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  2. hey neko,
    thank you for everything
    i was wondering what drama the second couple on the banner are from
    once again thank you

    • Second from the left is King Gor Rah Kah Gor Raeng
      Second from the right is Pachara Montra

  3. Dear NEKO–I don’t know how you keep up with all you do–but it has sure help me survive—-I am a 24/7 nurse — and my time out–while-eating and watching your LAKORNS has been a real stress reliever –I have followed you and Thippy for quite while– Love your choices and subbing–I always want to write a comment but Americans aren’t as formal in their speech and thus I have shied away from Commenting–least I make a mistake–whatever— Just know how much you are appreciated—

  4. Dear Neko,
    Just completed Leh Rak Bussaba and wow! it was such a nice drama. Have seen Mike before in Mathurat Lohgan and Nohra and in some episodes of Yai Kanlaya ..he is a wonderful actor and his facial/body expressions speak volumes silently (Mark Prin has that quality as well). Thank you so much for subbing this …I really enjoy visiting your site everyday and find gems like SECRET MOON, BUSSABA NA TALAD, MON RAK ASOON and so many others. And of course, for my weekly diet of Kwam Song Jam See Jang! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

  5. Admin

    I do like your website. Yet Singha Naka Video player loads very slowly even I have100 MBPS internet connection.
    Other lakorns video players are good. Please change the video player of singha naka admin, please.

  6. After watching NRNKF… I’m lost.. Don’t know which one to watch next… XDD.. But, thank you Neko and team.. Your my sweet haven… Deeply appreciated your effort and all.. Su Su!

    • Thank you all , I am 4 month new and enjoy a lot your site makes me happy know a bout Thai Lakorn; cause in Puerto Rico few people follow thai dramas and i am hook and love with male lead actors and have a notebook with names of lakorns and sinopsis Thaks for your hard work .

  7. thank you for all your subbing lakorn especially 2020 series .. im so excited waiting for new update .. thanks you very very much for all your hardworks ..

  8. Hi Neko I want say thank you and you Rock girl because of you I start watching g tahi drama and enjoy it literary enjoy it because I u understand through your magic sub what they saying big hug and kisses to you 1💖💖💖💖❤❤❤😘😘😘😘😘

  9. I love you so much, mejor pagina de lakorn sub eng.

  10. I just want to say thank youu so muchh to Neko for the opportunity that you have given to mee from year 2017 until now (*happy and excited energy)..I can happily watch lakorn,thanks to you and for everyone that have spend time to sub the drama.You also the one that have introduce me to thai drama and learn about the culture.No words can I describe for all the things that you have done.I can only give you 100% my encouragement,my gratitude and my appreciation.Its been a long time I want to write this(i’m a shy person)..Finally i have take all my courages,Wish you and all to have a very good life..Sorry if my english is broken..hehehe…

  11. Hi Neko.I have been a great fan of Thai dramas because of your subs..Thank you for your hard work and will keep on waiting for more ..

  12. thank you for taking time out of your day to sub all the dramas . you must be someone with lots of patients and kindness to do all the subs . thank you very much . you do great subtitles . and your awesome . thanks from an american. 🙂

  13. I want to express my thanks for all your efforts so that we can watch so many good lakorns..allwyas stay healthy and all my best wishes..from greece

  14. Hi beloved subbing team,
    I saw your post on Telegram and I felt sad that all your videos are already deleted on Telegram coz it’s a lot easier for me to watch online using Telegram. I just want to tell you that just ignore those stupid comments those idiots who comments negatively against you and MUSE team. We all know that they are all video grabbers who illegally re uploads your hard work and take the credit solely for them. As a fan, we all know how hard you guys work to sub all those Thai Lakorns. To show my gratitude and support, I don’t mind if your site or Muse site has ads, if it will earn you for that ads, I will gladly support you as I support those Youtubers watching theirs vlogs without skipping the ads. I checked the profile of Gae Saelin and I found out that it is a troll account and immediately reported that account on Facebook. Don’t waste your time on them just focus on you work and you guys are being surrounded by your supporters. You have my support love lots and keep safe. God Bless You <3 <3 <3

    • I don’t post in Telegram. So I’m not sure if you’ve got the right subber! If you find any of my subbed videos in telegram or facebook that’s reuploader or troll as well.
      But it’s nice to know that there’s supporters around! 😉

      • I guess this post is from MUSE TEAM with a screen cap of a Facebook post of a certain Gae Saelin mocking NEKO and MUSE team. I only watch Thai Lakorns with NEKO, Muse and SweetHaven.

      • Thanks for all the lakorn you sub,i have been following you from facebook Alwaysmeena.Love you Neko.

  15. Hello,
    I just saw the comment on Telegram for Muse that certain individuals were berating you and other subbers for the ads that pop up when using your sites or watching the videos. All I can say is shame on them! You work hard and provide us (your fans) with an excellent, free product. I am so disappointed that the “rotten apples” are ruining for us all. I appreciate that you continue to work hard and sub whatever lakorns you and your team are interested in subbing. I pay for viewing Asian videos through sites like Viki and Netflix, so I am thrilled that I can watch lakorns for free. Now, Muse has closed their site to the public (good for Muse). However, does anyone know how to get access to Muse or whom to contact for access?

    All I can say again is thank you for subbing what you do. I am glad you are moving away from the sites that had nasty ads, but it did not matter to me as I can mute it and close my eyes. 🙂

    Stay safe during this time and thank you for your hard work!
    Stay safe everyone!

  16. Hi! This is not a request. Just had a small query. Can you please let me know where I can find the eng subbed thai lakorn ”tok kra dai hua jai ploy jone” that released in 2019?

  17. Awesome work subbing in English. Do you know if anyone has a complete English sub for Raeng Ngao 2001? Only found a few episodes from Always Grumpy Cat. Keep up the good work, much appreciated.

    • I know you guys don’t do requests, we English viewers appreciate your work and to give donations if can, but this is a question (due to what is stated on google when search, that you do have this drama) which is, parakit rak series 2 meu brap jao hua jai. I don’t see it with only up to 3 episodes but out of the search you do have 1, 3, and 4. I just wanted to know why not series 2, it seems very funny, it’s porsche and kwan, I was wondering but on google it shows you have it, thank you for your time, we love you from New York and Georgia

    • Just Google Raeng Ngao 1 English sub. There are some websites that has English sub of that Lakorn.

  18. A random search found a site which states it has 811 of neko videos!! It presents as it is a Neko site??????

    • I believe that these site is like the replica of Dailymotion. There’s a lot around instead. I’m not sure how they are related to DM tho. But anyway, DM have been deleting most of the videos. So this would probably go away too once it’s been deleted.

  19. Hi Iowa’s wondering when u click on a movie when u press play it sends you to a different site with porn on it I love your site but I don’t like that thanks

    • Sorry that you are seeing those. But ads are beyond control that’s from the video sharing website where the video are being uploaded to. I think it’s mostly from server3 which I’m slowly doing away with already. Try use other server instead. Perhaps that would help.

  20. Hi Neko, Thank you for all the hard works you’ve been doing. I really enjoyed watching most of it. Just wondering if you can do subtitles for Nakrob Ta Pisat, pls. Thank you

    • Thank you for the Hard work!!!
      Can you please sub Rabum Marn
      I want to watch it so bad… I know that is in YouTube, but without subtitles.

  21. Hey neko, it’s been a while since you dropped a post besides working real hard on subbing. It’d be great to hear how you are doing, upcoming plans and etc. Remember we are always looking forward to hearing from you.

  22. I love your work, and have enjoyed your subbed projects. I first found the cute name neko meow meow when I saw synopsis for Morrasoom Sawaat and liked the storyline, it also became the beginning of watching Weir. But the last I checked Morrasoom Sawaat the links don’t work anymore. Do you still have it for us to rewatch? Thank you.

    • Morrasoom Sawaat was subbed by NinjaKKN. If you are referring to neko2play site. The initial purposes for that site was to link all subbed video from original subber site. Unfortunately those link get change/deleted quite often that is impossible for neko to keep on updating it. So now neko2play have become my own backup site instead. You’ll need to check Ninjakkn FB if she have reuploaded those video.

      • Dear Neko, thanks for explaining how your site works. I’m new to the workings as to how subbers organise and then lay it out for us to watch through the different links. I have asked NinjaKKN through facebook for the video but she hasn’t replied. I guessed she’s busy and am willing to wait. There’s quite a few fans writing in about other lakorns and I don’t want to disrupt her too much by asking too many times, because I’m sure she hasn’t forgotten.

    • Hi Ross, Before when I was ignorant…..before I found subbers sites, such as Neko, Thippy and others …..I initially began my love affair with Asian dramas and movies from sites that have uploaded dramas such as, dare I say, Dramacool. I know it’s heresy!!! but I still thank them for starting my journey and for Chinese dramas.
      So if all else fails…as I have been made aware with the awful experience that happened to Neko earlier this year, storage of completed works can be difficult for our wonderful subbers who provide our entertainment. Now if I see a site begin to upload any drama from Neko or others, I use the comments to refer to the subbers own site. As I have seen others do. By the way, love Weir too!! For me, my journey started with Pin Anong ( still watch it)

      • Thank you! That would be the best “gam lang jai” (moral support) to subbers! Unfortunately even with watermark on the video, it seems like no one even bother to pay attention to subber’s request of “DO NOT RE-UPLOAD”. Or perhaps just don’t care! It’s kindda disheartening at time. It’s amazing that they would keep on asking those reuploader site for more eps and thanking them for re-uploading it! I don’t mean to be sarcastic but if one doesn’t read, I wonder what’s the need for subtitle? 😛

        • HI, just some suggestion that may be helpful. I was watching a Japanese movie recently ( grandkids love the high school ones, and this was one of them) when, as it ended, the subber’s printing (watermark) came on thanking you for watching the movie, hoping you enjoyed it and referring to his own site for more wonderful dramas and movies. I thought it was a clever idea.
          Actually that subber also contributes to the discussion of those dramas he has subbed that are on the upload sites. He gives a bit of review and identifies himself as the subber, ( don’t know if the subber is a male just guessing). He often continues with discussion and has developed fans, including myself, as I enjoy the choices. I now use his site also.Maybe a good ideas??? PS Don’t tell the grandkids I enjoy some of their teenage romances!!!

      • Hi there Lyn, now you are more enterprising than I am! I was first recommended Jam Loey Rak on youtube & henceforth all I followed were the old stories which were subbed there – and for a long time I thought that’s all there is! Hehe – silly huh? But I had a field day! Months of ittle sleep, mind muddled with romance. I got Massaya with Andrew Gregson, and followed him in in the other videos. And then in the comments someone called Viki was mentioned & I was thinking who is this popular girl her name’s popping up everywhere but her site’s all blocked? I was deflated that fans are like 10 years ahead of me with Viki & chums with her awesome store of subbed Thai productions & there I was shortchanged through ignorance. Somehow it next led me to type “English subs Thai dramas” and suddenly I’m introduced to Neko Meow Meow, Thippy, Daily Motion – surprised me with an entire list of more of the latest, yayyyy I’m in!

        I’m very grateful to all the subbers for making my days so joyful, happy, blissfrul feelings, the anticipation of looking for beautiful stories as I fall in love over and over again with existing ones plus those better than the ones before. For me NEKO will always be special because I found Morassom Sawat on your site, that cat logo is so memorable when I think of Weir & Praew & one of the best romances on film is between them. Thanks NEKO! And please, please take me along with you if whenever you got disturbed by anything and decide to change your site. I’ve watched most of your subbed work, and rewatched them too; I love them. Thanks again for the loving sacrifice and time and dedication which you give to us foreign fans. Hugs to you from across the miles……

        And oh Lyn, the other odd way I did last time was discovering where some of the unsubbed lakorns have the English scripts there. I open both 2 windows & scroll the script as I watch and read. That’s love. But also darn slow like anything. And that’s why I thank the world for subbers! Like NEKO. xxxx

        • One more reason to thank Neko. It was a sheer delight to awaken to your message Ross. How eloquently you described your journey. I hope you have joy in your day. Thanks for the information as I always wish there was a way that some older ones were subtitled, including others that were left incomplete.
          I also definitely second Kame’s request to hear from you Neko…….as if you have nothing else to do. I am sincerely grateful for and Always grumpy cat who’s not always grumpy. I too thank the world for subbers and definitely like NEKO xxx

  23. Thank you for your hard work, very grateful for all the work that you do. Its really hard to find Thai drama’s in eng sub, I am a newbie here and appreciate all the hard work. Kiaora from Aotearoa (NZ)

  24. Does any1 know Marn Kammathep 2013 eng sub is it available

  25. Can u please add in your future projects Nang fah gub mafia? I was released in 2012 but i can’t find the english subs. Is there anyone who knows the eng subs? Thanks u very much keep up the good works!

  26. Hi neko can you please sub Nakee lakorn. I desperately want to know what happened to P’Taew. Can you please please sub this lakorn. I only watched this lakorn until ep 5 on dailymotion but then the subber stoped to subbing it. Please na ka please…..

  27. Hi Neko,
    thank you for investing so much time to sub all these Lakorns.
    I hope for some Lakorns to be subbed but no one did it so far and this is the only place I kindly dare to ask:

    Nueng Dao Fah Diew ( it is only subed until ep. 9 – but i desperately want to know want happen to them next)
    Nang Barb
    Hua Jai Mee Ngao
    Pleng Tawan

    Please do not misunderstand. I am glad for every sub you do but maybe some of these are interesting for you too 🙂

    • Hi Mokona. I’m not sure which Nang Barb you are speaking of, but if it is the lakorn from Ch.3, I found it subbed by Bitter Kisses. You should check their website if you are looking for Nang Barb 2018.

    • Please sub the drama “duang jai nai fai nhao”

  28. please please Mae Sue Bpak Rai Poo Chai Rot Jat

  29. Hi Neko, the links to Payak Ka appear to not be working, The link to the the trailer takes you to a site where it says it has been removed due to copyright. Still enjorying your work. Thank you,Lyn

  30. Thank you very much for the hard work. You`re the BEST!!!

  31. Hi; I must again express my sincere gratitiude to the hours of enjoyment you are providing for me. I recently checked out Jao Sao Chapor Kit and loved it!!! Although the plot was similar to a theme that is common to a number of Thai dramas, it was sooo different and fun. So this time I not only want to express my appreciation for your subbing but for your choices of dramas. Thank you for my good times and wishing you have as many smiles as your work has given me.

  32. Congratulations on finishing another lakorn!!! You and your team are amazing. Btw, Neko, you subbed so many projects, have you got your own personal favourites?

  33. Thank you for your efforts. I’m a newcomer for Lakorn but really enjoying your pages.

  34. Neko pls !!change the color of main menu its very difficult to see the items
    Thnx for all ^_^

  35. Can you please provide eng sub for “Nang Barb”..

    • I am rather curious, Which part of “NO SUBBING REQUEST WILL BE ENTERTAINED!” do you not understand?

    • I am rather curious, Which part of “NO SUBBING REQUEST WILL BE ENTERTAINED!” do you not understand?

    • yes please sub dork kaew gah lhong, cuz every website is lying to us say there is sub. I love this website sooo much and im enjoying it. thank you from bottom of my heart. I hope you can find little time to sub this show, for all of us. Also im really sorry for not considering your request. this will be my first and last sub request to you.

  36. I m searching lakkron duang taa nai duang jai eng sub any one no where can I find it thanks……..😍😘

  37. Hi
    I’m looking for the lakorn talay rissaya 2019.

    I would like to know if you subbed it?

    Thank you

    • There are other sites where “Sud Sai Paan” is available with eng subs. It can also be spelt “Sood … “. Google the title with the term eng dubs.

  38. Hi. Please sub duang jai pisut and ded peek nangfah 😊. Super happy to find this blogspot

    • I am rather curious, Which part of “NO SUBBING REQUEST WILL BE ENTERTAINED!” do you not understand? You need to respect each subber’s condition on their blog. Neko have made her point on Sub request extremely clear.

      • I love this! I’m just scrolling and there’s are like 10 of these messages copy pasted looool

  39. Hi! I’m your filipino fan. I seriously owe you every bit of my enjoyment and happiness in watching lakorns! You really made it easier for me/us international viewers. You did a great great job!! Khob khun ka. Thankyou. Jeongmal kamsahamnida. Doumo arigatou gozaimashitta. Maraming salamat! ♥️

  40. Neko can you sub Dork Kaew Gah Lhong? Thank you 😊

    • I am rather curious, Which part of “NO SUBBING REQUEST WILL BE ENTERTAINED!” do you not understand?

    • eh? padiwarada was subbed long time ago.. ahhh but i forgot who subs them..

    • Try searching for “Padivarada” eng subs as there are sites that spell it that way. Its a wonderful drama I am sure you will enjoy it.

  41. hiya ,just want to thank you for all the hard work you put on for overseas viewers .. I really love and enjoy watching Asian dramas.I’m from London so don’t understand Thai other than few words here n there and to get dramas eng subbed is so much appreciated ..thank you


  42. Sawadeekap Nekomeowmeow 🙏🏻 Kop kun kap mak mak na..
    Mi Suparburoot Sut Soi mai?

  43. Hi Neko meow meow! Can you please eng sub Duang Jai Pisut? Thank you so much ka~

  44. Pls i want to request to make the Mon Gard Bandan Ruk eng sub..

  45. Thank u neko and subbing team for all yours efforts //// from Morocco

  46. Hi, thanks for all the subs!
    I was wondering if you’d be willing to sub Por Yung Lung Mai Wahng? It looks really good but no subs 😩
    Thanks for your consideration ☺️

  47. Será que poderia traduzir Trabab See Chompoo para idioma Português não encontro legenda em lugar nenhum e também não encontro legendado, queria muito assistir mais eu não entendo nada que dizem.

  48. Thanks for the english sub. Do you have plans to sub Ded Peek Nang Fah? Thank you much.

  49. Hi, Neko
    Would you be able to continue subbing in English the series 2 of Paragit Ruk (Love Mission): The Law Protector / Meu Brap Jao HuaJai? It’s been a year since it was aired and it was just partially subbed in English. Hope you can consider. Thanks in advance.

  50. Hai Neko. Can you please sub Jao wayha series.. i really want to watch it. Im searching this drama with eng sub everywhere. But i couldn’t find it. And thanks for all the hard work that you do.

  51. Hello Neko. Could you please add new drama Jao Sao Jum Yorm? I really love this drama. Thank you so much for your help.

      • You can find Jao Sao Jum Yorm at (sorry if I’m not allowed to mention other sites cause that was the case at another site and I was almost blocked xD )

  52. Hi Neko! Thanks for all the hard work that you do. I love Thai Lakorns and they are so very hard to find eng subbed! So, Thank you! If you could please add the 2016 version of Nang Barb to your list of drama’s to sub? Please?

  53. Hi neko can you add in your project lakorn raeng sawan and nang fah gub into eng sub plsss neko.

  54. Hi Neko, please be so kind to subbing Barb Rak Talay fun ^-^

  55. please eng sub of mai sin rai sawat and raeng tawan tnx

  56. hye neko,are you interested to do subbing on duang jai nai fai nhao?

  57. hi neko im very appreciated of wat u r doing…..u hve a kind and good heart ….we hope u continued to make english subtitle to all thai drama…..pls i want to request to make also the jao sao jum yorn…..wer hoping u can make it …..we really like that drama…….pls godbless

  58. Hey neko. Just wanted to know if you are going to add the completed dramas after khum mae onto your neko2play site

  59. please sub, bangkok rak stories: please THANK YOUU!

  60. Cn u plxzzz sub paragit ruk series part 2 the law protector plzzzzzzz i beg u

  61. I’d really really love it if someone could sub Buang Sanaeha into English! I and so many others on YouTube are dying to see this show with english subs.

  62. Hi! Thank you for subbing. Thanks for your hard work.

  63. Thank You Neko Meow Meow for your time to sub those interesting lakorns…really appreciated your good deed…for me…I feel so bless that to have I can understand Thai lakorn…Thanks again..hope you will have a great life a head..

  64. all of your completed projects, I already watch them all 🙂
    Kob Kun Mak MAk ka. Waiting patiently for you futures projects. God bless..

  65. I am not here to request anything from you but instead to thank you for the hours of enjoyment and understanding you give so freely to so many like myself. I often wonder why it is you work so hard day after day and stay. I guess I wanted to remind you that someone was simply thankful and thought of you today….

    • This is what keeps me going ^^ Thank you! <3

    • gosto muito do seu trabalho , fico horas assistindo obrigada

  66. Neko, por favor Sapai look toong tem legendado ano 2008 …Obrigada

    • I’m already working on two older lakorn. I won’t be considering any older lakorn until I’m done with those two! Anyway it’s very unlikely that I’ll sub that one.

      • adoro seu trabalho , obrigada por todos os momentos felizes , tudo bem se não dá , eu pedi porque sou uma criança grande. bjs

  67. Team Nekomeowmeow , to tell the truth I appreciated very much your work , but you totally have wrecked us , there are hundreds of requests about Nang Barb not only on your web page but everywhere for ex. on youtube , dailymotion everywhere but why there isn’t any of you guys to translate this drama from thai in english . I know you have lots of dramas , movies bla bla bla but this lakorn has been released two years or maybe three years ago , why isn’t there anyone to work in this drama and make us happy ! As I’m writing this request , I’m really wishing that this request will be realized very very soon . Thank you!

  68. Any idea where i can find Bangkok Rak Stories: Pae Tarng english subbed? I thought kitkat was subbing but can’t find any links to completed episodes.

  69. thank you first of all for the lovely lakorns for all of us….secondly i want to ask you why i cant get in at the facebook of alwaysmeena..can you help me?? thanks again for all your efforts and all the best from greece!!!

  70. please sub drama kularb tud peach

    • It’s already subbed by SJDK Fan Sub. You can find it on their Facebook page.

  71. Please sub sapai jao I really want to watch it but there’s no subs for episodes 3-17

  72. Please sub kularb tad petch it is only subbed till 6 episodes

  73. Please sub parakit ruk series…. The law protector…. This serias is the best… I like it so much …can u help me to sub in english subtitle… Thank you so much

  74. Hi, how can I find Ngao Asoke 2016 with english sub ?
    Why no “search” area here ?
    How can we find our favourite drama without “search” menu ?
    Please help. Tq

  75. please subb Nai Leh Saneha plesae @NEKO^^MEOWMEOW

  76. Hello can you make a sub for True Love Next Door The Final Answer? 🙂 I have watched all the previous seasons except this. The final season is uploaded on Youtube unfortunately it doesn’t have any subs 🙁 huhu it left me hanging. 🙁 thank you

  77. Heloo, first I’d like tto thank you for this project, I just start to watch thai dramas and regret not doing it sooner, I’ve started in April and already finished, full house, kiss me, ugly duckling and oppa series, I’m currently addicted to the cupid series, and is while searching for english sublitle for this series that I found your blog project….
    I’m looking for the last episode of Loob korn kammathep, and I was wodering what’s next, I know that youtube has the 5 serie but it’s not subtlitled

  78. hi!! I really love thai drama the series. Can you make a subtitle of love song love series and others series?? thank you..

  79. Can you please add English subs to Phet tud Phet? So far only the first episode is subbed.

    • Two episodes are subbed. Episode 3 is currently being edited, so please refrain from asking for more episodes for any lakorns. Like those kind of comments are discouraging to the subbers and if you can’t wait, go watch the raws or learn Thai and help us to speed up instead. Thank you.

  80. hi! can you please sub ATM 2 and OPAS 2. Thank you very much.

  81. Please sub raeng tawan 😢😢I really like this drama….there is no subtitle for this drama in internet…😔😔

    • I agree that’s a good one. A good cry too! But unfortunately I don’t think it’s subbed.
      Anyway we only upload our own subbed lakorn project! 😛

  82. I am so sad that #SeanEst didn’t have a chance to be real? What are your thoughts on Sean and Esther, neko?

  83. please bring back Gypso and Push loveteam ^_^.. i wanna be a sup’tar is the best!!!!

    • LOL! I miss this couple too! But I don’t think it will be anytime soon! *keeping my finger cross!*
      If you like Push in rom-com like me, soon we’ll get to see him pairing with Esther in U-Prince Series!

    • Thank you neko for your hard work 👍👍. Can you subtitle for drama Ra Raerng Fai. Thanks a lots

      • Thippy has done the subtitles for Raraerng Fai and it’s on the Oh Sweet Haven website.

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