Hem Hiran’s gold bracelet

If you are watching Look Mai Lai Sontaya, you’d probably notice the gold bracelet which Hem Hiran’s is wearing. And according to Sean Jindachot, it’s not a prop. It’s actually one of his personal belonging which he brought when travelling in Sukhothai and that’s before he accepted the role in this lakorn. When he was there, his Mom called and ask him to stop by the house which made gold and if he sees anything to his liking, he should pick that and buy it. He says that he usually doesn’t like wearing gold because it will make him appear like people who are elder. But as soon as he sees this gold bracelet which have carving of lotus too, which means goodness, he immediately got attracted to it. He bought it and wore it immediately. And right after that he received a call from P’Jieb Sopitnapa offering him this role. He feels that this gold bracelet really give good luck. That’s why he’s wearing it all the time.

P’Jieb took him to Sukothai once again to make merit asking for blessing. And the monk ask if those are Sukothai gold. The monk ask him to cherish it and must behave like the gold. Wherever he go, he will be valuable.

Therefore P’Jieb added into the lakorn the importance of the gold bracelet towards Hem Hiran. Guess we will have to wait and see the significance of this gold bracelet.

(pic and news credit to https://mgronline.com/drama/detail/9610000091497)

Look Mai Lai Sontaya is subbed up to ep 9. You can watch it from https://nekomeowmeow.com/lookmails/
Sean is really swoon worthy in this one ❤ He made me cried so hard when subbing Parakit Likit Huajai until I almost couldn’t see the screen. Let’s hope he won’t do that to me again this time. I was told that usually anything involve two world, most likely will not have happy ending. Well Pop Rak have happy ending. Despite the crying, Parakit Likit Huajai also have happy ending. 😛 Oh well, this two might not be the best example. But from the feeling that I got from this lakorn, I’m pretty sure it will be happy ending! I NEED A HAPPY ENDING! 😀

And here’s the  latest OST of Look Mai Lai Sontaya. It’s telling me other wise tho! ^^’  *Fingers crossed*

เวลาที่เหลือ / Wayla Tee Leua (The Remaining Time) by Pimmy Pimprapa