, no shame whatsoever… its annoying that they dont shown any respect and gratitude to your work… … As always, I will support you and im very thankful to your hard work…

  30. Hate what is happening to the subbers. Thank you for your hard work. You have my supports. 👍

  31. So sad! Thanks for all your hard work subbers. I’ve enjoyed your subs. Do what you need to do. Supporting you all the way!

  32. Just do what you love and makes you happy..
    Fighting 💪🏻😘

  33. I feel so sad with all these fake news and accounts….. Fighting Neeko, Thippy, kitkat, Ingfa and all the original subbers .
    Thank you for all your hard work

  34. I am so so sorry to read about what you and the other subbers are going through. Hope this will be over soon and in the meantime rest assured that all subbers have our full support. Do whatever you need to protect your works and we will wait patiently for your return/comeback.

  35. Dear all lovely subbers,

    I personally enjoyed watching thai lakorns and able to understand it because of you guys. It’s been fun for all these years. Salute for all the hardworks, time and commitment.

    Fighting! Chayok! SuSu!

    Lots of love and thank you, all the way from Malaysia.

  36. We support you. Thank you for all your hard work!! ❤❤

  37. You have our full support. We stand by your decision to stop uploading and will wait for the time you make a comeback 🤓✌🏻

  38. There’s many fake accounts with the names Mylene Fernandez, Mylene Baldomar Fernandez and many variations of that name all owned by the same troll. Please block them all.

    They even used Neko Meow Meow logos as one of their background images.

  39. We support you …do What you have to do…i love and respect your work….

  40. yup we already know that it’s fake… She was crazy i think… She have obsession to become subber but because she can’t so she do it… Omg so tired because of the people like that… keep strong neko… We will always support the real subber…

  41. We support you and know who the real subbers are. You better believe I have been letting ppl know too.

  42. Yaa we know u guys re real subbers .since i m watching since last few years for your website

  43. Do whatever you see best to protect what’s yours! As I said before, any desicion you make, ilkI respect and support it. Thank you for all you’ve done and are doing to be able to share the wonderful lakorns!!! Su su!!!

  44. Oh no….not you too….I was just reading the sad news on Ingfa’s FB page.
    What are these people trying to do?
    Don’t they understand that they won’t be able to watch subbed dramas too if all the subbers they’re targeting are going to stop subbing? Damn those people!!

  45. Thank you all for your hard work. Do what you have to do, I’ll be here to support and continue to watch when you are ready.

  46. It saddens me greatly how apathetic these trolls are towards the pleas of all the amazing subbers whose work they are taking credit for. I hope this message is heard by all members of our lakorn watching community and we can find it within ourselves to do the right thing.

  47. What the hell… I’ve been away dues to school and this, is what I encountered? *shook head*

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