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Yang Di Wei Huan 养敌为患 Ep01-Ep10 [ENG SUB]

Welcome to my kuaishow realm! This is another show which I’m currently following!😁Best view with mobile. FL kind of remind me of Chingching Kharittha Adapted from the serial comics of Kuaikan App, Heroine Ye Mu from 21st century accidentally obtained an ancient book while…

Ru Hua Ru Tu 2 如花如荼 第2季 Ep04-Ep06 [ENG SUB] & FanMV

Ru Hua Ru Tu

Caught up with all the eps (again). 2mins per day doesn’t exactly fix my addiction!🥺This CP is too strong 😍 They got me venturing into making FanMV for the first time! Learning something new everyday!😅

Ru Hua Ru Tu 2 如花如荼 第2季 Ep01-Ep03 [ENG SUB]

Ru Hua Ru Tu

Caught up with all the latest eps…. The CP is so cute. Can’t wait to get more of ’em! I might not be making a post until there’s more eps, however I will probably be updating it in YT and DM whenever permit. Feel…

Ru Hua Ru Tu 如花如荼 Ep17-Ep20end [ENG SUB]

p/s : That’s the end of Season 1. See you soon in Season 2 ^^

Ru Hua Ru Tu 如花如荼 Ep13-Ep16 [ENG SUB]

ru hua ru tu

Ep13 Ep14 Ep15 Ep16  

Ru Hua Ru Tu 如花如荼 Ep09-Ep12 [ENG SUB]

ru hua ru cha

EP09 EP10 EP11 EP12  

Ru Hua Ru Tu 如花如荼 Ep05-Ep08 [ENG SUB]

Ep05 Ep06 Ep07 Ep08  

Ru Hua Ru Tu 如花如荼 Ep01-Ep04 [ENG SUB]

Ru Hua Ru Tu

Hello nekolings! Sabai de mai? A lot have happened while I’m away from nekoland. New job role, the excitement of camping at cdramaland and getting absorbed by whatever by product that comes with it, new baby (my handsome ragdoll name LV) are some of…

Way overdue 2020 year end review!

Hello nekolings!I know! I know! This is way overdue. I thought I could quietly do away with this! Hahahahaha! And I was surprised that some of you nekoling are actually looking forward to this! Thank you for asking! I’ve been slacking a lot this year!…

[SPOILER] Word Of Honor 山河令 Trailer Ep09-Ep20 [ENG SUB] (updated)

Welcome to neko’s latest obsession Word Of Honor 山河令! Well if you are in the discord group you probably know that all neko talk about for the past week is Word of Honor, Simon Gong a.k.a Lao Gong 😅, Ah Xu, Zhang Zhe Han…