Baan Sila Daeng บ้านศิลาแดง

Baan Sila Daeng

Baan Sila Daeng บ้านศิลาแดง
English Sub completed as of October 26, 2020
Total Episodes : 15 Eps
Airing Date : Jan 26, 2015 – Mar 16, 2015 (Every Monday & Tuesday)
Cast : 
Vee Weraparp Suparppaibul , Nicole Kittivat KirnTle , Tle Tanapol Nimthaisuk , Camilla Kittiva

เราถูกสร้างมาเพื่อกันและกัน / Rao Took Saang Maa Peua Gan Lae Gan (We are Created for Each other) by New & Jiew
คำตอบของหัวใจ / Kam Dtob Kong Huajai (The Answer of Heart) by Potato
ขอใจเธอแลกเบอร์โทร / Kor Jai Tur Laek Bur Toh (Asking for your Heart In Exchange For My Number) by Yinglee Sijumpol
โสดกะปริบกะปรอย / Soht Gabprip Gabproy (Single a Little at a Time) by Por Annop

The fun story of two young twins separated at birth switched their life and also their love interest too.


Subbed by neko^^ | Time/Segment by CHUỒN CHUỒN CÁNH SEN| Edit/Style/Upload by kitkat

45 Comments on “Baan Sila Daeng บ้านศิลาแดง

  1. Year 2020, and I’m still feeling grateful to you for your hard work of subbing for us who are non Thai. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻😍🥰😘

  2. thank you sooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😘😘😘💕💕💕

  3. Thank you so much for your hard work to translate lakorn for us fan don’t know Thai language but we love watching their lakorn..thank you

  4. Hi Neko,
    Am enjoying both the current projects. Baan Sila Daeng is quite like an old Bollywood movie Sita Aur Gita, where the feisty twin will teach much needed lessons to the gang of villains and vamps. Unfortunately, for me, episodes 5 6 and 7 are only on server 5 which is not working properly for me, despite browsing the Google Chrome. It is becoming extremely slow, to the extent that it is taking me 30 minutes to see 5 minutes dramatime. The other server 6 was working perfectly and I could see episodes 1 to 4 without any issue. May I request you to please upload the recent episodes (5.6.7) on Server 6 as well. I hope it will not be too much of a bother for you, Thanks again…

    • Server 6 will need to wait for some time. As currently the new coding doesn’t support server 6!

      • Thank you so much for your prompt response and clarificaton. Will happily wait for BSD and meanwhile catch up on the other lakorns, there is so much to choose from….Thanks again

  5. Thank you for all your sub. So looking forward for Neko to finish this one. Love twin stories.

  6. hii, please continuated translating this lakorns, i am really loving the history ><, thanks for all the hard work

    • I’ll be back to wrap this one up once I’m done with the current on air lakorn which will end by mid of this month!

      • Thank you, Neko. Look forward to a more expeditious subbing of this fun drama
        now that the recent ones have been completed.

  7. Randomly leaving a comment on this drama to say THANK YOU for all the hard work, generosity in subbing. Thank you!!!

  8. I am looking forward for the twin switching scene can’t wait I’m sooo impatiently waiting

  9. Dear Neko
    Thank you for subbing these wonderful lakorns. You have opened up a new world of entertainment for me .. I have been watching only Thai lakorns for these last 5 months , our ongoing lockdown period in India. I really appreciate your efforts and kindness. Stay Blessed

  10. Hi Neko, Thank you for subbing this one. I have been away from your site for awhile as I caught up with some Chinese and Korean dramas. Looking forward to this show as i am a fan of Vee. This is more my taste than Prom Pisawat. The irony is that I discovered Vee in Maya See Mook which followed that “misunderstanding” theme. I think I’ve seen too many of them. I’m looking forward to more like My Secret Bride, Kaew Klang Dong, Maturat Loghan and My husband In Law .
    But that sounds ungrateful to say I only enjoy 95% of your work. My only excuse is my age!! I hope all is going well with your new position and that you, and all involved in opening the wonderful word of Thai dramas to the world , are well in safe in these times. Sending you warm loving thoughts.

  11. Isn’t it 2015 drama why is it being subbed now??

  12. Good afternoon,
    Good luck with the new job! I see you are requesting timing volunteers. If you tell me where to find the raw footage that I can download, I will send you a timed segment and you can decide if it is any good for use. I have timed for the Rainbow Subbing team. However, no one really said if my timing was any good. So….please let me know if you need help I time slowly because I am a perfectionist and I like to try to see if I can understand any of the dialogue (I am a slow language learner). Please let me know how to help or if you need any contact details.

    I enjoy your site and really appreciate the hard work.

    • Thanks for volunteering! Have sent you an email with the detail.

      • Hello,
        hope you enjoy your new job i’m wondering if you still need volunteers for timing but i kind of have some questions i m wondering on how can i contact you for my questions.

  13. Thank you for subbing, looking forward to the twin switch 🙂

  14. It seems really a fun lakorn! Thanks Neil for subbing this!

  15. Thank you for subling this drama waiting for episode 3

  16. Thank you for subbing. I miss watching Tle’s dramas, he’s not as active in the dramas no more. Patiently waiting for the next episodes.

  17. waiting for this movie,interesting lakorn.Thank You Neko

  18. thanks so much for subbing this show i have been looking all over to watch and im glad it is i have watched most of the shows you have subbed and you do great work

  19. oh my gooooooooooodness, im holding on girl, this is a must watch..

  20. thank you Neko! so glad this is a drama with ACTUAL twins

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