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[Vote] Next Neko^^ Meow Meow Project!



[Teaser][Spoiler Alert] Mon Rak Asoon Ep19 & Ep20 [Eng Translation]

Spoiler Alert! So watch at your own risk! For those who have voted and are rooting for Mon Rak Asoon. Here’s a little glimpse to the latest two episodes which aired today and will be airing tomorrow. Ops! Correction! I mean airing tomorrow and next…

[ENG Translation] (Teaser) I See You พยาบาลพิเศษ..เคสพิศวง

[ENG SUB] Rak Kam Diao รักคำเดียว ภารกิจคลุกฝุ่น TV Movie

**Subbed specially for P’Pei. Happy Birthday!^^ <3

[Teaser] The Cupids Series – Eng Sub

The Cupids : Borisat Rak Oottaloot Series consist of 8 lakorn

[ENG] Love Songs Love Stories Special by Closeup – Updated!

This looks like fun so neko^^ decided to eng sub it and share with everyone 😀 Mark Prin and Kimberly Anne in Love Songs Love Stories Special by Closeup (toothpaste). A short story of what will happen when love and dream come close together 😀…

Gasohug Ep5 Highlight [Eng Transcript]

If you still haven’t watch Gasohug Ep5…. This is what you’ve missed out! XP

Gasohug… Rak Tem Thang แก๊สโซฮัก..รักเต็มถัง (Official Trailer) ENG Sub

cr. Gasohug FB

Ch7 Upcoming lakorn

After checking out tv3’s upcoming lakorn, I couldn’t help but being curious what ch7 have instore for this year.

TV3 Upcoming lakorn

So what’s in store for the monkey year on TV3?