Throwback :Kaew Klang Dong Fave Scene

Hello nekolings!
Yes Thippy this is how I like to address those who visit the nekoland! 555!
Well it’s been a while since my last post. And to be honest, I did tell myself to at least do it once a quarter but sometimes I just doesn’t know what to write and sometimes I’ve got too many things to write about that I doesn’t know from where to start! But look like this is going to be another long post! ^^’

So as I was replacing the last eps of KKD and also updating the video with alternative links. Yes alternative link is up! Those who couldn’t watch from DM before, I’ve updated with server 1 & server 2. Unfortunately server 3 doesn’t work for me anymore. Lately it’s taking me almost half a day to successfully upload an eps. I’m trying out something new with the video in this post. So if it doesn’t work for you, let me know. My only worried is that my account will get flagged for take down again! As some of you might know a lot of my DM videos have been deleted. I guess it’s just a matter of time that more video will be deleted! 🙁 But like my Ah Ma always say “船到桥头自然直” lit. when the boat gets to the pier, it will go straight with the current. Meaning everything will be alright! Finger crossed!

Come let’s have some fun with the throwback of KKD instead!
KKD is definitely neko’s cup of coffee! And one which is most challenging too.
Fun Fact! Do you know that I almost drop this lakorn when they release the OST? Why? Well it’s because the opening OST was all in Northern Thai Language without any common Thai language translation! I have zero knowledge of northern Thai language, if they do not have the common Thai language sub at the bottom of the screen I’d totally be lost. But thanks to Subber Paradise, that the opening OST was translated. (=^ ◡ ^=) Subber Paradise think that the OST is cheesy but I love it. I think it is cute and catchy too!
I’m glad that I see this through! I like to sub lakorn which put smile on my face and this one is definitely one of them. Very quickly Nai Songpao have replace Nai Noi in neko’s heart! Ahem! I wonder if the wind will change soon! I do hope to see them get paired again in another lakorn. Make it another rom com please! neko love rom com or anything which is light hearted and make me smile!

Now to satisfy the curious cat, let’s have poll on what’s your favourite scene. Spoiler alert! If you haven’t watch this serious, you might want to avoid playing this!  I’m including Jaet & Wan in the poll too. I doubt they might get much love but I pity Jaet and think that he deserve some love too!

Hmmm…. I’d probably go with Mewadee’s. I like the overall atmosphere of this scene.

This one I would definitely choose the seatbelt almost kiss scene. FIN!!!

neko is contemplating between staircase kiss or dream kiss. But if I were to choose one, it would be the staircase kiss!

So did you have as much fun as I did with KKD?
So far I love every lakorn which is produced by Raklakorn. 
The list of their work… (Yes all subbed in deed!)
Patiharn Rak Kam Kob Fah
Tieng Nang Mai
Khun Mae Suan Roy
Kaew Klang Dong
All their lakorn have been evening/daily lakorn. KKD is the first time they are doing prime time. And if they do prime time with so much FIN scene like this. I’ve just become their number one fan! I’m looking forward to what they have coming up next!

p/s: At first I was holding grudges against them for cutting short the kissing scene in KMSR. But I kindda make peace with it now! Talking about KMSR, I miss Pop Thagoon as pra’ek. I heard rumors that the stock lakorn Rarerng Chon will be airring soon! Let’s hope it’s going to be on the next change of daily lakorn.

So what’s coming up next in nekoland?
Well at the moment we have See Mai Karn which is still on air. Expected to have around 30eps.
Second installment of Suphapburud Jom Jon : Maturot Lohgan will go on air on the 28th Sept.
Mon Gaan Bandaan Rak is still going on a snail pace. I don’t foresee that it can go any faster anytime soon. This might become the long term resident of the on-going project! 😛 I’m annoyed with Diaw! She keep on pushing Ajan Oie away. And trust me she is just going to keep on doing it! 🙄 

That’s all I have for this round! Thank you for all the ❤️ and neko’s way of reciprocating is to share more subbed lakorn of neko’s choice!