I Wanna Be Sup’Tar

I wanna Be SuptarI Wanna Be Sup’Tar วันหนึ่งจะเป็นซุปตาร์ [WanNueng Ja Bpen Sup’Tar]
Completed : November 6, 2015
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Total Episodes : 26
Airing Date : 3rd August 2015 – 27th October 2015
โดดเดี่ยวด้วยกัน / Doht Diao Duay Gun (Alone Together) by Getsunova ft. Praewa Yellow Fang
อยากเป็นคนสำคัญของเธอ / Yahk Bpen Kon Sumkun Kaung Tur (I Want to Be Your Important Person) by Gypso
แสนล้านนาที / Saen Lahn Nahtee (One Hundred Billion Minutes) by Bell Supol
ทุกเช้า ทุกคืน ทุกวัน / Took Chao Took Keun Took Wun (Every Morning, Every Night, Every Day) by Oak Smith
ความเชื่อ / Kwahm Cheua (Belief) by Bodyslam ft. Ad Carabao
ชักดิ้นชักงอ / Chuk Din Chuk Ngor (Writhing) by Ploy Chompoo
จังหวะหัวใจ / Jung Wa Hua Jai (Rhythm of the Heart) by Bie Sukrit

A word or two:
Hurray! Another completed project! ^^’ It was a fun, exciting and intense 3 months! 
This project started as a special request from my sister. And now it got me addicted to DJ Push! XD 
Special thanks to kitkat @alwaysmeena for styling, editing, uploading and hosting the project. Also to Tahmnong from Deungdutjai.com for the wonderful job in translating the lyrics and also fulfilling all my song translation request!

Ep Air
Time %
1 08/3/15 DONE 100% 08/06/15 LINK
2 08/4/15 DONE 100% 08/07/15 LINK
3 08/10/15 DONE 100% 08/12/15 LINK
4 08/11/15 DONE 100% 08/13/15 LINK
5 08/17/15 DONE 100% 08/21/15 LINK
6 08/18/15 DONE 100% 08/21/15 LINK
7 08/24/15 DONE 100% 08/27/15 LINK
8 08/25/15 DONE 100% 08/27/15 LINK
9 08/31/15 DONE 100% 09/04/15 LINK
 10 09/01/15 DONE 100% 09/04/15 LINK
 11 09/07/15 DONE 100% 09/11/15 LINK
 12 09/08/15 DONE 100% 09/12/15 LINK
 13 09/14/15 DONE 100% 09/17/15 LINK
 14 09/15/15 DONE 100% 09/23/15 LINK
 15 09/21/15 DONE 100% 09/25/15 LINK
 16 09/22/15 DONE 100% 09/24/15 LINK
 17 09/28/15 DONE 100% 10/01/15 LINK
 18 09/29/15 DONE 100% 10/05/15 LINK
 19 10/05/15 DONE 100% 10/08/15 LINK
 20 10/06/15 DONE 100% 10/09/15 LINK
21 10/12/15 DONE 100% 10/16/15 LINK
22 10/13/15 DONE 100% 10/17/15 LINK
23 10/19/15 DONE 100% 10/23/15 LINK
24 10/20/15 DONE 100% 10/23/15 LINK
25 10/26/15 DONE 100% 11/06/15 LINK
26 10/27/15  DONE 100% 11/04/15 LINK

Subbed by neko^^ | Time/Segment by neko^^ | Edit/Style/Upload by kitkat

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  1. Hi first of all thank you for all of you work! I just wanted let you know that all the links from episode 20 are broken…

  2. Hi, may i know about the name of the background music ? especially the piano one tq.

  3. Hello ! Would it be possible to have the subtitles in English, I would like to be able to translate this drama in vostfr, but on subscene there is only until the episode 05! It would be really great! Thank you…

  4. All thanks to you ❤ I could watch this drama with subtitles ❤

  5. Thank you so much for subbing this lakorn. I really really LOVE it. I Loved everything in it which is extremely rare for me in lakorns. I Loved the comedy, romance, ost, scenery, and the amazing chemistry between the leads whose acting was so natural. thanks again.

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  7. Hi, may I ask where you can download the softsub MON RAK ASOON and the Karn La Krang … Neung Nai Hua Jai (2016) very much for your answer, please I can not find it anywhere

  8. Hi, may I ask where you can download the softsub MON RAK ASOON and the Karn La Krang … Neung Nai Hua Jai (2016) very much for your answer, please I can not find it anywhere

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    • Puer Tur is already being pick up by another subber you can find out who & where at Jasmin Lakorn. As for U Prince Series it will be subbed by GMM officially at their youtube channel.

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    • I don’t think he will have any more lakorn or mini series for this year! His next up coming is Puer Tur (For You) with Esther Supreeleela. I think it’s a melodrama, but I’m not a fan of melodrama. Too much sadness makes me depressed! So I doubt it will be in my radar! 😛

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      decide to google that drama .. then i found your blog .. then i know that you are alwaysmeeana .. i very excited to know yor blog .. i suggest your blog to my friend who very crazy about thailand actor especially Mario Maurer .. now i can marathon all thailand dram that very great .. Thank you for all of your hardship to sub all those drama .. can you tell me where can i find drama that you had sub x_x .. i dont kow their title .. so it very hard .. i wanna watch all those great drama .. PLEASE22222 tell me .. i’m nwbie here :* tq for all

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    Can I ask you a question? May you could help me with the translation of the word “dream” or “dreamer” in Thai? I need it for my new tattoo.. Thank you soo much and have a beautiful day~ ^^

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    • its okay neko,whatever it is work is more important. i hope you’ll have a nice day ahead and keep fighting ^_^

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    • Oh you are so lucky that I stumble upon this channel on youtube just few days back – ATM2. Judging from your email ID I’m sure you wouldn’t have any problem with the indo sub! But if I’m wrong, I believe the channel owner are translating to eng too. So far there’s two episodes uploaded already! Enjoy! :’D

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  52. hi neko…can you suggest some light romantic comedy lakorns with lots of good looking actors..??

    • Yes, they even claim they are subbing it. It’s disheartened that so many are still watching it! That’s why at one point I put the project on hold because it’s demotivating. But seeing there’s also people protesting at the site, it kindda give me some compensation to keep subbing it! 🙂

      • Yh that’s true but as you know me and the Team have pick a few new project to complete subbing one of them is Two Spirits’ love starring Mario and Kaew and the other one is Dung Sawan Sarp

  53. Thank You Neko and Kitkat! Your hard work brings joy to so many of us. Looking forward to next week. Stay Healthy and Blessed!

  54. Hello neko.. thanks for your hardword.

    And i wanna ask for your opinion/information. Will there be i wanna be suptar season 2? Someone in the comment box said there will be 26 episode for this lakorn. But from what i saw at ep 22 and teaser of ep 23-24..I think there still a lot of room to create the conflict especially how p wanwan create evil plans to hurt win and wannueng but too little space for wannueng and win to develop their romantic feeling. For me 4 episode to go is not enough to end this lakorn..i gotta feel like they rush to wrap the filming production. *sorry just opinion*

    • LOL! It looks like you really doesn’t want it to end. Actually opposite from you, I’m hoping that the conflict will be over soon. I hate to have to sub the conflict part and I sub faster on scene with Win and WanNueng together!
      Yes from the GMM official site, it looks like there’s only going to be 26 episode. And if you are a big fan of DJ Push, from one of his interview while promoting Love Flight, this is all the mini series and lakorn that he have in his schedule for this year.

      • Actually i quite satisfied with 26 ep of push in one lakorn.
        As same as you.. i prefer lot of romantic scene betwen winwannueng than p wanwan’s evilness. But it seem p wanwan will take most screen time in 4 ep to go 😥 (i hate you already p wanwan 😠)
        Thanks for the advise..but i prefer bright/funny drama/lakorn. I started watch this because the funny and silly acting of gypso. Push just a biggg bonus 😍. Love flight seem a little bit mellow. Maybe you have other suggestion??

        • Have you watch Mike & Aom’s Full House? That one give me the same vibe as Sup’Tar.
          And some that I personally feel it’s light-hearted and enjoyed watching are Mam Gaem Daeng, Hua Jai Reua Puang, Fun Fueng, Wiwa Wa Woon and I’m sure there’s still a lot more. 😀

          • I had full house and uglyduckling perfect match. Eventhough i like full house..i prefer watch original lakorn from thai (not a remake of drama from other country).

            Maybe for now you can give 1 or 2 suggestion(your most prefer ones)..better if you can give the link to watch or download (especially the ones that had english subtitles) 😄

            Thank you so much neko

          • All those titles that I mentioned is available at kitkat’s
            It’s a tough choice, but if I were to re-watch again, it would be Hua Jai Reua Puang or Mam Gaem Daeng. But if you still want more of DJ Push then it would be Fun Fueng.

    • KitKat i wanna ask if you do have this lakorn Raw in better Quality สะใภ้ไกลปืนเที่ยง SaPai Klai Puen Tiang? and if yes can you make downloading links for it or do you know where i can buy it

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  56. I’m so happy to see 100% for ep 21. I’ll wait for the next episodes to be uploaded. Even though I so want to watch them already, it’s kinda nice to have something to look forward to. 😄

    For now, I’ll check out your other projects. 😆

    And I so love Push, I saw Perfect Match that’s been subbed but I’m stopping myself from watching it cause I wanna finish this first. Hehe.

    Fighting Neko!!! 👍❤

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  60. when the drama series updated? thanks before for the share and sorry for my english language 🙂

  61. Heelo ^^ Thanks for subbing this!! I wanted to ask you if u know the name of the melody often played in this lakorn ..Like in episode 13, at 16.50 minutes ?? I just love the melody, cant find it ><

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  64. hi neko! i would like ti thank you on your kindness to sub this drama. it is so meaningful to me since i don’t understand thai but watching thai dramas bring happiness to me. thank you so much and i hope you will continue subbing other awesome dramas(^.<) greeting from malaysia !^_^

  65. Oh my G!!! 3 episodes are up now. I’m sooo happy! 😆😂😌

    Thank you again Neko!!! And kitkat also! 😚😘😙

    Is ep 20 the last episode though? Huhu. I hope not.

      • Omg!!thank you so much my dear kit kat n neko😚😘😘

        You my weekend full with happiness😉

    • Don’t you read Neko’s house rules? Ask again, you’ll make us to delay it even further. Be patient, it’ll be out eventually as we do have a life, you know. 🙄

  66. Thanks a lot for your hard work! It’s been a long time since I watched lakorn and I am really enjoying this one. This would not be possible if you where not subbing it 🙂
    So thank you very much for sharing with us ^ ^

  67. this is my first thai drama…IT SOOOO GOOD!!!!! i watch lots of kdramas and jdramas and i have to say that from now on it’s going to be only thai! i can watch every episode 10times and still love it like the first time.thai dramas are more straight foward…maybe it’s too early to judge since i’ve only watch this one. it’s there a specific date when the episodes come out? i cannot focus on my studies and keep coming back to this site to check if the new episodes come out. >< thank you so much for subbing it.

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    ^-^ I’m so looking forward to the next episodes. 😍🙆

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  70. thank you so much for subbing this lakorn, At first i’m not so into lakorn, i just watch some thai movie. But after watch perfect match, push puttichai got stuck on my head and as push has been marathon filming lakorn, i do marathon watch his lakorn 🙂

  71. Thanks for subbing this nice Drama… I just started searching romcom dramas and landed on this one after I finished Push’s Ugly Duckling – Perfect Match Series. Keep up the good work and more power. 🙂

  72. Push is one of my most favorite thai-actor.. so glad and much thankful to you for being so kind and generous on giving your time and efforts on subbing lakorns… more blessings for you ^_^ <3

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    • Thank you so, so, so much!!! I look forward to your subs everyday. ^-^
      P.S. I so love Push’s song and the MV. #fangirl 😀

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  75. Neko, Is that your cat? Looks just like mine. So cute! Thanks again for all you bring to us!!

  76. are you upload ep 17 only or with ep 18?
    sorry 4 my broken english 😂

      • Hi Neko! First of all, thanks for subbing this drama. I absolutely love it and you’re the only one subbing so I love you! ^_^
        Just want to ask also it says ep 17 is already 100% but it’s still not there. Is it gonna be posted together with 18? Thanks! 😀

        • Hi! Thanks for your support ^^
          When it’s released, I’ll put a (✓) on the last column. After I’m done with subbing there’s still some encoding work and styling that kitkat will need to do before she upload it to dailymotion, 1fichier and filefactory. You can follow her on twitter as she will tweet when there’s any new releases. Or you can keep checking back. I’ll put a comment whenever it’s been released.

  77. ok..it’s working now…i want also make a request for you to make subtitle this upcoming drama:
    -devil lover
    -kiss me

  78. neko..why dailymation does’t work? can you try look after it? i don’t have twitter account, so my last hope only on dailymation..tq neko..

      • tq very much neko for your hard work. i hope you can manage your time between your real work and cyber work. tq for sub thai drama. i really look forward for more thai drama from you. thank you very much neko. you’re such a wonderful person

    • It’ll be airing every Mon & Tues night at 8pm thailand time. Tonight will be ep17. As for eng sub it will depend on how free am I this week! 😜

          • Hehehe..why not try to watch another thai dramas while waiting for it to be completed..i think neko doin great job for i wanna be a sup’tar..if we try to recall back..it is too difficult for thai subbers to finish subbing within a short time..because they are not many as korean/japanese subbers..but for neko..i think it is the best because she able to finish it within 1-2weeks..quite impressive.


  80. Omgg!!!! Thanks so much for subbing this lakorn!!! And also thanks for working hard on this too. (:

  81. Thanks again for all the hard work giving us this subbed drama. I think this is one of the best pairings of lead couples I’ve seen with Push. Just love his acting gift and she also is so adorable with him. They look real and like they are having a lot of fun together. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to next week. 😊

  82. hai neko…thank u so much for ur hardwork..luv u..muah..muah..may i know how many episodes of this lakorn has?

  83. Thanks @alwaysmeena
    Ep14, 15 & 16 both streaming and downloading is up. And in these episodes we get to listen to Push version of แสนล้านนาที One Hundred Billion Minutes (Lyrics translation courtesy of Deungdutjai.com – Thanks)
    3 eps of sweetness for the weekend. Have a great one! 😀
    p/s: I love ep16 not only because it’s such a sweet episode but it’s with the best scenery.
    Among all the islands in Thailand that I’ve visited, Phuket have been my least fave. Been there twice and both time gave me the impression of crowded and overrated. Hmmm… maybe I should do it again! Yeah! Vacation! 😛

  84. Cant wait for the ep to be released..im waiting like forever for the next ep..plss release ASAP neko

    • You know what, I’m tired of your or anyone’s impatience and you guys gotta make me to delay it even more. 🙄

      • When i read those comment, im felt angry too..they should be thankful because neko and you help us to understand more while watching Thai Lakorns hey guys, please be more considerate and more understandable…neko and kitkat are trying their best..dont try to push them too much..if you want it so fast..subbing it by yourself!!

    • Nope not yet! But soon. You’ll get 3 ep of sweetness this time round. So check back from time to time! 😀
      I usually make a tick on the chart and comment once it’s released. Or you can follow kitkat on her twitter. You’ll get first hand information!

  85. thank you sooo much for subbbing!!!!!!!!!!!! ^-^ and I have a question about devil lover :when will it air is it in october or november?

  86. Hi, I’m Juliana and Hi, I’m a translator of subtitles. Usually I translate dramas and lakorns of English subtitles for Portuguese. I’m from Brazil, but our projects are for people of Portugal as well. So I wonder if there’s a possibility you provide us with your subtitles in English to we can translate for those who only understands Portuguese. But only if you want. I would greatly appreciate it. It’s okay if you can not. If you want to know where we offer our projects we are in banzaidramas.blogspot.com.

    • Hi Juliana
      The softsub is not make available. But feel free to translate it to Portuguese with the hardsub video.
      Su su fighting! ^^

  87. Ep13 download + stream released! Sorry guys! Only one episode this week. It’s been a busy week for me. Hopefully I can make it up next week! **Keeping my finger crossed!** 😛
    Oh! also don’t forget to check out the official MV of the OST by Gypso at the end of the episode! ^^

  88. thank you so much for the subs it’s my first thai drama and i really wanted to watch it but there was no where else thank you so much !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. Neko..do you know the song title at ep 12 when win brought flower for wannueng but he saw maidee and wannueng sleep while holding hand ??

    And do thai lakorn always release the full ost album?? I find a lot of good instrumental ost in this lakorn..but i found it nowhere. If you know the links, i hope you can share them for us.

    • It’s ทุกเช้า ทุกคืน ทุกวัน (Every Morning, Every Night, Every Day) by Oak Smith.
      Yes some of the famous one does have their own OST album like Neung Nai Suang, Kol Kimono, The Rising Sun….. The rest will be a few lakorn compiled in an OST album based on the Chanel. If you want to buy eThaiCD would be your best resources. It’s pretty hard to find instrumental ost unless it’s being released officially. You can find some at Gmember And a little tip for you, just search “instrumental” you’ll see there’s a GMM Grammy Instrumental Series. I think you might like that album. Have fun ^^

      • Thanks for the tips neko..if you have info or source about this lakorn’s ost, please share to us too

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    • Thanks for your support!! Ep9 & 10 will be very soon… Maybe these few days. Just follow kitkat @ twitter and you’ll be the 1st to know once it’s released ^^

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