Game Payabaht เกมพยาบาท (Game of Vengeance) Trailer & Sypnosis

(pic cr Channel 8)

Film Rattapoom and Amy Amika reuniting again after Jao Sao Chapor Kit and Ladab Tawan in slap kiss lakorn Game Payabaht [Game of Vengeance].  From what I read and also the teasers it kindda gives me the feel of my all time fave Jam Loey Rak. Elder brother revenging for younger sibling (sister in this case) by kidnapping the nang’ek to deserted island. But only to find out that he revenge at the wrong person later. Hopefully this will be as good as Jam Loey Rak! 😉
Game payabaht will start airing 10th October 2016, every Monday and Tuesday 9am and rerun 8.05pm at Channel 8.

Game Payabaht เกมพยาบาท (Game of Vengeance)
Starring: Film Rattapoom, Amy Amika, Anuchit Sapanpong, Omyim Julanon Julaluck
Starting 10th October 2016
Every Monday & Tuesday 9am/8.05pm at Channel 8

Akkee (Film Rattapoom), enthusiastic young businessman have fury towards Chatchanok’s (Anuchit Sapanpong) family who’s his main business competitor. He’s convinced that they were the reason that causes his Dad and Mom committed suicide because they were being cheated until they have nothing left. In addition to that, Chatchanok is the lover of Wanisa, her younger sister whom he loves more than his own life.
Chatchanok and Wanisa loves each other very much however was detest by Chatchanok’s Mom – Amphaa, who thinks that Wanisa is not worthy and is clinging to his son.
Therefore Amphaa announced that Chatchanok is engaged to Kesanee (Omyim Julanon Julaluck), the daughter of Gayson – owner of diamond company, during the welcoming party of Chatchabaa (Amy Amika), younger sister of Chatchanok. Wanisa who’s also at the party heard about the announcement was sad and run out of the party. And playboy Patna followed her hoping that they could get together. And unexpected things happened, Wanisa tried to break free from Patna but was group raped until she went insane.
When Chatchanok and Chatchabaa heard about the bad news of what happened to Wanisa, they immediately go to visit Wanisa because of guilt. But instead it ingite the fury inside the heart of Akkee because he’s confident that Chatchanok is the reason who causes Wanisa to confront with bad fate like this. Therefore he chases Chatchanok and Chabaa away. He’s ready to look for proof that all this is the fault of Chatchanok and wants him to compensate for the bad things that happened to Wanisa.
As for Kesanee even though she already get Chatchanok, still she secretly go visit and mock at Wanisa until she became insane and run to the hospital roof top. Akkee arrived later and saw her younger sister at the edge of building and tried to calm her down but she’s only asking madly for Chatchanok before she slip and fall off the building. This makes Akkee believe even more that Chatchanok is the reason for all his problem.
Akkee became hot-headed and can only think of getting revenge at Chatchanok. And wants to make him feel the grievous pain just like how he feels. No matter how much his girlfriend, Jidapaa and best friend, Adun, tried to advise him. They wouldn’t be able to put out the anger in his heart.
The only thing which can make Chatchanok hurt the same as him is Chatchabaa. So Akkee decided to kidnap Chatchabaa to a deserted island in order to start his game of vengeance. Akkee tormented Chatchabaa physically and mentally. When Chatchabaa found out the reason for Akkee’s fury, Chatchabaa is ready to sacrifice herself for her brother. Chatchabaa willing to belong to Akkee through suffering and hope that it will extinguished all the fire which is piling up in the heart of Akkee. But every thing doesn’t go as plan. Both Akkee and Chatchabaa started to be shaken towards each other once they started to get to know each other.
Later Akkee was informed by the police about their finding for the case of Wanisa. They find out that Chatchanok have nothing to do with it. Akkee is speechless for revenging at the wrong person. But he still put his anger and hatred towards Chatchabaa.
So how will the two of them deal with the relationship which didn’t happen because of love. Game of fury and the fire of vengeance, how will it end this time?
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