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Por Pla Lai, Panthakan Rak, Sanae Rak Nang Cin is now completely Eng Subbed.

POR PLA LAI Phew! What a relieved! I’m finally able to put this one away. For me, it started out hilarious and then I get discouraged with the behavior of Ai-Ken dragging everyone close to him to go to hell together with him! If you can look past that, you’d probably find it entertaining!
PANTHAKAN RAK is one of those lakorn which I really enjoy myself subbing it. I wish the ending would be slightly longer tho. And actually I still miss Pai and Pan together. I wouldn’t mind seeing them reunited again in another lakorn. So far Mookda’s work have not been disappointing at all! Su su Mookda! I’ll be sure to keep tap on your future lakorn! 😉

SANAE RAK NANG CIN Another nicely pace one. I enjoyed the story of all the 3 couples. Well, this one was a breeze except for the last few episode when Vicky become “Vickier”! LOL! If you’ve joined us at discord you’d know that this is now a popular term for Nang Rai! 😀

All links are updated in project page: 
POR PLA LAI https://nekomeowmeow.com/porplalai/ 

PANTHAKAN RAK https://nekomeowmeow.com/panrak/
SANAE RAK NANG CIN https://nekomeowmeow.com/sanaernc/
However not all is with the full part video. I’m re-considering if I should upload the full eps video. As you can see, lately all subbers have been battling with trolls reuploading the video, covering/cutting away the logo claiming it as their own work. And for the past few weeks, it’s becoming even more heated and severe. So until this have been sorted out things are about to change! Which I’ll come to that later! 😈

If these are the lakorn which you’ve anticipated or have enjoyed watching it. Please make sure you send some <3 to all my timing team. Especially to all timing teams involved in Por Pla Lai for enduring the torment of Ken and his Casanova gang! Every one of them have a different story to tell about this! And it surely take a toll on me too! ^^’ I didn’t want to drop any project so I suck it up till the end for this one!

ON-GOING PROJECTS Older lakorn like Sai See Plerng and Kard Chuek will be super slow projects. So tread lightly and please proceed with caution!


Mae Sue Bpak Rai Poo Chai Rot Jat Starring Porshe Saran, Kwan Usamanee, Mek Juti, Ploypailin. Airing every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Our nang’ek were paid a huge sum of money by pra’ek’s father to match make pra’ek within 3 months times. Pra’ek inevitably chased away all the girls which were sent to match make with him. Guess we’ll have to stay tune and see how our Matchmaker Nang’ek handle the Pra’ek!
I’ve watched the first part of ep1 and it’s really hilarious. But please do expect a lot more blanks here and there as sometimes I just couldn’t catch what they are bickering about!
All links will be updated in project page : https://nekomeowmeow.com/maeseu/

Payak Ka Starring Iang Sittha, Nutcha Jeka, Aerin Y, Guzbel .  Airing every Monday to Friday.
A love story (with a lot of CG) between a girl and a half man half seua saming (weretiger). Our pra’ek accidentally turn into half seua saming when he was just a child. He was given a holy necklace to prevent him from turning into one and is forbidden to take it off before he turn 25 years old. As fate have it, some incident happened which causes him to take off his necklace…
I’m really digging the story. So far there’s only 2eps, it was postponed to make way for the special coverage for the cave rescue. Thank God that everyone make it out safely! 🙂
All links will be updated in project page : https://nekomeowmeow.com/payakka/

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