[ENG Translation] (Teaser) I See You พยาบาลพิเศษ..เคสพิศวง

Voice over : 
This month of May, GDH559 will bring you on a night shift.
And let your heart bustling with these four, Pae Arak, Tor Thanapop, Pat Chayanit and Mild Wiraporn
In romantic comedy
With a little bit of ghost
Tor :
Your sense is strong too, Khun Rijit Sampat.
Voice over : 
I See You
Special Nurse… Astonishing case
Saturday 22.30 pm at GMM25
Starting this 7th May


5 Comments on “[ENG Translation] (Teaser) I See You พยาบาลพิเศษ..เคสพิศวง

    • I haven’t started working on this one yet. I have a feeling that the official channel might sub this one. So I’m just going to sit on this a little longer just to be sure!

    • Yes very likely! If it’s not being subbed by the official channel! 😉
      However this will be another private viewing release just like Gasohug due to production by GDH559.
      So to be able to watch it first hand make sure you are subscribe to this blog using email instead (Not wordpress or gravatar). As login information will be sent via email to all subscribers.

      p/s: To all wordpress or gravatar subscriber to the blog. You can subscribe again using email by login out of your wordpress or gravatar account first then visit the site and “Follow Neko^^” again by inputting your email address.

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