Gasohug Ep5 Highlight [Eng Transcript]

If you still haven’t watch Gasohug Ep5….
This is what you’ve missed out! XP


EVE : 
Today, when I go get the costume.
I get to talk to headmaster.
And he told me, there’s a way for you to become engineer.
You’ll have to get Thai citizenship.
And from what I know, it’s possible.

PUN : 
If it’s about that, I know already.

So why didn’t you apply?

PUN : 
Well, the truth is it’s not that easy to apply.
But no matter what, even if I become engineer.
I’ll use the knowledge that I’ve studied to develop the village so that it will be better.
Just this, I’m proud already!

But if you get to become engineer, you can do more than this.
You can built houses. Built schools. Built a lot of things.
You just want to graduate to built only road?
[Pun nodded]

PUN : 
Well, when I’m a kid, my Dad got bitten by snake.
The journey is not very far.
But we didn’t reached in time.
Because the road is bumpy.
My Dad died before we reached the hospital.
Today when you disappeared.
I was very afraid!
I thought something would happened to you like my Dad!
I can’t endure it, if something happened to you because of me!

You don’t have to care about other things!
Just that I get to meet with you.
The guy in my dream.
Just that, I’m very happy already!


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