Chaotic Love คู่วุ่นลุ้นแผนรัก

Koo Woon Loon Paen RakChaotic Love คู่วุ่นลุ้นแผนรัก [Koo Woon Loon Paen Ruk]
Project completed as of June 23, 2016
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Total Episodes : 14
Airing Date : 2nd February 2016 – 22nd March 2016
ไปไม่ถึงเธอ / Bpai Mai Teung Tur (It Doesn’t Reach You) by Kaewkan Chuenpennit
ไม่รู้เลย / Mai Roo Loei (I Don’t Know) by Kwan Usamanee
เกาะร้างห่างรัก / Gor Rahng Hahng Ruk (Deserted Island Separated from Love) by Tattoo Colour
เก็บรัก / Gep Ruk (Keep Love) by Ammy the Bottom Blues
โอ๊ย โอ๊ย / Ooy Ooy by Ben Chalatit
เธอคือของขวัญ / Tur Keu Kaung Kwun (You’re a Gift) by Singto Numchok

Ep Air
Time %
1  02/02/16 DONE 100% 03/11/16 LINK
2  02/08/16 DONE 100% 03/21/16 LINK
3  02/09/16 DONE 100% 03/31/16 LINK
4  02/16/16 DONE 100% 04/11/16 LINK
5  02/22/16 DONE 100% 04/28/16 LINK
6  02/23/16 DONE 100% 05/06/16 LINK
7  02/29/16 DONE 100% 05/30/16 LINK
8  03/01/16 DONE 100% 06/15/16 LINK
9  03/07/16 DONE 100%  06/16/16 LINK
10  03/08/16 DONE 100%  06/17/16 LINK
11  03/14/16 DONE 100%  06/20/16 LINK
12  03/15/16 DONE 100% 06/21/16 LINK
13  03/21/16 DONE 100% 06/22/16 LINK
14 03/22/16 DONE 100% 06/23/16 LINK

Subbed by neko^^ | Time/Segment by neko^^ | Edit/Style/Upload by kitkat

54 Comments on “Chaotic Love คู่วุ่นลุ้นแผนรัก

  1. Hi I was watching the drama and I got to epsiode 10 and part of the epsiode was missing also this happened in epsiode 12 as well there’s only 49 minutes in epsiode 12 the other half is missing

  2. I just watched it until 6th episode. This drama is good, but why the lead actress is sooooooooooo noisy -____-

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  4. Y donde se ven estos lakorn….??

  5. really enjoy this lakorn, and become a big fan of Tawin (khun sila) because he is too cute. >.< .
    thanks a lot for subbing.

  6. Thank you so so much for your hardwork~~~ This lakorns was wonderful!!~~ Thank you!!~~

  7. Thank you so much. Looking forward to watching the last couple eppies.

  8. Gracias por tu dedicación y esfuerzo con los subtitulos… a terminar de verla

  9. Project completed! All streaming and download links are updated. Thanks to kitkat for the fast upload! 😉

  10. 2 more episodes! Thank you for your hard work.

  11. Big thank you for all the hard work and effort put into this drama. Thank you for bringing joy and laughter to our life for being able to watch and understand thai lakorn. Really into the chemistry of the lead couple 🙂

  12. Thank you for subbing this drama. Much appreciated.

  13. Wow! 3 more episode and its going to be finish! Thank you for your fast update!

  14. Lol, Uncle Bannon has the worst timing! Thanks so much for the subbing, and so quickly!

    • Now Korjan just assumed that everything she’s being interrupted the culprit is Khun Bunnan! 555!

  15. Seems like another project is soon to be finished! 🙂 Thank you for your hard work 🙂

    • Wow! You’re fast! I just updated the status a few sec ago! LOL 😀
      Phew! Now that I’ve got the tedious part (timing) out of the way. What’s left is to fill in the blanks (subbing)! 😉

  16. Thanks for you guys’ hard work!!! awaiting patiently for Chaotic Love =)

  17. Thanks for subbing this. Please keep up the hard work!(:

  18. Hi, thank you for choosing this project and your hardwork. Looking forward to see next episodes 🙂 Fighting! 🙂

  19. Thank you so much for subbing this lakorn. I’m a fan of Kwan. Take your time with the subbing. =)

  20. Thanks for the subbing! The first episode was so cute, but I can tell already that the boys’ mother is going to drive me crazy. I mean, what sort of thought process is ‘Well, he tried to kill me son, but he used to be good friend with my husband. I’m sure my husband would have forgiven him for this too.’!!!??? Looking forward to the next episode.

    • Exactly Mayisoon, that didn’t just make any sense. Also she totally believes whatever her daughter tells her.

  21. when can we watch the next ep please

  22. Thank you soooo much for doing subs for this project!!! So excited!!

  23. Thank you very much for taking on this project! Your hard work is very much appreciated, especially for non-Thai speakers. *hugs*

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  25. I am super excited about this lakorn. I was hoping someone would pick it up. Thank you so much for taking on this new project. 😉

  26. thank you very much for everything , i really really appreciate your work , thank you again

  27. Awesome!! BTW, if you need help in timing I could chip in. I totally want to watch this 😀 Also, are you working with Thippy on this or?

    • Thanks for the offer, I’ll keep it in mind. I’m pretty fussy with the timing so I usually prefer to do it on my own!
      Super busy with work this week. Hopefully will have something by end of the week. *Keeping finger cross!*
      Will be on my own for this one! 😀

      • Okay, no problem^^. I asked because Thippy mentioned she might work on it also. Looking forward to them!! *Su Su*

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