I Wanna Be Sup’Tar spoiler alert!

GMM25 just released the MV of Push version of แสนล้านนาที One Hundred Billion Minutes. Another OST for I Wanna Be Sup’Tar which you’ve probably have heard before if you’ve already watched last week release!
Spoiler alert!
It contains a lot of spoilers for scenes that have not been aired. So watch at your own risk!

So what’s my thought after watching this MV?
I’m so looking forward to the rest of the episodes and I thought the sweetness would start to tone down after episode 16 but it looks like there’s more to come. *Squeal* More kisses too! This MV just motivate me to work on Sup’Tar even more!

I’m really glad I’m subbing this to share with you guys rather than keep it all to myself. I hope you guys have been enjoying it so far. In the beginning there was a lot of comments about Gypso’s overacting! But frankly it’s WanNueng character that got me going! Sometimes it’s really tough to make out what she’s babbling that I have to play the line over and over again! But it was fun how she put a life into everything. The house, trees, postbox, garden deco, carpets, cactus and even her spaghetti dinner box! Let’s stay tune together for the rest of the episodes. Now I’m feeling that with only 9 episodes left, it’s just too little!

Some facts about this song. It was originally sang by Bell Supol.
Here’s the lyric translation by Deungdutjai.com and Bell Supol version.


9 Comments on “I Wanna Be Sup’Tar spoiler alert!

  1. can i request something ? i wanna lyric of push as ost. I wanna Be Sup’tar.. please i realy like that song 🙂

    • Hmmm… The lyrics translation link is already stated in the post! If you want the hardsub MV. It’s at the end of ep17! You can use some free video cutter tool to cut the end part of the video out! 😛

  2. once again thanks so much for subbing this series love push so much …. after watching the mv I now need to go rewatch episode 16 it was such a great episode =) im guessing the last scene of the mv will be the last scene of the series it totally looks like it would be ….

    also nothing to do with “wanna be” but i was wondering if you were going to sub the club Friday part push just did. I remember you posted about it awhile ago but didn’t know if you decided to pick it up to sub. I watched it over the weekend and enjoyed it but couldn’t really understand most of it and really couldn’t understand the ending.

    • I won’t be subbing the Club Friday Series part of Push and Jeab or probably not any of the Club Friday Series no matter how much I like the cast. Partly because it’s based on true story I find that it’s a bit too “raeng” (strong) to my liking. And most of the time it end up with sad ending. Unless there’s one out there which is going to be as fun as Sup’Tar! 😛
      Well my interpretation of the ending is that Mean move on with her life but unable to go back to what she was like before. P’Tor feeling guilty for what he have done to Mean but when he sees her singing at the pub, they both got closure!

      • thanks for responding so fast … that’s actually what I thought the ending meant but was hoping it was actually happier =//. but man push was really a jerk in this one so maybe its best not knowing every horrible thing he says haha …. its weird cause I remember one of the parts from I think club Friday 4 had pretty much the same ending but I think the guy was the one singing but it was the same moving on type of thing ….ive only watched a few club Fridays since only some of them are subbed but I also noticed most don’t have happy endings =/

    • Oh ya! At the end she sing this song (คำยินดี – Happy Words by Klear) and dedicated it to P’Tor. Check out the lyrics. I guess Mean wishes P’Tor happiness…..

  3. I couldn’t help and watched the spoilers! I am still at the part where they can’t stand each other so I am definitely waiting for more sweetness between the leads!

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