HIGHLIGHT CLIPS : Meu Prab Jao Huajai E01

I’ve been on a subbing Marathon for the past few months. And after complete subbing the first part of Parakit Rak – Nieow Huajai Sut Glai Peun a few days ago, all of a sudden I find myself a bit at lost now that I don’t have to keep up with the subbing of any current “on air” lakorn. It’s like a lack of adrenaline rush! LOL!

I’m still looking around and see if there’s anything current worthy to be my next new project. Of course while working to complete Luk Tan Loy Kaew too. 😀

Nope! I’m definitely not going to sub Barb Rak Talay Fan, Phu Pha Prai Mai, Mai Sin Rai Fai Sawart, any Club Friday part, Muad Opas, ATM Error…. Or any lakorn which are currently being work on by other subber such as Raeng Tawan, Ngao Asoke, Nang Ai….   So for those who are asking or keep on asking repeatedly for these lakorn. You can save your breath cause I have no plan to do it. 😛

And while browsing I found some highlight clips from ch7 youtube official for Meu Prab Jao Hua Jai ep01 and decided to loosely sub it and share it with everyone. Unfortunately I have no plan to pick up part 2 as it’s not really my cup of tea even though I do enjoy watching Porshe and Kwan. And no I don’t know if anyone is subbing part 2 either.  If you do, please let me know so I can update on the project page as well.

*Note : Lyrics in part 1 might not be very accurate as I couldn’t find the official lyrics.