30 lakorn from ch7 to be air in 2018

ch7 have started to release teasers for some of the lakorn which is going to be air in 2018. And according to Thairath there’s going to be 30 prime time lakorn from ch7 which to be airred in year 2018 compare to 22 lakorn in year 2017.

Let’s see what are in line for the year 2018. Note that this is not based on airring schedule. 

ch7 is going to kick start with romantic comedy (1) Khun Chai Kai Tong คุณชายไก่โต้ง  – Donut Phattharapon & Bow Maylada
Start On Air 12th January

(2) Sai Lohit สายโลหิต – Porshe Saran & Now Tisanart
Remake period lakorn

(3) Lep Krut (The Final of Six Elements) เล็บครุฑ  – Cee Siwat & Yui Chiranan
Action drama

(4) Nang Thip นางทิพย์ – Om Akapan, Min Pechaya, Pooklook Fonthip & Mookda Narinrak
Drama Mystery

(5) Mae Ai Sae Eun แม่อายสะอื้น – Om Akapan & Pooklook Fonthip
p/s: I thought this already airred. I think I’ve seen this poster sometime back! Hmm…. must have kept in stock for a long time!
Start on Air 22nd January 

(6) Reun Manut เรือมนุษย์ – Om Akapan & Grace Kanklao

(7) Wihok Lhong Lom วิหคหลงลม – Sammy Cowell, Boom Kitkong, Kelly Thanapat

(8) Rabam Marn ระบำมาร – Vee Weraparp, Preaw Tussaneeya, Bank Artit, Katreeya English
Teaser – Eng sub

(9) Nang Rai นางร้าย – Boom Kitkong, Now Tisanart, Chap Worakorn, Maggi Apa
Teaser – Eng sub

(10) Sampatan Huajai สัมปทานหัวใจ – Weir Sukollawat & Thisa Varitthisa
Teaser – Eng Sub Teaser 2 – Eng Sub

(11) Petch Roy Rak เพชรร้อยรัก – BigM Krittarit & Green Ausadaporn
Teaser Eng Sub

(12) Sa Kao Duen สกาวเดือน – New Wongsakorn & Bow Maylada

(13) Fai Hima ไฟหิมะ – Louis Hesse & Kwan Usamanee

(14) Khun Nu Reun Lek คุณหนูเรือนเล็ก – Thanwa Suriyajak & Pupe Kessarin
Teaser – Eng Sub

(15) Dok Yaa Nai Payu ดอกหญ้าในพายุ –  Thanwa Suriyajak & Kat Sonya
Teaser – Eng Sub, Teaser NinjaKKn- Eng Sub

 (16) Lhong Ngao Jan หลงเงาจันทร์ -Thanwa Suriyajak, Sammy Cowell
Looking forward to this remake of Stephan and Kob. It’s one of my all time favourite.

(17) Meu Prab Yeow Dam มือปราบเหยี่ยวดำ – New Wongsakorn & Toon Pimpawee
Start On Air 17th January

(18) Sarawat Yai สารวัตรใหญ่ – Es Kantapong & Preaw Tussaneeya

(19) Saming Jao Tha สมิงจ้าวท่า – Boom Kitkong & Hana Lewis

(20) Look Mai Lai Sontaya ลูกไม้ลายสนธยา – Sean Jindachot & Pimmy Pimprapa
Teaser – Eng Sub
Romance Mystery Drama

(21) Pachara Montra พชรมนต์ตรา – Weir Sukkollawat & Bow Maylada

(22) Por Mod Jao Sanae พ่อมดเจ้าเสน่ห์ – Donut Phatthrapon, Pim Pimprapa, Ko Vasin

(23) Mae Seu Bpaak Rai Poo Chai Rot Jat แม่สื่อปากร้าย ผู้ชายรสจัด – Porshe Saran & Kwan Usamanee
Look like there’s going to be a lot of bickering in this one! 😛

(24) Sanaeha Maya เสน่หามายา – Kelly Thanapat & Sammy Cowell

(25) Chat Lamchi ชาติลำชี – Tubtim Anyarin, Louis Hess, PP Patchaya & Hone Thanakorn

These few are also airring in the year 2018. However I think it might be daily lakorn. So let’s just wait and see.

Tin Poodee ถิ่นผู้ดี – Oil Thana & Film Chatdao

Pleng Rak Meu Bpeun เพลงรักมือปืน – Boss Tonot & Nat Nattasha

Cherng Chai Chan เชิงชายชาญ – Than Thanakorn & Manao Sornsin

Jao Sao Chang Yon เจ้าสาวช่างยนต์ – Chap Varakorn, Chingching Kharittha
Teaser – Eng Sub

Mae Seu Jom Bpuan แม่สื่อจอมป่วน – Mac Weerakaniz, Grace Patsita

Khey Phu Yai Sapai Gam Nan เขยผู้ใหญ่ สะใภ้กำนัน – Golf Anuwat

So did your anticipated lakorn make it to the 2018 to be air list? There’s a few in this list that have make it to my must watch list. And yes there’s a few that I plan to sub too. However it’s still to early to make any announcement. Did anyone notice that there’s nothing from Mik? Hmm…. I believe he have an upcoming lakorn with Bow Maylada. It was annouced not too long ago so I guess it might not even air next year. I was also hoping of some work from Mookda (Apart from Nang Thip). But anyway, I find that Thai Channel tends to change the list from time to time. I guess you can say that it’s only firm once they have decided the airring slot. Or maybe when we start seeing the teaser! 😛
Now that we’ve seen the line up of ch7, I wonder how will ch3 line up look like.

(news source from Thairath, Asianfuse pic credit : Thairath, lakornch7fanclub IG, pantip, tlcdrama, bugabootv, komchadluek, ch7dramasociety, gossipstar mthai, drama kapook)


23 Comments on “30 lakorn from ch7 to be air in 2018

  1. We appreciate all of you subbers for subbing lakorns that we really enjoyed watching. If not for you, then our lakorn experience would not be as enjoyable.

  2. Please sub Sai Lohit!!! I remember watching it as a kid in Khmer dub. Please sub this drama I would love to watch it Thai!

  3. Please sub this lakorn(Mae Seu Bpaak Rai Poo Chai Rot Jat) i’m really want to watch but i need eng sub 😭🙏
    Btw love your work ,and last lakorn with Mookda was amazing and I really appreciate that you sub it .
    Thank you so much!!💕

  4. Most of the Channel 7 actors and actresses’ looks are not pleasant or appealing. Cannot make it. None of them makes it to my to-watch list

  5. I’m so excited to see Boom Piyaphun in more main roles <3 I'm two episodes away from finshing "Karn La Krang Neung…Nai Hua Jai" and I need to see more of him haha

  6. Neko I see there will be one coming up with Mik and Pooklook – Jaosao Jum Yorm, sounds interesting with a fake wedding.

  7. The list is good.
    But looking for the drama starting Mik. Hope there is one…

  8. Updated Eng Teaser for Petch Roy Rak. Also adding that to my watch list too! 😉

  9. Updated Nang Thip teaser. Wow! It sure looks good. I’m adding that to my “To Watch List” too! 😮

  10. Added another one more to the list
    (25) Chat Lamchi ชาติลำชี – Tubtim Anyarin, Louis Hess, PP Patchaya & Hone Thanakorn

  11. WOW!!~ I’m actually interested in a few and hope for sub for them… If not, then raw it goes. haha XD BUT thank you so much for sharing!~ SUPER curious which one you are interested in… haha XD

    • Me? I have quite a few that I going to watch. As for whether to sub or not, I have a few in mind but it really depend on my work schedule when it air! 😛
      Khun Chai Kai Tong, Nang Rai, Sampatan Huajai, Fai Hima, Khun Nu Reun Lek, Dok Yaa Nai Payu, Lhong Ngao Jan, Look Mai Lai Sontaya, Pachara Montra, Mae Seu Bpaak Rai Poo Chai Rot Jat

  12. 30 lakorns in a year is pretty ambitious, but doable since it seems some of these are evening lakorns. I’m wondering about Aum Patcharapa, she usually squeezes in one lakorn a year. To be honest, I don’t even know most of these ch7 faces! Sai lohit would be an interesting remake, I remember really liking the original back in the day. Thanks for sharing the list Neko!

    • So far I’ve only counted 24 prime time lakorn. 6 more slot left. I’m sure Aum Patcharapa will be one of it. Yes I heard about her doing only one lakorn per year. Not a big fan of period lakorn, but amongst the list, Lhong Ngao Jan is the one that I most look forward to 😉

      • Newer period lakorns seem harder to understand, maybe they’re attempting to be authentic. While back in the day, I didn’t need to read Thai scripts.
        Curious to see what their counterpart will offer. Been seeing a lot of bts of the hero series on IG.

        • Really? Gotto go check that out then. I’m looking foward to ch3 list too! 😛

  13. Thank you for the list, this looks awesome! Which ever one(s) you pick, thank you so much!!!

  14. hello, looking for series known as family revenge episode 33 where could i get it

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