Fak Fah Kiri Dao ฟากฟ้าคีรีดาว

Fak Fah Kiri DaoFak Fah Kiri Dao ฟากฟ้าคีรีดาว (My Himalayan Embrace)
Complete English Sub as of May 10, 2020
Total Episodes : 16 Eps
Airing Date : April 03, 2020 – May 08, 2020 (Every Fri, Sat & Sun)
คนที่ใช่ / Kon Tee Chai (The Right Person) by Lookwa Pijika
ฟ้ากว้าง / Fah Gwaang (Wide Sky) by Pon Nawasch
ไถ่บาปด้วยน้ำตา / Taibaap Duay Namta (Atonement with Tears) by Pikanes Juntimatorn
ฟ้ามีดาวฉันมีเธอ / Fah Mee Dao Chan Mee Tur (Sky have Star, I have you) by Pon Nawasch

Ep Air
Time %
01 04/03/20 100% 100% 04/04/20 LINK
02 04/04/20 100% 100% 04/06/20 LINK
03 04/05/20 100% 100% 04/08/20 LINK
04 04/10/20 100% 100% 04/12/20 LINK
05 04/11/20 100% 100% 04/13/20 LINK
06 04/12/20 100% 100% 04/14/20 LINK
07 04/17/20 100% 100% 04/21/20 LINK
08 04/18/20 100% 100% 04/23/20 LINK
09 04/19/20 100% 100% 04/24/20 LINK
10 04/24/20 100% 100% 04/27/20 LINK
11 04/25/20 100% 100% 04/30/20 LINK
12 04/26/20 100% 100% 05/01/20 LINK
13 05/01/20 100% 100% 05/04/20 LINK
14 05/02/20 100% 100% 05/05/20 LINK
15 05/03/20 100% 100% 05/07/20 LINK
16 05/08/20 100% 100% 05/10/20 LINK

Subbed by neko^^ | Time/Segment by CHUỒN CHUỒN CÁNH SEN| Edit/Style/Upload by kitkat

34 Comments on “Fak Fah Kiri Dao ฟากฟ้าคีรีดาว

  1. Thanks so much for the uploading new Thai drama with sub. Its easy to use the website and quality is also very good.
    Thanks again.

  2. thank you, i was searching all the websites this drama. Finally i can watch it

  3. Thanks for doing this despite the nang ek is a reall annoying person. Well another lakorn of Pon covered. Su su!

  4. Thank you for subbing this lakorn. We appreciate the hard work you put into projects like this, especially when you do so selflessly and at a cost to your own free time and energy. Thank you 🙂

  5. thanks for your hard work Neko.thanks to you me enjoying even when suffering for lockdown a bit.Only thing hope from this drama is a HAPPY ENDING.thanks again neko.

  6. You’re the best!! Thank you so much for your hard work!!

  7. Hello I just want to thank the subbers sooo much for their hard work !! Thank you for making my quarantine better!! I love you guys soo much !!

  8. Just follow this drama. Glued to my screen and awaiting anxiously for sub of ep 10 to 12.
    12 will be showing today. Thank you NKMM/AGC for your hard work and time. Truly appreciate the subbing for better understanding of the drama. Thank you so much for them.

  9. Just became aware that there was negative energy around. I also want to add my voice to those expressing gratitude for all the joy you, and subbers in general, provide to so many of us. Your efforts not only allow us to enjoy the show but open up a new world. Thanks to lots of subbers I enjoy shows such as Yanxie Palace (China), Love Lasts Forever ( Japan), Hi Bye Mama (Korea) , and Before We Get Married (Taiwan) ohhhh and almost every drama on this site. Because of subbers I understand/recognize a number of words and phrases of each language. I appreciate how similar humans are across the planet.
    You add to my understanding of other cultures and countries.
    Neko you do all this and it costs me nothing. That you use ads to provide income for the team is more than understandable. I have even actually checked some of those fashion sites!! Your site has always been safe ( my protection tells me so). It is sad that at this time when the world is facing the same crisis and subbers are still working to bring pleasure to others, that negativity is being spread.
    Be proud I think you’re wonderful and I am not alone.
    GREAT WORK NEKO, and Thippy, and Muse and Rjgman ( Japanese) and all the others who by providing subtitles open a window to other cultures and stories. I value you!!!!!!

  10. I just want to leave a comment saying: please, ignore these haters. You are the best. After Viki, you are the reason I know so many good lakorns.

  11. Hi, I just want to drop a positive comment, thank you for everything you’ve done and for all subbers in general too, you’ve done great favours. You don’t know how these lakorns keep me sane during this uncertainty. Stay healthy and safe. :))

  12. Thank you Neko for all you do. Hope you are staying safe and healthy during these rough times.

  13. Hey, just wanted to drop in and say thank you for what you do. Spending your free time in order to sub dramas for fans like me who cant understand thai for free, thank you. Hope you are staying safe and healthy during these times. Fighting

  14. i’d like to thank you for subbing not just this lakorn but lakorns in general. You (and other translators) make lakorn accessible for us, people who don’t understand thai language and we appreciate that. So thank you for your hardwork and the time you spend translating these lakorns.
    Hi from Europe 🙂

  15. Just came by after all these months…was super busy & see allll your wonderful new lakorns!! Bless you!!

  16. I’m tempted to watch this lakorn, but only if Pon is the main guy. Lol since this is a lakorn about brothers I’m not too sure…. is the main guy? Thanks!

  17. You are an angel. thanks for your hard work. Please continue.

  18. I really want to thank you for all your efforts for subbing wonderful lakorns as this one..its very nice and the lead actor is one of the best thai actors.Thanks again and allways be safe and healthy

  19. yeay after a long wait, finally aired too.

  20. All alone am I …… Ohhh what to do???? I can’t go anywhere!! OMG Thippy is running a poll for us to vote. Now I am smiling. Early morning checking Youtube on TV. That teaser looks interesting. The actor from the Chompoo drama I really liked. It would be great if was ever subbed.
    Neko is subbing it!!!
    OMG Neko ( and Thippy) if I ever become a millionaire I’ll share it with you. ( sorry I’m currently an oldie in retirement , but there’s always the lottery…now where have I seen that in a Thai drama).
    here I go again. THANK YOU SO MUCH. Thank you to all of you who bring so many of us such entertainment.

    Stay safe each of you out there across the planet. I hope you and yours stay well and that all the world finds the true miracle soon and we can end the sorrow for all. Warmest thoughts.

  21. Yay! Was thinking of watching this! Thank you for pick it up!

  22. Thank you so much. I really want to watch this drama. Can’t wait to watch first episode with subs:))

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