Kon La Kop Fah คนละขอบฟ้า MV & Teasers *Updated*


อย่ามองฉันเป็นคนอื่นได้ไหม Ya Mong Chan Pen Khon Uen Dai Mai
[Can you not look at me as someone else?] Ost.Khon La Khop Fa by Oppor Prabut


สุดท้ายก็แพ้ Sut Tai Gor Pae
[At the End I’m also Defeated] Ost.Khon La Khop Fa by Chippy Sirin


Kon La Kop Fah คนละขอบฟ้า [Different Lines of Horizon]
Remake of Tard Ruk Taranong
Starring : Great Warintorn & Chippy Sirin
On Air : 6th December
Summary by Lovefia

I still couldn’t decide if I should pick this one up as a new project. I do enjoy watching Great but I have mixed feeling about Chippy . And if Game Payabaht is resuming in January, then it will be two slap/kiss lakorn project overlapping! As some of you might know that as much as I enjoy a good slap/kiss lakorn, I’m not a big fan of subbing one. I wonder if I could take all the angst at the same time! 😈
Or maybe I should just wait and concentrate on Thepphabut Maya Thepthida Jamlaeng! =^-^=

So what’s your thought?