Jao Sao Chapor Kit เจ้าสาวเฉพาะกิจ

Jao Sao Chapor KitJao Sao Chapor Kit เจ้าสาวเฉพาะกิจ
Project completed as of Oct 11, 2016
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Total Episodes : 27
Airing Date : 2nd September 2015 – 19th November 2015
คนน่าเลิฟ / Kon Nah Love (Lovely Girl) by Film Rattapoom
หลงตัวเอง / Long Dtua Eng (Obsessed With Myself) by Anan Boonnak

NOTE : In this lakorn, I’ll be using more honorifics than usual. As I find that the meaning kind of lost if I didn’t include it.  To understand what it means , please read this  (http://www.kudalakorn.com/thai-honorifics-vocabs/). Kudalakorn did a great job in writing this piece! 

Ep Air
Time %
 1 09/02/15  DONE 100% 05/17/16 LINK
 2 09/03/15 DONE 100% 06/08/16 LINK
3 09/04/15 DONE 100% 06/15/16 LINK
4 09/16/15 DONE 100% 06/27/16 LINK
5 09/17/15 DONE 100% 07/02/16 LINK
6 09/18/15 DONE 100% 07/05/16 LINK
7 09/23/15 DONE 100% 07/13/16 LINK
8 09/24/15 DONE 100% 07/15/16 LINK
9 09/25/15 DONE 100% 07/15/16 LINK
10 09/30/15 DONE 100% 07/21/16 LINK
11 10/01/15 DONE 100% 07/29/16 LINK
12 10/02/15 DONE 100% 08/07/16 LINK
13 10/07/15 DONE 100% 08/11/16 LINK
14 10/08/15 DONE 100% 09/07/16 LINK
15 10/09/15 DONE 100% 09/21/16 LINK
16 10/14/15 DONE 100% 09/22/16 LINK
17 10/15/15 DONE 100% 09/22/16 LINK
18 10/16/15 DONE 100% 09/24/16 LINK
 19 10/22/15 DONE 100% 10/02/16 LINK
 20 10/23/15 DONE 100% 10/06/16 LINK
 21 10/29/15 DONE 100% 10/07/16 LINK
 22 10/30/15 DONE 100% 10/07/16 LINK
 23 11/05/15 DONE 100% 10/08/16 LINK
 24 11/06/15 DONE 100% 10/11/16 LINK
 25 11/12/15 DONE 100% 10/11/16 LINK
 26 11/13/15 DONE 100% 10/11/16 LINK
 27 11/19/15 DONE 100% 10/09/16 LINK

Subbed by neko^^ | Time/Segment by neko^^ | Edit/Style/Upload by kitkat

62 Comments on “Jao Sao Chapor Kit เจ้าสาวเฉพาะกิจ

  1. could please translate this lakorn Ruk Tong Oom (2014).. PLEASEEEEE I BEG YOU

  2. Thank you for subbing && providing the best lakorns to satisfy my sudden lakorn addiction!!! I loved game payabaht and I just wanted to watch another lakorn with film and Amy! Didn’t know they did this one too!! But I loved it so much! This one was hilarious, the kind I’d rewatch again. 😊

  3. Thank you so much!!! Just watched the first episode and I was cracking up in the first couple of minutes from the words on her sweats. It says Good A$$ 😀 Don’t they check the words on their clothes before wearing them lol….

  4. Thank you so much for the lakorn! I did not know they had done another drama together! I loved Much payabout game (very much, my favorite ♡) game payabaht was spectacular from start to finish! Now, I’ll watch that one!

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  6. Thank you so much for completely subbing this drama. Sometimes I found this lakorn too silly, but still…I couldn´t stop watching..lol..like a bag full of chips…you know you should only eat one piece…but once you start, you have to keep going until it is finished

  7. A big thank you for completing the english subbing. Really apprecite. Able to understand this interesting lakorn wholely. Thanks again for the great job done.

  8. ฉันกำลังกระโดดขึ้นและลงในความสุข!! Thank you very kamsa!!!

  9. Can’t wait till the rest of it come out!
    Thanks for your hard work in subbing this lakorn!!

  10. I am really enjoying this lakorn, thanks to you! Don’t hate me if I say I like it better than “Cubic2: Helmet Hair”, aka KLKNHJ. I guess I prefer overacting to under acting. LOL

    I’m looking forward to Amy and Film’s new one; the teasers are giving me JLR feels. And thanks to your subbed teaser, I’ve been watching the new Tui / View lakorn raw. Well, not all thanks to your trailer, Tui’s lips might have something to do with it. Hah hah [sigh]

    Again, I appreciate all your efforts to give us these great subs for these great shows!

    • LOL. Helmet Hair. So apt. I’m at episode 8 now and had to take a break. I think one of the parts that made Cubic so great was the trust and loyalty, which KLKNHJ’s heroine hasn’t proven to be more flexible on.

      Thanks so much so subbing JSCK, neko! After finally getting my computer in working order again, and after a hard week at work, I came back to find you’d completed it! Such a pleasant surprise and such a fun lakorn! I’m looking forward to Film and Amy’s next lakorn as well, there are so many reunions from JSCK.

      • ** Spoiler **

        I wondered why she was cool with him basically not believing her regarding his mother’s injury, and ready to kick her out and abandon her. Every single time her integrity was called into question previously, she was feisty and aggressive. But heck, he didn’t even apologize for doubting her.

        Love whiplash. That was the most jarring thing to me at the end. Other than that, I loved how they gradually became comfortable with each other.

  11. Thanks for the english subbing till episode 19. Appreciate if the rest of the episodes, english subbing be completed soon. Your hard work is truely appreciated.

  12. Thank you so much for all those new subbed episodes!

  13. I’ve seen this Lakorn last year and come to watch with your subbing again, thank you so much. However this lakorn remind me of The Cunning love (แผนร้ายพ่ายรัก) which Flim’s and Matt’s (Actress) acting is very great, if possible please do Eng sub for this Lakorn will be very appreciate^^

  14. Really enjoying this lakorn. so nice to have some good laughs–I love a good comedy the most I think.

  15. Still waiting for subsequent eps of Jao Sao Chapor Kit!! I’m beginning to fear your love for Once Upon…..A Time lol!!

    • Don’t worry dear! Another 3 episodes and I’ll be done with Once Upon A Time… I’m in mafia trance now! Hopefully will be over by this time next week!
      Then I can go back to my Fickle Minded Phum, Romantic Spy Din and Clueless Ray. Just hang in there! 😉

        • Actually I have no plan to pick up KLKNNHJ. I heard about people raving how good the lakorn is and was planning only to do a marathon once it finished airing. Marathon watching for me is usually fast forward and only watching selected scenes. And one fine day out of the blue, as I was looking for something to watch while enjoying my lunch behind the desk, I click on Karn La Krang Neung… Nai Hua Jai. And got hook ever since then. I jumped in the wagon like 4 or 5 episodes late! 😮 And I’ve been having the KLKNNHJ fever ever since then. 😛
          If you are sucker for romantic drama with a tiny hint of comedy, you’ll surely like this one. Lotso pillow squeezing scenes! All the characters are likeable. If you haven’t started watching yet, just be warn that it’s addictive right from the start. Beware you might caught the fever too! 😛

      • Waiting for the eng sub. Thanks for your hardworking, and I’m looking forward the eng sub of Lom Sorn Ruk, please!

  16. Thank you for all your hard work, I marathoned this yesterday and now can’t wait for the rest of the episodes. A different style from Film as opposed to the slap kiss dramas we usually see from him,

  17. hello.. can someone help me.. why i can’t watch video on dailymotion? is it something wrong with my computer?
    do i need to install something?

  18. hello.. can someone help me.. why i can’t watch video on dailymotion? is it something wrong with my computer?
    do i need to install something?
    i am desperately want to watch this lakorn.

      • it says An unexpected error occurred..

        • Is it for all dailymotion video or only for Jao Sao Chapor Kit? If it’s for all dailymotion videos it’s very likely that dailymotion is banned or restricted by your service provider. This usually happens in university or some company network.
          I’ve checked that all the video for JSCK is streaming fine.

          • it is for all videos. oh then i guess it may be restricted at my place..huhu..
            thank you for ur responses.. you are very helpful.. tqvm

  19. So many new subbed episodes. Thank you so much!

  20. Episode 8 is so pleasant and hilarious that I’ve see it full in one breath.
    Loved all the 46 minutes and 03 seconds…
    Pure awesomeness!!!
    This couple Film-Amy is rock!!!
    Thai is a wonderful friend.
    Episode 9 is good and heartwarming.
    Thank you Neko for those episode too!
    Have a nice time…

  21. Done watching ep 9 😀 I almost died watching ep 8, it was just too hilarious!! Pathai is gold, Phum is lucky to have a friend like him. I can already imagine how angry, heart-broken, disappointed and sad the granny would be when the bubble burst 🙁
    I know I should feel sorry for Fah, but nah, her parents need to get their act together. They are so irresponsible!!

    I have to applaud Film, his acting is awesome lol!! He doesn’t even need to say anything, his facial expressions does the trick, especially in ep 8 hahahaha!!

    Thanks for the subs!!! Susu!!

    • OMG! I finished watching the CH drama “Far Away Love”, never suspecting you’d have more episodes of our Rule-The-Roost na’ek!! Thank you very kamsa, Neko, for you hard work!!

      I would give you every Pokemon I have, if I was actually playing the app. Nevermind, I’d probably walk into traffic or something. And if I’m gonna do that, I’d rather watch your subs. LOL.

      • LOL! Yeah that’s an interesting but dangerous game! The 1st one is an easy catch! I’d better stop playing or else I won’t have time for subbing! Hehehehe! Anyway the server is down now! :p

  22. Episode 7 is go!!!
    The Sia that pursue Prakaifah is so funny. I Like him a lot. He is so generous, with bad table manners but I enjoy is behavior.
    He like Prakaifah for real…
    The Grandma is a Diamond!!! I love how she is straightforward easy going… and understanding. How she blame Film but protect Amy.
    I’m very pleased with this…
    This Lakorn is every episode lovely…
    Thank you Neko!!!
    Have a blessed weekend…

  23. I’ve see episode 6 and must say wonderful.
    Prakaifah and her mother are two opportunist; in the old Lakorn only the mother was always this way, Prakaifah was more naive. Prakaifah father like the daughter more and they are lovable together; feel good this father-daughter affection.
    Love so much the mischievous Film, and the insecure Amy that, you see, slowly fall in love with him.
    This Lakorn is every episode more interesting and funny, I enjoy this show so much, because every one need sometime, to laugh aloud; and I don’t know how must thank you for give us this time to laugh and feel good.
    God Bless You.
    Thanks, really, from the bottom of my heart.

    • Thanks and good comment! 😀
      I haven’t watch the old version. I tried – just to check if it’s similar to the new one. But fail to watch it through. Maybe because there’s no Film! 😛

      • I say it really, I feel it!
        The old version was funny to watch too, a little over the top, and the new version have chance in other way.
        I think it’s alright too.
        Actor Pat was hilarious too, Ning a little too feisty, but the end was good.
        This is only the beginning for Jao Sao Chaor Kit, and I hope and pray, they don’t ruin a so well made Lakorn.
        Another time, thanks NEKO^^MEOWMEOW.

        • I’m sure the old version is good since a lot of people are raving about it. Hopefully it’s the ending that you were hoping for 😉

    • I couldn’t agree more with your comments. Phum is such a little kid, and he has a lot of growing up to do before he becomes worthy of our na’ek. And Pisamai Wilaisak is my favorite grandma! I just love her. I can’t wait for the wedding.

      One question. Do you think the boys knew Nu’Lek at school? Based on the flashback, it seems that all four of them should know each other; Nu’Lek hanging around Duem, and our boys always following Duem around. If they were friends,they should know each other, right?

      Thank you again, Neko, for your swiftness in your subs! I am thoroughly enjoying this!

  24. Oh my God! I’m so in love with this Lakorn!!! I’ve see episode 5 and is more and more interesting.
    Film the big baby it’s so cute!!! I like him very much!!! He and the Grandmother are so lovely and sweet… that make me miss my late Grandma ever more.
    Yai is a tigress, love her strong personality, never give up!!!.
    Thai, what can you say bad about this wonderful friend???
    For Duen… I’ve a missed feeling… will see later.
    Thank you very much NEKO^^MEOW MEOW.
    Have a wonderful time!!!

  25. Thank you very much for subbing this lakorn 🙂

  26. I see you finished episode 5!!! You’re rock!!! Thank you very much! Happy week end!!!

  27. I’ve see now the fourth episode…
    I’m laugh ever now…
    Film is a born comic actor and Amy play well too.
    I like this Lakorn ever more!
    Thank you NEKO^^MEOWMEOW!!!
    Have a nice day.

    • I really enjoy Mon Rak Asoom and Therd The Brooding Jerk, but Film is much better at comedies than most.

      And thank you very kamsa, Neko, as always, for your hard work!

  28. I like the funny side of this Lakorn.
    Thank you very much for subbing this.
    Have a nice time.

  29. I watched the first two too. After the last brooding hero shows (Mia Tuean and Mon Rak Ass-oom), it’s nice to see him in another comedic role! Thank you for your subbing efforts.

    • Till today I still got a mix feeling watching Film’s as Phum – fickle minded and a player! It’s a total 360 from Therd – loyal and possessive! I guess I still miss him in MRA!^^

      • Glowering Film or Cheesy Smile Film, his acting is definitely improving from his earlier stuff. Then again, Chalida was so stiff in front of the camera, it really stood Film out, even though Therd was the archtypical silent stoic with a heart of gold.

        Anyway, keep up the good work!! And I just noticed today that Sila’s office in KWLPR is Phum’s office in JSCK. I wonder if it’s a painted cardboard set piece or something. Who could actually run a RL business with all those cameras and stuffs everywhere? LOL

  30. This lakorn is so funny. Thank you so much for subbing it. I couldn´t stop laughing while watching the first 2 episodes.

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