Kaew Klang Dong แก้วกลางดง

Kaew Klang DongKaew Klang Dong แก้วกลางดง
English Subbing Completed as of August 27, 2019
Total Episodes : 14 eps
Airing Date : 27th July, 2019 – 25th August, 2019 (Every Friday, Saturday & Sunday)
ฮักกั๋น /Hak Kan (Let’s fall in love) by Rueangrit Siriphanit
เป็นไปได้ไหม /Bpen Pai Dai Mai (Is it Possible?) by Tar Mr.Team & Lookwa Pijika
อยากจะรู้ / Yak Ja Roo (I want to know) by Arnon Saisangchan


Ep Air
Time %
01 07/27/19 100% 100% 08/02/19 LINK
02 07/28/19 100% 100% 08/03/19 LINK
03 08/02/19 100% 100% 08/08/19 LINK
04 08/03/19 100% 100% 08/09/19 LINK
05 08/04/19 100% 100% 08/11/19 LINK
06 08/09/19 100% 100% 08/15/19 LINK
07 08/10/19 100% 100% 08/16/19 LINK
08 08/11/19 100% 100% 08/17/19 LINK
09 08/16/19 100% 100% 08/21/19 LINK
10 08/17/19 100% 100% 08/23/19 LINK
11 08/18/19 100% 100% 08/23/19 LINK
12 08/23/19 100% 100% 08/26/19 LINK
13 08/24/19 100% 100% 08/27/19 LINK
14 08/25/19 100% 100% 08/27/19 LINK

Subbed by neko^^ | Time/Segment by CHUỒN CHUỒN CÁNH SEN| Edit/Style/Upload by kitkat

61 Comments on “Kaew Klang Dong แก้วกลางดง

  1. Whats the meaning in English this lakorn kaew klang dong?

    • Glass (kaew) in the middle (glang) of jungle (dong)!

  2. So so happy You’ve subbed this, a nice and neat drama with lots of screentime togetherness of the leads, dramatic moments and relationship angsts, beautiful and talented actors, (even the nang rai is so pretty) , family setting that shows warmth and mutual caring (loved the scene in ep 12 where Dad invited son to have a few drinks and have a heart to heart chat..though personally I dislike alcohol drinking and alcohol related scenes) and quite a bit of action. Still to complete the last two episodes but this lakorn has already won my heart. I just hope Wan is not forgiven too easily. Thanks again for for this one and so many more that you’ve so kindly subbed for us to enjoy. Cheers, all the way from Mumbai, India

  3. Thanks so much for subbing this.. appreciate all the hard work and time it took so we could enjoy it:)

  4. Hi Neko, thank you for subbing this drama 😊. I was also just wondering if you would be uploading a link for server 1/2 for this drama?

  5. I really enjoyed watching this lakorn. Thank you very much for subbing it.
    Great couple, a lot of adventures and so many romantic and funny moments. No more taboo on a kissing scenes from Chanel 3.

  6. thank you for subbing this lakorn!! It was interesting and for the first time in lakorn the story of second couple is as good that the first one, they are so nice together

  7. I truly enjoyed this drama. I liked all the actors, the plots and i do like ones with humour as well as drama. Mind you it was even funnier at my house. Because of my interest in Thai dramas etc Youtube “feeds me” bits of Thai programs etc and I have come to hear music the style of the recurring tune for the start etc of this drama. I found it to be really catchy and as I watched found myself moving and singing along……my garbled version of sounds which sounded vaguely like the Thai words I was hearing! BUT I enjoyed it and no one heard me!!
    And as for my previous reference to your lack of sleep, I’m following Bussaba Na Talad . Four episodes today!! You lot are still not sleeping and now obviously I can’t. Thank you , you are so special in my life as I now have such a wonderful interest in my life…..if NOT a singing career. Have a wonderful day and get some sleep!!!

  8. Thanks for your hard work and quick subbing Neko, I wasn’t sure I was going to enjoy this one at first as I get turned off by leading ladies who scream all the time for seemingly no reason but thankfully I stayed with it and enjoyed it most of the time. I’m looking forward to the next lakorn and the journey you take us on.

  9. Thank you so much Neko for another completed lakorn. I really enjoyed this lakorn. Oom is cute. I am a fan of her. looking forward for her next lakorn and hopefully she will be paired with Maiwarit again. I appreciate your hard work Neko. You’re one of the best subber’s that I know.

  10. Thank you so much Neko, for this wonderful journey together with Songpao and Mewadee. You are so amazing and looking forward to the next lakorn.

  11. Thank you, Neko!! I had so much fun following Pao and Mew’s story thanks to you! I hope your speediness here meant you like it too!

  12. You guys are fantastic! I really appreciate your hard work on this lakorn.
    Thanks so much😍😘❤

  13. Wow girl have you been getting enough sleep? Would it be a good guess that you liked this drama??
    I am loving it. Khob khun ka ( did I get it right) not sure as I know gender plays a role in language and I’m not sure if it refers to the gender talking or the one being spoken to. Any way Merci Beaucoup Neko. I have to find ways of saying thank you ….all of them written sincerely. Have a great day!!

  14. Honestly, you have smashed it! watching your progress since I got home tonight has been absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for subbing this! – Plans for this weekend – binge watching 🙂

  15. Thanks for doing English subtitles for this cute lakorn. 😍

  16. hi neko, thanks for subbing this beautiful lakorn
    and i wanna to tell you that the link for ep 11 is for the ep 10 not 11

  17. Loving it! Thank you so much for subbing this lakorn. The action scenes are hilarious.

  18. You guys are moving fast. Thank you for your hard work. Fighting!!!

  19. I am loving this drama, thanks so much Neko.

  20. Hello Neko👋😇 and good evening, I’m in episode 7 right now just in case I don’t understand the flow of the story because it has no subtitles yet. when will episodes 7 to 14 be subtitled??😉 I’m sorry Neko because I’m sooooo excited to watch it and I can’t wait to see what happens next. Can you help me neko???😢 please, please, please🙏🙏🙏😇

    • If you read the chart that I have in place. At the moment, it only air up to ep8. And the timing team is still working on the timing for the rest of the parts!
      If you can’t wait, perhaps you might want to consider offering help to time!
      And here’s the guideline that you can start with. Timing with Aegisub

  21. How to play the lakorn? Im have trying for many times.. But it doesn’t work.. Can you tell me how to play?

    • If you can’t stream, you’ll need to wait till download link is make available.
      I’m not sure why the video doesn’t work for you especially if you didn’t specify what error you are getting. But I can confirm that the video is not block in your country.
      If you are getting “ops! Server error!”, which happen pretty often with dailymotion, try switching to watch from another device! Try using a different browser! Or try again later!

  22. I love this lakorn so much, especially the main couple! Thank you for the subtitle! 🙂

  23. How to play the lakorn? Im have trying for many times.. But it doesn’t work.. Can you tell me how to play?

  24. Hi Neko! For some reason there’s something wrong with Ep.2 Part B. It’s says server error? I’ve been trying since this afternoon. Thank you. Sorry to bother you.

    • Don’t mind me Neko. The link is working. I guess the site is down yesterday that’s why I’m getting that error.

  25. Thanks Neko for ep. 2. Can’t wait for Mewadee’s city adventure😂

  26. Thanks Neko! Now I can watch the first part of Ep.1 The episode is so funny.

  27. Wait,,,is it just me that can’t open the part A link?

    • Dailymotion automatically detected as age restricted content. You’ll need to turn off “family filter” which can be found at the bottom of the page.

      • Hi can you please explain it further for me please. Bottom of what page? How do I get Daily Motion to unlock it? Thank you

        • Perhaps visual will help. If you are using browser to watch. Scroll to the most bottom of the page and you’ll see this. Click on “ON” and it will toggle to “OFF”
          DM Family Filter

          If you are using DM APP. You’ll need to switch it off through your profile setting page. Go to Library and click on profile pic at the top right of the screen. That will get you to the Setting screen

          • Ohh how embarrassing……..I feel a little foolish. You are truly kind to quickly help me. I was about to be heartbroken as I was soo looking forward to it. Warmest wishes for you and a great big hug. Its night here in Australia. So sweet dreams Neko.i’m off to bed happy (and still feeling a bit embarrassed)

          • There’s nothing to be embarrassed about! 😉

  28. Hi Neko, today, while following a drama on Daily Motion, I followed a path seeking to see if the subber had a website ( i’m not very skilled with computers), but you, Thippy and others have taught me to value the subbers and respect their work. I came across an alternative teaser for this drama with your banner . I then came across two playlists containing your work. xuxu8888 and ajnunez. I only raise this as there is a “follow” option on Daily Motion and I wondered if this was used to attract advertising as I believe works with youtube?? My sincere apologies if this has been a silly misundersatnding on my part and offer my ignorance as an excuse.

    • Thanks Lyn for bringing to my attention. When stuff like this happen, it’s disheartening to subber. And this have been going on for a very long time! :'(

  29. Looking forward for this lakorn Neko. After Nee Rak Nai Krong Fai, there’s another lakorn that I really want to watch. I like Oo Eisaya after watching her Tiang Narng Mai. Thanks Neko for your hardwork 🙏🏻👍

    • I have a feeling that this one is going to be super challenging! ^^’

      • as long as they have subtitles for when they’re speaking northern dialect then I think you should be good

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