Jaak Satdroo Soo Huajai จากศัตรูสู่หัวใจ

Jaak Satdroo Soo HuajaiJaak Satdroo Soo Huajai จากศัตรูสู่หัวใจ
English Sub as of Nov 23, 2020
Total Episodes : 19 Eps
Airing Date : 30th Oct, 2020 –  11th Dec, 2020 (Every Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
สู่หัวใจ / Soo Huajai (To Heart) by NUM KALA
อีกนานไหม / Eek Naan Mai (How long will it be?) by NUM KALA
โกรธไหม / Groht Mai (Are you angry?) by LULA


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p/s: Dear Mik’s Fan. I’ve had bad experiences subbing Mik’s lakorn before and I hope that we don’t come to that for this lakorn. So I’m going to put this out right upfront. I know how much you love Mik! Who doesn’t! 😛 However please do understand that this is fansub. neko & timing team have a life other than just subbing & timing! So please try to play nice and play by the house rules! Thank you!^^


Ep Air
Sub Date
01 10/30/20 11/01/20 LINK
02 10/31/20 11/02/20 LINK
03 11/01/20 11/03/20 LINK
04 11/06/20 11/08/20 LINK
05 11/07/20 11/09/20 LINK
06 11/08/20 11/10/20 LINK
07 11/13/20 11/16/20 LINK
08 11/14/20 11/17/20 LINK
09 11/15/20 11/18/20 LINK
10 11/20/20 11/21/20 LINK
11 11/21/20 11/22/20 LINK
12 11/22/20 11/23/20 LINK
13 11/27/20
14 11/28/20
15 11/29/20
16 12/04/20
17 12/05/20
18 12/06/20
19 12/11/20

Subbed by neko^^ | Time/Segment by CHUỒN CHUỒN CÁNH SEN

31 Comments on “Jaak Satdroo Soo Huajai จากศัตรูสู่หัวใจ

  1. Thank you for all the hard work. I am really enjoying this drama and that is in large part thanks to you because without you I would not understand any of it.

  2. My heartfelt appreciation to Neko and Team. I have understood and enjoy the Drama more with your excellent subbing. 🙏Thank you, thank you, thank you🙏

  3. Hi neko. Thank you for subbing this drama. I really appreciate your effort to subbed this for us. ❤️😊 Don’t worry i got your back for all the negative comments. 😅😘. Shame on the people rushing you to upload the drama fast.. i don’t understand why they do that. All they have to do is wait. And understand that you also get tired and subbing other lakorn too.. Take time subbing and uploading I REALLY DO APPRECIATE and thankful.❤️ Keep up the good work and GODBLESS. FAN OF YOUR WORK 😊😊❤️

  4. I don’t mind to wait if is for something I like.
    Take your time.
    Have a Wonderful day.
    Thank a lot.


  6. Im a fan of thailakorn.thank you so much for doing this.. it means Lot for me since i love watching thaidrama.

    • Thank you so much for your hard work😍🙏Please don’t stop in the mid way. There are many who respect your work over some who violate your rules

  7. Thank you so much for your hard work. Really appreciate the time you spent on subbing for us. Please take your time, also enjoy life too and stay safe. God bless you.

  8. Thank you so much Neko for subbing it so fast I love all your works Take your Time Don’t rush it

  9. Neko Dropped 1 Lakorn of Mik I don’t know the Title but it was because people rushing her to sub that one. So please Don’t rush Neko if you want to watch this Lakorn.

    Thank You Neko!!!!!!

  10. Thank you sooo much..i reallllyyy appreciate all your works..neko is the best…I hope you always be blessed with a good health and in whatever you’re doing, wherever you are..THANK YOU SOO MUCH MY DEAR NEKO

  11. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!! Neko and timing team, you’re awesome!!!!!!!!

    Muchísimas gracias por el enorme trabajo que haceis, no sabeis lo maravillosos que sois (Thank you so much for the enormous work you do, you don’t know how wonderful you are)

    Lots of loves from Spain!!!!

  12. Dear Neko,
    Thanks for choosing this…..hope it turns out to be a Mik blockbuster. I am very fond of this actor as Mussaya was one of the very first lakorns that I had seen and I got interested in Thai lakorns after that. Thanks and Cheers

  13. I like your work finally I found this drama no matter how much time you take I’ll wait patiently I love all your past works all the dramas which are not found anywhere we can find here so Thank you for your hard work

  14. It’s okay neko ,I understand and I can wait.

  15. Thank you dear Neko for all the hard work you and your team are doing for us. I love Mik and i am a big fan of him, so having said that i will wait patiently for the subbed episodes. No pressure, do it at your own pace Neko. we love you!

  16. Thank you!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Take all your time,I will patiently wait 😍

    I’ve been experiencing worst anxiety attack lately but because of this site been able to get through it.
    You guys are the best!!!! Thank you so much!!!

  17. You have been the best subber for me of all time.. Love yah Neko! 😘

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