Dong Poo Dee ดงผู้ดี

Dong Poo DeeDong Poo Dee (2019) ดงผู้ดี
English Subbing Completed as of June 03, 2020

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Total Episodes : 28 eps 
Airing Date : 3rd January 2019- 11th February 2019 (Every Monday – Friday)
ลมหายใจนี้…ให้เธอ / 
Lom Hai Jai Nee… Hai Tur (This breath is for you) by Sichart Chumphrom
ในฝันฉันมีเธอ /
Nai Fan Chan Me Tur (In my dream, there is you) by Panicha


Ep Air
Time %
01 01/03/19 100% 100% 05/05/20 LINK
02 01/04/19 100% 100% 05/05/20 LINK
03 01/07/19 100% 100% 05/11/20 LINK
04 01/08/19 100% 100% 05/13/20 LINK
05 01/09/19 100% 100% 05/13/20 LINK
06 01/10/19 100% 100% 05/14/20 LINK
07 01/11/19 100% 100% 05/15/20 LINK
08 01/14/19 100% 100% 05/16/20 LINK
09 01/15/19 100% 100% 05/17/20 LINK
10 01/16/19 100% 100% 05/18/20 LINK
11 01/17/19 100% 100% 05/19/20 LINK
12 01/18/19 100% 100% 05/20/20 LINK
13 01/21/19 100% 100% 05/20/20 LINK
14 01/22/19 100% 100% 05/21/20 LINK
15 01/23/19 100% 100% 05/22/20 LINK
16 01/24/19 100% 100% 05/23/20 LINK
17 01/25/19 100% 100% 05/24/20 LINK
18 01/28/19 100% 100% 05/25/20 LINK
19 01/29/19 100% 100% 05/26/20 LINK
20 01/30/19 100% 100% 05/27/20 LINK
21 01/31/19 100% 100% 05/28/20 LINK
22 02/01/19 100% 100% 05/29/20 LINK
23 02/04/19 100% 100% 05/30/20 LINK
24 02/05/19 100% 100% 05/30/20 LINK
25 02/06/19 100% 100% 05/31/20 LINK
26 02/07/19 100% 100% 06/01/20 LINK
27 02/08/19 100% 100% 06/02/20 LINK
28 02/11/19 100% 100% 06/03/20 LINK

Subbed by neko^^ | Time/Segment by CHUỒN CHUỒN CÁNH SEN| Edit/Style/Upload by kitkat

29 Comments on “Dong Poo Dee ดงผู้ดี

  1. Hi Neko, kind of stumbled into this lakorn yesterday and am already hooked. Thanks so much for subbing this. I think this is my first lakorn of Smart Krissada. The FL is so pretty and charming and fits the role of a teenage schoolgirl so well. Am on episode 5 and it’s sad to see how her uncle/father/guardian angel are making her stay in that hell hole and still asserting that they want her to be happy! It’s interesting as there is birth secrets involved and the girl is not a doormat but does try to fight back for her rights and dignity. Thanks a ton for your hardwork and kindness in subbing these lakorns for us.

  2. I just started watching the first episode but see no subtitles

  3. thank you very much for your efforts <3
    I just want to say can’t i download the videos?
    sometimes i can’t watch it online due to network issues, so i’d like it very much if you can add a download option
    thank you again

  4. neko you are really awesome!!! you sub all the dramas which is perfect and ı appretiate all your works. you are one of the best sub site all the world and the other one like u guess is thippy:D ı hope thippy’s site recover asap. this lakorn is pretty good and ı like it verry muvh. it seems complecated at the begining but then everything is properly clear up. especially on these covid19 days ı really thank to you cause all your works is good for let it all hang out. ın my country we still have this virus arpund and we can’t go out so ı really thank you. noone can guess that what is means to me:D

  5. Hi Neko, thank you so much for subbing this lakorn im very grateful that you did that! I’ve got one question though, for server 6, I can’t seem to make it full screen on my phone and that’s bugging me. I also can’t use server 5 because I’m viewing the lakorn on an apple device and it won’t work with it. I’ve noticed you changed the servers, because so just came from a diff lakorn with the same problem. Do you have any suggestions as to what I can do to watch full screen?

    • Full screen is not supported in iOS irregardless of whichever servers with the current streaming solution that I’m using.
      The trick is rotate the screen and size the video to the max of your screen!

  6. Please stop deleting my comments, I’m asking you nicely rn, because soon I won’t be nice anymore because it’s the sixth time you delete my comment. I’m asking for help to watch the lakorn bc the server won’t work. Idk why you’re deleting comments that are saying anything but stuff like “thanks” but honey if you’re looking for praise, then stop what you’re doing rn. A person looking for praise is selfish and toxic!

    • I just got a chance to check that all the servers are working properly. On top of that just saying that the server not working without telling what is the issue that you are having or which server that your are having problem with doesn’t exactly help me to help you at all.
      So this is what I’m getting when you don’t get things your way. Thank you very much for letting me know!

      • Excuse me? Not getting things my way? I have commented SIX times and each time my comment got deleted. I stated the server I was having problems with, as well as other information. Not my problem you chose to ignore all those comments and reply to this one. My frustration of retyping my problem over and over again, is a joking matter to you clearly. Sorry for not typing a comment about how wonderful you are. I’ll try to do that when I’m in a better mood. Thanks for your help, and have a good day!


  8. Why do you keep deleting my comment… I’m literally asking you for help.

  9. Can someone please help me? I can’t open up the servers and I really want to watch this lakorn.

  10. I’m having trouble with the servers and I can’t watch the lakorn, is there any other server I can watch the lakorn on?

  11. Thank you so much for subbing this drama!! I have been binge-watching it these last days. This is definitely one of my favourite lakorns subbed by you. It never got boring and while I often have the urge to fastforward in many lakorns, it wasn´t the case in Dong Poo Dee. This is one lakorn I will rewatch several times. Thank you.

  12. Thank you so much for subbing! can’t wait to see the last episodes. Love your site!!!

  13. Great work and fast subbing too Neko Meow,Thanks a million

  14. Thank you so much for subbing this one. I’ve been looking for it since it’s airing.
    Neko is the best!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  15. Thank you for your hard work in subbing! I look forward to seeing more of your subbing work. Thank you Neko ^-^

  16. Thank you for subbing. enjoying it

  17. LOVE IT!, BUT I PRAY TO GOD! THAT SHE GOES OFF ON HIM THAT PREVIEW WHERE HE THREW HER MOTHER ASHES, ooooh, she couldn’t of been me, I would cry, but I would also go OFF!

  18. This is the first lakorn where the ML is there in older as well as in the remake as lead!!……

    thanks for subbing this

  19. Much appreciate you doing the subbing! super thanks for all the hardwork and efforts! am so thankful to be able to watch the lakorns with subs in English!

  20. you’re really doing great subbing for us that dont understand thai

  21. Another one to go. Thank you for subbing this.

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