Channel 7’s 2019 lakorn

Channel 7 have just released the list of their next year lakorn. However unlike last year, the teaser are yet to be seen. But nonetheless, let’s look at what’s in store for us next year. Now I’m as excited as like unwrapping my christmas present! 🤣

**25th Dec : Updated with some of the teasers***

List not based on airring order.

(1) Pachara Montra พชรมนตรา – Weir Sukkollawat & Bow Maylada

(2) Poo Bao Indy Yayee Inter ผู้บ่าวอินดี้ ยาหยีอินเตอร์ – Weir Sukkollawat & Stephanie Auernig

(3) Yodrak Nakrob ยอดรักนักรบ – Weir Sukkollawat & Thisa Varitthisa
The story is about an Isan singer named Yodrak who ends up taking the place of a marine officer that vanished due to the two looking very similar to one another like as if they were twins. Because of the personality and skills that are different, people starts to suspect him especially his fiance’ who happens to be a doctor for the navy as well (summary by Thippy)

Wow! We are definitely getting a lot of Weir this year. Thank you ch7. And Thippy have plan to sub Mister Indy Honey Hipster & Yodrak Nakrob. And very likely I’ll pick up Pachara Montra! Oh! Did I see cat in there? Now the posibility just got higher! 😹

(4) Insee Daeng อินทรีแดง – Om Akapan & Bow Maylada
bitter kisses’ maybe list

(5)  Reun Manut เรือมนุษย์ – Om Akapan & Grace Kanklao

(6) Suay Sorn Kom สวยซ่อนคม – Porshe Saran, Grace Karnklao & Prapye Ramida

(7) Song Naree สองนรี – Min Pechaya, Thanwa Suriyajak & Great Supol
This is in Ninjakkn’s subbing list 😊

(8) Wimarn Montra วิมานมนตรา – Yui Chiranan & BigM Krit

(9) Plerng Sanaeha เพลิงเสน่หา – Noon Worranuch, Kelly Thanapat, Jeab Sopitnapa, Donut Pattaraporn & Pupe Kessarin

(10) Suparburoot Jom Jon Part 1 Duang Jai Kabot สุภาพบุรุษจอมโจร : ดวงใจขบถ – Mike Pattaradet & Kat Sonya

(11) Suparburoot Jom Jon Part 2 Maturot Lohgan สุภาพบุรุษจอมโจร : มธุรสโลกันตร์ – Mike Pattaradet & Mookda Narinrak

Ninjakkn have plan to sub part 1. And neko have plan to sub part 2. Finally something from Mookda which I’m looking forward to. 😻

(12) Mungkorn Chao Praya มังกรเจ้าพระยา – Ek Rangsiroj & Jinn Jinnaa

(13)  Sarawat Yai สารวัตรใหญ่ – Es Kantapong & Preaw Tussaneeya

(14) Kularb Krot Petch กุหลาบเกราะเพชร – Es Kantapong & Hana Lewis

(15) Praai Pikart พรายพิฆาต – Boom Kitkong, Tubtim Anyarin, Aof Chanapol & Grace Patsita

(16) Pleng Rak Pleng Bpeun เพลงรักเพลงปืน – BigM Krit, Preaw Tussaneeya, Hone Thanakorn & Maggi Apa
bitter kisses’ maybe list

(17) Roy Pah ร้อยป่า – BigM Krittarit & Pupe Kessarin
neko’s maybe list

(18) Dtagrut Ton ตะกรุดโทน – Kem Hussawee & Noey Paphada
Bitter Kisses‘ maybe list

(19) Huajai Look Poochai หัวใจลูกผู้ชาย – Kem Hussawee & Now Tisanart
Thippy’s maybe list

(20) Nang Rai นางร้าย – Boom Kitkong, Now Tisanart, Chap Worakorn, Maggi Apa
Thippy plan to sub this

(21) Fai Hima ไฟหิมะ – Louis Hesse & Kwan Usamanee
Thippy plan to sub this

(22)  Lhong Ngao Jan หลงเงาจันทร์ -Thanwa Suriyajak, Sammy Cowell
Ninjakkn plan to sub this
Lhong Ngao Jan

(23) Buang Sabai บ่วงสไบ – New Wongsakorn, Tubtim Anayarin & Green Atsadaporn

(24) Prai Sangkeet พรายสังคีต –  Bank Arthit, Pim Pimprapa & Num Sornram

(25) Roy Akart รอยอาฆาต – Oil Thana & Thisa Varitthisa
Thippy plan to sub this

(26) Mon Gaan Bandaan Rak มนตร์กาลบันดาลรัก – Mik Tongraya & Bow Maylada
Either Thippy or neko will sub this. 

(27) King Gor Rah Kah Gor Raeng ขิงก็รา ข่าก็แรง – Ko Vasin & Pinkploy Paphawadee
neko’s maybe list

(28) Dek Say Pley เด็กเสเพล – Blew Worrapon & MeiMei Thanyawee
Ninjakkn plan to sub this

(29) Madame Baan Nha มาดามบ้านนา –  Bom Pongsakorn & Pinkploy

(30) Sapai Nang Ram สะใภ้นางรำ – Amp Pheerawas & PP Phatchaya

(31) Jao Sao Gae Kat เจ้าสาวแก้ขัด – Chap Vorakorn, Grace Patsita, Sun Pichayadon & Libya Nattarin

(32) Pisat Hunsa ปิศาจหรรษา – Mek Juti & Ching Ching Krita
neko’s maybe list

(33) Galao กาเหว่า – Term Sawetetachai & PP Phatchaya

(34) Jan Krajang Tee Klang Tung จันทร์กระจ่างที่กลางทุ่ง – Boss Chonnagun & Ching Ching Krita

(35) Jao Sua Mua Nim เจ้าสัวมั่วนิ่ม

(36) See Mai Karn สี่ไม้คาน – Aun C, Gift S, Ko Vasin, Mamaew Pornchada, Tyfoon Takphet, Libya Nattarin, Poom K, Kaewsai
Thippy plan to sub this

Any of your anticipated lakorn make it to the next year list? I notice there’s a few which was leftover from the previous year.
Do note that subber’s choice of project are accurate at the time of publish and is subject to changes. So make sure you stalk the individual subber blog or page to check if there’s any update or changes. neko^^ is just sharing the information which I know. So please do not come and pester me in anyway later on! Thanks you! 😈
Now I wonder what ch3 have in store for us! 😊

(all pic & info credit ch7, asianfuse)


27 Comments on “Channel 7’s 2019 lakorn

    • hi, i know u said no sub request but i can’t help it. can u subbed The Fire Series: Fai Ruk Game Rorn & Lhong Ngao Jun, thanks. Gudluck!

  1. Hi! Can you sub the series named Praao? Thanks for your hard work,

  2. Hi neko!!😊…first of all…thank you for all your hardwork…i love your work so much….😘…i am excited for your upcoming project and cant wait for the subbed of all weir’s dramas…but, can you please subbed weir drama titled praao? It was in year 2014…i want to watch the drama so badly after reading the sinopsis..and i could not find it subbed anywhere. His co-star is P’Aum..Again…thank you so much for your hardwork…lots of love from Malaysia…😘😘

  3. still hoping that u will subbing jao sao salatan and look mai klai toon 🙁
    but really exciting for your next project

  4. Hi Neko, i saw the teaser of Sarawat yai here but not in your future project list so i assume that probably you will not add it , any idea if some one else will pick up?

  5. So many interesting ones. Thank you in advance neko 😘😘😘 will be stalking you 😁😁😁

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  7. First of all, thank you neko for another completed projects this year. This year put you in a lot of “stress” because of inconsiderate/ungrateful peoples. You did not give up and still do what you love. You share it to us and Im so thankful for that.

    Next, thank you for this list. All of those lakorns were lovely in their own way. As for me, im super excited to watch ALL Weir’s lakorns. He is my #1 favorite thai actor. Aside from them, Suparburoooot both part 1 & 2, Song naree, Nang rai, Fai hima, lhong ngao jun & Mon gaan bandan ruk are all my anticipated lakorns for 2019 & Im so happy will be subbed soon.

    Finally, Thank you for your hard work and looking forward to see your other projects soon.

  8. Wow.. look at that list… so many interesting ones caught my eyes especially Khing Khor Rah Kah Khor Raeng. I really like the previous one with Kwan and Oil but the FIN scene seems a bit lacking since they always focus on the ex-gf family and nang’ek sister. Hope this remake will be better between the pra-nang.

    BTW Thank you Neko for your hard work this year. There were ups and mostly downs when the ‘trollers’ issues arose. But you persevere and we applaud you for that and so grateful that you never leave us hanging. I missed the chance to join the thrill in getting the calendar as I was away from my lappy. But just wanna share that we, cat lovers had most of the ranking the same from liking the Ken-Toey pairing to loving Bua-Pop while feeling frustrated about the kiss scene. Haha.. Hope 2019 will bring happiness for all of us and be a great year for subbers all around.

  9. Actually looks like a lot to look forward too! Excited to see Weir and Steph, but also excited to see Chap and Ching Ching getting more lead roles. I hope between you and Thippy those lakorns get subbed.

  10. wow look at all those newbies I dont recognize LOL but some do look interesting! Let the battle of subbing for Mon Karn Bandan Rak start muahahahahahaha

  11. Woah so many lakorns to look forward to! Hope all you amazing subbers get some rest and spend lots of time with loved ones before the new year rolls around!! 😘😜😄

  12. Soooooo many exciting things waiting for us 😊💕especially for the first 20 !!! Kinda lost interest in the last few!

  13. Soooooo many exciting things waiting for us 😊💕especially for the first 20 !!! Kinda lost interest in the last few!

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