[COMPLETE ENG SUBBED] Buang Rak Satan [2 NEW PROJECT] Sanae Rak Nang Cin & Panthakarn Rak

(pic cr. Polyplus)

Buang Rak Satan is now completely subbed. All links are updated in project page: https://nekomeowmeow.com/brsatan/

I didn’t expect it would be this short. We rarely get to see Dome in lakorn so couldn’t they just let us have it a little longer! I think 12eps would be just nice. From what I’ve observed, this lakorn is either a hit or a miss. Either you like or totally not. As for me, I’m glad it’s a “hit” or else I wouldn’t be able to sub it at such a speed! 😛 If you’ve been in a few lakorn marathon together with me, you’d probably would know my style by now! 😀
There’s a lot of Hoh Hah regarding Pok getting the 2nd lead. But I think he’s pretty decent considering that this is his first time acting. Or maybe it’s because I’m bais. I’ve always likes his work (music) so I could sit through all his scene without any problem! 😀
The thing that I doesn’t like is that…. Where’s the real kisses? Sigh! It would enhance this lakorn even more if there’s real kisses! But we do get real kisses from the Kawin & Smurf instead. I’d love to see more scenes from them too! And another thing is the editing. I think it’s badly done and compared to what I’ve read, they actually edited out quite a number of lines and scenes too. 🙁
If you still doesn’t have enough of Dome like I me. Check out his alternate MV of Hua Jai Nai Sailom tribute to his fans. He just look so fine! <3 <3 <3

Completed one lakorn and ended up picking up another two lakorn. ^^’ Sanae Rak Nang Cin and Panthakarn Rak.

Sanae Rak Nang Cin Starring : Alek Theeredeth & Preem Ranida, Peach Pachara & Mind Tarika, Pon Nawasch & Lena Lorena will be airing every Friday, Saturday & Sunday starting 28th April, 2018. If you like Rak Gan Panlawan, you’d probably like this one. 🙂
All links will be updated in project page : https://nekomeowmeow.com/sanaernc/

MV OST of Sanae Rak Nang Cin
เพราะเธอคนเดียว Pror Ter Kon Dieow (Because of you Alone) by Alek Theeredeth

อยู่ไหนนะ Yoo Nai Na (Where is it?) by Kwang Arisa & Nitaa Panita

Panthakarn Rak Starring Bank Arthit & Mookda Narinrak will be airing every Monday & Tuesday starting 30th April. 2018
All links will be updated in project page : https://nekomeowmeow.com/panrak/

MV OST of Panthakan Rak
คนข้างใน Kon Kang Nai (The Person Inside) OST Panthakan Rak by Patcha Anek-Ayuwat

ปลดปล่อย Bplot Bpoloi (Release) by OST Panthakan Rak Ton Tanasit

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