[COMPLETE ENG SUBBED] Khun Mae Suam Roy คุณแม่สวมรอย

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Another one wrapped up in a neat little bow! Well I’m referring to both the subbing project and also the lakorn itself. 😛 Wow! I was glad that I found this little gem. After watching the two MVs it didn’t take me long to decide to pick this one up. But of course, I have my reserve too. I doesn’t know what to expect especially after seeing the trailer with flying wheelchair, Bua sliding from one buidling to another and fighting the bad guys in high heel! 
But what caught my attention in the first place was also Bua. I’ve always like Bua since Rak Nee Jae Jad Hai. In the beginning I wasn’t that much into Pop. I’ve watched a few eps of Tiang Nangmai. Some scenes here and there. Which by the way have been completed subbed by Thippy and is available at her DM page. I remember him vaguely from Kaen Sanaeha. Well you’ve got to admit that at that time he’s not as fine as right now and also Son Yuke kindda have my eyes glue to him that I’m not looking at anyone else! Kekeke!
Well as usual, I’m always a bit slow in jumping into the bandwagon but anyway Pop have officially make it to my to watch list! I’ll make sure to watch out for his upcoming work! Bua did a great job in portraying the twin role. She really give me the feeling that she’s totally two different person in this lakorn. And I wouldn’t mind another Bua and Pop reunion too!

As for the story. The writer have kept us suspense and wondering who is the culprit until almost to the end of the series. It wasn’t until the last 3-4 episodes, that every pieces start to fall into places. All questions and motives were promptly answered. I’m pretty satisfied with what the writer have offered us. It gives me the closure which I needed. It shows us that love is really a powerful tool which can make us do a lot of things whether it’s good or bad. What happened when love is not getting reciprocate. Also an ending with a twist. One complain that I have is the kissing scene in ep26. Darn they did a crappy job in editing! If they’d just leave the kiss to linger a few second longer, we’d surely be more FIN than this! The preview kissing scene editing was just at the right tempo! Sigh!

Overall, this lakorn is exactly my cup of tea! It gives me the deja vu of Paen Rai Long Tai Wa Rak! 😀  I’m not sure about you, but I find this one pretty addictive. It got me glue to my seat waiting to watch it live when it comes on air. I don’t usually watch lakorn live unless it’s very intriguing! Considering that I have to rewatch it a few times during timing and subbing! And another thing is that it makes me become obsess and rewatch the two MVs over and over again. Trying to figure out which scene is which and guessing what’s coming up next!

Bravo to this evening lakorn for getting high rating. The rating is even higher than some of the prime time lakorn. The length of evening lakorn is just nice. So maybe I’ll consider more evening lakorn as such in my future project! I know that Bua and Pop respectively does have some upcoming lakorn which my guess would probably be the evening lakorn slot. So I’ll be sure to keep an eye on that! 😀

Thank you to those who have joined me in this marathon madness instead of watching it only when it’s completely subbed. You just motivate me to get the sub out to you “almost” on the next day so I can get you to “FIN” together with me!  😉 A big thank you to my dedicated timers Annie Cat and CCCS. They have to stay up late or wake up super early in the morning just that the timing were done in time. Without them you’d probably won’t be able to get such timely release. Also to kitkat for encoding the full eps into HD quality. See you again in the next project!

All links are updated in project page: https://nekomeowmeow.com/khunmaesr/


12 Comments on “[COMPLETE ENG SUBBED] Khun Mae Suam Roy คุณแม่สวมรอย

  1. Hi, thank you for the subbed drama and it was working till it go to the 7th video. Please, is there a way to fix this? thank you, thank you so much for your effort.

  2. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! to you and your team for subbing this lakorn! I’ve just started watching (I prefer waiting for everything to be completed, then only I would marathon the whole thing) but I had been watching a few scenes when I skipped through some episodes, out of curiosity .. hehe. I love Pop in Tieng Narng Mai (it’s one of my fave lakorns, btw) and am so thankful that you guys decided to sub this lakorn – and more excited to know that you’re keeping your eyes on his upcoming work.

    Btw, have you guys been following Pop’s IG ? He’s been sharing a few ‘extended’ cuts and BTS stuff – lolllz, if only those cuts could make their way to the aired lakorn! 😉

  3. Congrats on another completed series Neko! You’re a rockstar. I hope all is well. I may check out this lakorn when I have time later 😉 xo

  4. Thank you so much for subbing this – I was amazed (and grateful lol) at how fast you guys are! This lakorn was a total gem.

  5. tq so much for the team hardworks..because of you guys, I am becoming crazy of khun Pop..cant get enough of him

  6. thank you Neko , Annie Cat and CCCS. Thoroughly enjoyed this lakorn. I have not watched a lakorn while it is airing in a long time. I usually watched it when completely subbed. Oh my God! I thought I was the only one who keeps repeating the MVs to check what are the possible upcoming scenes and look for clues. The trailer did nothing to draw my attention, its your subbed MVs that drew me here.
    I agree that Bua’s acting was really good here. She played well the 2 personalities of the sister. I rewatched Kleun Cheewit a few days ago and Bua’s character , her demeanor , and manner of talking was totally different from her two personality here, hence I can see she can act the roles on different personality.
    I love the editing of the lakorn the most. I liked how they played the mystery and explained everything as well .
    And I super super love the twist of the ending, so much better than the usual last scene of the main leads on almost all lakorn embracing each other in a beach overlooking a beautiful scenery.

    Thank you once again Neko and good luck on your future projects!

  7. thank you very much, I also think that it was a great story

  8. Thanks again – I really enjoyed this! Pop has developed a very broad set of shoulders!

  9. Thanks again – I really enjoyed this! Pop has developed a very broad set of shoulders!

    • humbledaisy1, you can check out his set of shoulders in Kaen Sanaeha, if you haven’t watched that lakorn. See episode 6, somewhere in the middle of the second half of that episode. 😉

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