[NEW PROJECT] Bangkok Rak Stories : Kon Mee Sanae คนมีเสน่ห์











(pic cr. jesjpp ig)

Annoucing the first new project for 2018!
Bangkok Rak Stories : Kon Mee Sanae คนมีเสน่ห์
Starring : Jes Jespipat & Gybzy Wanida

Is this what you’ve been anticipating for? 😀
At first I wanted to wait till it have completed airring to see if I’m feeling like subbing this rom-com. 😛 Well, to be honest the feedback is not as much as I anticipated it would be and also taking into consideration of the risk involve! This one is prone to hit red flag with the channel. (Keeping my finger cross and hope that it won’t happen!) 
However nothing of the current batch of lakorn interest me. On top of that the one which I’m waiting to air and sub “Buang Rak Satan” have suddenly been postponed and replaced with “Ngern Bpak Pee”. Ch3 have plan for this to go head with rival’s channel “Mae Ai Sae Eun” in terms of rating. Now that makes me wonder, so ch3 doesn’t think that “Buang Rak Satan” is good enough to compete with “Mae Ai Sae Eun” ❓ ❓ ❓ Hmmm! …

Subbing status and links will be updated at project page
ENG Sub Trailer

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