Game Rak Ao Keun เกมรักเอาคืน

Game Rak Ao KeunGame Rak Ao Keun เกมรักเอาคืน
Completed English Sub as of February 14, 2020
Total Episodes : 22 Episodes
Airing Date : 18th November, 2019 –  4th February, 2020(Every Monday & Tuesday)
/Taa Chan Bpen Ter (If I Were You) by New Jiew
100 เหตุผล/100Hayt Pon (100 Reasons) by Patcha Anek-ayuwat
อีกหน่อยเธอคงเข้าใจ/Eek Noi Ter Kong Kaojai (Soon you will understand) by AMPERSAND


p/s: This is not my usual genre. (Well unless it’s for the pra’ek or nang’ek which I like!) I decided to check this out after watching one of the random clip of Nune & Joss which pop up in my feed. I’m liking the first 4 eps so far!

Ep Air
Time %
01 11/18/19 100% 100% 12/01/19 LINK
02 11/19/19 100% 100% 12/01/19 LINK
03 11/25/19 100% 100% 12/04/19 LINK
04 11/26/19 100% 100% 12/04/19 LINK
05 12/02/19 100% 100% 12/05/19 LINK
06 12/03/19 100% 100% 12/06/19 LINK
07 12/09/19 100% 100% 12/16/19 LINK
08 12/10/19 100% 100% 12/16/19 LINK
09 12/16/19 100% 100% 12/18/19 LINK
10 12/17/19 100% 100% 12/19/19 LINK
11 12/23/19 100% 100% 12/24/19 LINK
12 12/24/19 100% 100% 12/26/19 LINK
13 01/06/20 100% 100% 01/07/20 LINK
14 01/07/20 100% 100% 01/08/20 LINK
15 01/13/20 100% 100% 02/06/20 LINK
16 01/14/20 100% 100% 02/08/20 LINK
17 01/20/20 100% 100% 02/10/20 LINK
18 01/21/20 100% 100% 02/11/20 LINK
19 01/27/20 100% 100% 02/12/20 LINK
20 01/28/20 100% 100% 02/13/20 LINK
21 02/03/20 100% 100% 02/14/20 LINK
22 02/04/20 100% 100% 02/14/20 LINK


22 07/07/20 100% 100% 07/08/20 LINK

Subbed by neko^^ | Time/Segment by CHUỒN CHUỒN CÁNH SEN| Edit/Style/Upload by kitkat

68 Comments on “Game Rak Ao Keun เกมรักเอาคืน

  1. Can you please re-upload the last episode of the alternative ending? I would really appreciate it.

  2. Thank you so much. Based on the alternative ending, wait for season 2 with a happy ending like the alternative ending in season 1

  3. For those who are as disappointed as I am with the ending. Guess what? GMM actually hear our plea. They are going to rerun this lakorn starting 2nd June with an alternate ending. And if my calculation is correct we get to watch the alternate ending on the 1st week of July. And judging from the new poster. I hope it is what I have always hope for! <3 <3 <3
    Game Rak Ao Keun

    • Great news!!! Thank you for everything. Hope all is still well with everyone.

    • thanks Neko! I’ll hold off watching this until the alternative ending airs!

    • Waaah, I’m so glad I couldn’t work up the heart to watch it! Will you be subbing the alt ending? I sure hope so! Looking forward to that announcement. Thank you Neko! <3

      • Yes! You can check at gmm25thailand youtube site or check back again later for the engsub alternative ending! ^^

    • Thank you soooo much, Neko! The ending was about as perfect as they could have made it! Now I can say I love this series!

      • Thank you so much for the alternative ending. I feel like that’s the way it should’ve ended

    • Thank you neko….i like alternatife ending😁 keep on the good work👍

    • Can you please reupload the alternative ending once again? I tried both servers but it didn’t work.

  4. Thanks so much for not just this series but all the subs your provide. Ive been on your website for 2 yrs ❤❤❤❤❤

  5. It seems like episode 8 & 9 are the same, can you double check and verify?

  6. It was fun while it lasted! And I was not expecting that ending, even if there were some hints.

    These two were so cute together! Thanks for subbing it, neko!

  7. Youtube now showing clips from a new rom com with Nune as a TV news anchor!! Loved this lakorn and now a confirmed fan of the lead actress!!
    Thanks again Neko ….another addition to my enjoyment. I began my foray to Asian dramas with my introduction to Korean films. I still enjoy Korean film and dramas as well as those from other Asian countries. But thanks to your teams hard work Thai is my favourite!!

  8. Thank you soooo much for subbing this lakorn!! Btw, did anyone get a Twilight vibe from watching epi 6, around 34:46 after the interaction between Arisa and Boon?

  9. Khob Khun Ka for subbing this lakorn. Thank you for your hard work. Susu na ka

  10. Hadn’t thought to like this one either and watched for Nune from Ra Raerng Fai and well now I’m loving it!! Another surprise from Neko. This is a great start to the year. Hope you has a wonderful break and am enjoying the new year.

    I hope all the Nekolings across the globe are having a good start to the year. Things have been difficult here in Australia but the kindness and thoughts from the rest of the world maintains ones belief in the goodness of man.
    Thanks Neko for your work and the joy you bring to each of us. Sincere warm regards for 2020!!

  11. Thank you so much already subbing this drama into english. Hopefully you will completed this drama and keep going doing subs for other drama

  12. Thank you very much for the English Subtitle for this Thai Lakorn.
    We are from Indonesia and We Love P’ Nune…

    Terima kasih!

    Susu!!! 555

  13. First I was reluctant to watch this but I’m more and more interested. Thanks for uploading. Hope you will complete the same

  14. Thank You for the fast subbing. You’re such a great person and Thank You for your hard work. Really appreciate it.

  15. the more backward, the story of Game Rak Ou Keun more interesting and makes me entertained. Thank you very much Neko meow meow, has inspired me a lot that we should not judge someone from the bad side of someone’s past. Because to love sincerely requires that we accept our partner’s shortcomings. I am amazed by the character of Pong, although still young he has a gentle and caring soul towards the woman he loves, P ‘Risa. Pong spirit … your struggle for pure sincere love has many challenges and is sure to go through obstacles well. Thank you once again Neko meow meow always presents lakorn that is not only qualified, it is also educational.

  16. i’m a big fan of nune and, while not a fan of the genre, decided to tune in after hearing about the chemistry between the leads. now, i am wishing that i never started it because i’m already almost caught up and worried about how i will find the patience to wait for the next episodes since it is still airing. thank you so much for taking this on. as a non-Thai speaker, it is individuals like you that make lakorn addiction so much easier to swallow. 😀 your hard work is very much appreciated!

  17. As always, thanks for your work. It is very very appreciated.
    I just gamerakaokeun de the night away… this lakorn is so far pretty exiting.

  18. Thanks for subbing this lakorn….every episode is exciting to watch….

  19. Whooa, ep 11 came so fast! Thank you sooo much for picking up this series and all your hard work! I’m loving this lakorn so much! <3

  20. Thank you for ur hard work! Ep 11 is the most waiting for me ❤️

  21. Thank you for subbing this lakorn. I was hesitant to watch this bcuz of the infidelity and age gap but I love Noon and had to watch it. Plus, her potential love interest is one heck of a hottie..

  22. Please come back soon neko waiting eagerly for next epi🙏😭

  23. Thank you Neko for picking this up, I know it is not your type of lakorn, but I’m happy you did. You are 🔝

  24. Hello Neko!!

    Thank you so much for subbing this Thai drama!! AWWWWW!!!!
    My brain froze when I discovered the relationship between the young boy and the mistress!!
    I love the main actress and I’m rooting for her and Pong.

  25. Hello Neko!!

    Thank you so much for subbing this Thai drama!! AWWWWW!!!!
    My brain froze when I discovered the relationship between the young boy and the mistress!!
    I love the main actress and I’m rooting for her and Pong.

    I’m already at EP 4!!

    • I love Risa and Pong couple, even they doesn’t realize that actually both of them having crush about felling but they are to ashame to show. Anyhow Risa and Pong chemistry so sweet. Love u guy’s 😍😍😍

  26. Ah, I’m so happy you’re subbing this. I literally searched this and was so happy to see my favourite subber doing this Lakorn

  27. Thank you, Neko, for your hard work! You don’t know how much your effort on this show means to me after a long hard day of work when I can kick back and de-stress watching Game Rak. To those who are reading this wondering if you should give this show a try, I say absolutely! It’s on GMM, so the dialog isn’t as over the top as Channel 3 or 7. The pacing is fast and the nang’ek (main actress) isn’t stupid, weak, and crying for 5 episodes straight. And when Neko mentions that Joss is eye candy, she’s not joking. Episode 3? RAWR! Move over Weir, Joss is ready to share your shirtless title!

  28. Wow! So fast! Thank you for your subtitling! I, really cant wait for the next series! Check up every Day! I love this lakorn a lot! Thank you!

  29. Thank you once more for all eps, lakorn is really interesting;) can’t wait to watch ep 6;)

  30. Thank you so much for translating this lakorn! It’s Just superb! Cant wait watching next series!!

  31. Yayy 80 % for ep 3, can’t wait to watch, you made me happy today, thanks;)

  32. This is my favourite Thai drama these days. Thank you Neko for subbing this. Good luck with your work!

  33. Thank you for sub this lakorn,make me curiuos for the next eps.


  35. Can’t wait for the next episode♥️♥️thank you so much for your effort 😘we international fans love thai lakorns

  36. Thank you so much for subbing this lacorn. Can’t wait to see ep 3 eng sub.

  37. Thank you soo much for your work!!! Can’t wait to watch ep 3🤗😍😍

  38. I have conflicting feelings about this one. I mostly stay away from dramas with the “Infidelity” tag, although this one I might watch since the husband has an affair first and then she gets back on him instead of the usual crying and forgiving the cheating husband while he keeps cheating on her. The problem is this also has the “Tragedy” tag, so now I am scared to watch. 😦

    But I still want to watch it because it seems interesting. Ugh, no idea what to do.

  39. It looks really interesting. Thanks for all your hard work. Susu!

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