Introducing neko2play & friends


I’m compiling all my completed subbed project and also those by my fellow subber friends into
The main objective of this blog is to provide lakorn lover a place where they can watch subbed video which are directly from link which is provided by the subber rather than those which are being re-uploaded without permission. As a fansubber, I’m very encouraged by the number of views on my videos 😛 It gives me an idea how many are watching my work and if it’s worthy of my time spend to sub it!
Also I’m making it as mobile friendly as possible as I notice a lot of people are watching it on tablet and smart phone. I’ve tested it out on android and iOS, and it work on both. However as this is hosted on free blogspot, so please note that there’s still limitation to it.
Only completed projects will be listed and of course with the subber consent too!
Hope you’ll enjoy it!