[COMPLETE ENG SUBBED] Rak Gan Panlawan รักกันพัลวัน

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Rak Gan Panlawan รักกันพัลวัน is now completely english subbed. Special thanks to Timing team – Kites_T-Zone Edit/Style/Upload – kitkat

Well this kinda hit all my sweet spot in a lakorn. Romantic comedy. Handsome pra’ek. Cute animals. Crazy supporting characters. (LOL! Even though sometimes they drive me crazy with their hard to make out lines. But it wouldn’t be so much fun without them. Just imagine without Toon’s Dad barging in while Toon attempting to pull VP3 from the bean bag chair!)

I’m glad that the second lead couple are not anything “rai” making this light-hearted to watch. I guess ch3 are position all the light-hearted romantic comedy during the weekend slot. I love all the couples in this lakorn. I know that some of you might not like Pimmy that much. But think about this, without her, Matt probably wouldn’t have went on big brother protective rampage against Toon in the first place. 😛 😛 😛 Rose is a super positive funny character which never fail to cheer me up!

And as a newbie, Nong Nine acting is pretty good. Bravo Nong Nine! Job well done! A big hand of applause! I’m all onboard waiting for your next upcoming lakorn!

All in all, I find this pretty entertaining and I’m glad that I’m able to share it with you all. Yes, its happy ending for all the couples but I was hoping for more sweetness in the last episode. I still haven’t got enough “honey” from Toon & Matt! 😛

All streaming link have been updated at blog page https://nekomeowmeow.com/rakganp/ Download link to be followed (soon).




7 Comments on “[COMPLETE ENG SUBBED] Rak Gan Panlawan รักกันพัลวัน

  1. I did not expect to enjoy this lakorn so much! Thank you so much for subbing. But I wish there had been more romantic moments in the last episodes…for me it feels as if this lakorn has 2 parts..the first one, which made me fall in love with the characters and most of all the main couple-I hope to see them together in another lakorn again – and then the second part which felt a little too stretched and not as fun as the first part.Still, this is a fun and sweet lakorn. Thank you!!!

  2. Thanks once again Neko Meow Meow for your hard work subbing this lakorn for us, thank you also to your wonderful timers. While I enjoyed this very much I did feel that there were not enough interactions between Matt and Toon to make me believe they were deeply in love, and I could have done without Pimmy and Sean’s storyline because I felt he hadn’t resolved his feelings with his first wife and baby before we were supposed to believe he had fallen in love again, it felt like their relationship needed a drama of it’s own. Otherwise it was a very pleasent story.

  3. Hey! Thank you for subbing! Have you seen the trailer to nai leh saneha yet?

  4. We agree about more honey time between Toon and Matt. That was the lakorn I fall in love in after seen the trailer on MDL and you came like a angel descending on us puny humain when I read your comment about subbing it. It was as fun as I anticipated. Although I found her story with Sean a bit, meh, I didn’t mind Pimmy at all. I did miss Toon’s pixy short weave a little at the end. Maybe because her character went a bit too soft for my taste in the last epidodes. But like you said all the cast was great and funny. Thank you for giving us international viewers the chance to enjoy some great dramas. Love from a french fan in UK lol

  5. I enjoyed looking at this lakorn. Thank you for enable me to understand. Thank you very much

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