Bangkok Rak Stories : Kon Mee Sanae คนมีเสน่ห์

Kon Mee SanaeBangkok Rak Stories : Kon Mee Sanae คนมีเสน่ห์
Completion date : January 30, 2018
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Total Episodes : 13
Airing Date : 5th November 2017 – 28th January 2018
คนมีเสน่ห์ / Kon Mee Sanae (Charming Person) by Pang Nakarin
อ้าว / Ao by Atom
ไม่กลัว / Mai Glua (Not Afraid) by 25 Hours
ไกลแค่ไหนคือใกล้ / Glai Kae Nai Keu Glai (How Much Further is Near?) by Getsunova
อยากให้รู้ว่าเหงา / Yahk Hai Roo Wah Ngao (I Want You to Know that I’m Lonely) by J Jetrin
ฝากเลี้ยง / Fahk Liang (Take Care of It) by Sweet Mullet ft. Sing Neua Seua Tai (Covering J-Jetrin)
ถ่านไฟเก่า / Tahn Fai Gao (An Old Flame) by Bird Thongchai
พัง..(ลำพัง) / Pung (Lumpung) [Destroyed (Alone)] by Getsunova
เลือกได้ไหม / Leuak Dai Mai (Can I Choose?) by Zaza
เธอทำให้ได้รู้ / Tur Tum Hai Dai Roo (You Made Me Able to Know) by Potato

Ep Air
Time %
1 11/05/17 100% 100% 01/17/18 LINK
2 11/12/17 100% 100% 01/19/18 LINK
3 11/19/17 100% 100% 01/19/18 LINK
4 11/26/17 100% 100% 01/21/18 LINK
5 12/03/17 100% 100% 01/22/18 LINK
6 12/10/17 100% 100% 01/23/18 LINK
7 12/17/17 100% 100% 01/24/18 LINK
8 12/24/17 100% 100% 01/25/18 LINK
9 12/31/17 100% 100% 01/26/18 LINK
10 01/07/18 100% 100% 01/27/18 LINK
11 01/14/18 100% 100% 01/28/18 LINK
12 01/21/18 100% 100% 01/29/18 LINK
13 01/28/18 100% 100% 01/30/18 LINK

Subbed by neko^^ | Time/Segment by CHUỒN CHUỒN CÁNH SEN & neko^^| Edit/Style/Upload by kitkat

56 Comments on “Bangkok Rak Stories : Kon Mee Sanae คนมีเสน่ห์

  1. Hi,why does this lakorn deleted ????? what should i do now? how can i watch it????

  2. I love this lakorn and the original song by pang nakarin but do u happen to know who sing the female version one??

  3. hi neko…can u pls upload the english subtitle version of nang barb drama

  4. Hi, Neko , i dont hear any sound from this videos, could you fix it please ?/ thank you ,
    I am addicted with Thai lakorn now ^_^

  5. My Girl 18: Mongkut Soot Tee Rak…hope to watch this drama here..

  6. Can you sub “Bangkok Rak Stories Part 1:Please” ? Thanks !

  7. Hi neko!
    Thank you for your hard work. I really appreciate it. I just recently finished watching this lakorn and I really enjoyed it. Do you happen to know the female version of the open song Kon Mee Sanae? I really like that version too.

  8. If you sub bangkok rak stories : Pae Tarng I will buy you a coffee 😛 Anyway thanks a lot for subbing all those lakorns.. .im a regular at your site ♥

  9. It was short but I loved it. It made me feel things and that’s what I like about series like this. I would like to request another bangkok rak stories but I trust your judgment.

  10. who knows if the other parts of this series had eng sub

  11. thank you sooo much 4 eng sub… cn u do other bangkok rak stories please

    • LOL! I totally forgot about this. Thanks for the reminder. Done ^^

  12. hi Neko~~ thank you so muchhhh for subbing this lakorn. i have finished in 3 days
    i think chemistry Bua Loy with her grandma more memorable than Bua Loy-Pakorn, hehe
    but I really love Jes character, happy for him finally he act at romcom and be a lead actors.. so cute when he smile
    will repeat watch this lakorn if i want to laugh, lol

  13. Thank you and the whole team for the hard work. I became an instant fan of Jes because of this series. He is so handsome and I end up watching his other series where he is an assassin. I was kinda annoyed with the leading lady character. I felt like she didn’t deserve him hahaha he deserve me just kidding hahaha. Series is recommended if you need a quick thai romcom and it’s not super long. Jes handsome face is a BIG BONUS. I can just watch him smile and be grumpy all day!

      • Leading lady in this one (not the actress fault-I was not fond of the character. I love the leading lady in the assassin lakorn- she had oozing awesome chemistry with Jes and her character was awesome.

  14. I’m 3 episodes in and it’s really good! Thanks for subbing!!

  15. It says:
    Download @ alwaysmeena
    it’s not on alwaysmeena.

    • If you notice the link haven’t been updated…. This will be updated only when it’s available

      • Oh, it’s there now, thank you.
        Pitty Kitkat does not provide soft-subbed version.. I don’t really care for all the lyrics translations covering half the screen.. I much prefer the on/off subs. You can adjust their font size, too. Thanks.

        • Since I’m doing this for free during my own free time, I have no obligation to go please everyone. It’s either my way of sub (hardsub) or you can always watch this without sub! 😈

  16. Thanks a lot for your work, time and dedication. I enjoyed that nice and sweet lakorn.

  17. I binge-watched the last 5 episodes..ahh..episode 9 and 10 made me cry so much..Thank you so much for subbing this sweet lakorn.

  18. Yeah?
    But where’s the actual download by kitkat?
    She haven’t posted ANYTHING on alwaysmeena wordpress since September 21, 2017.

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  20. thanks Neko meow meow for completing another pleasant lakorn, it was very enjoyable.

  21. Thank you so much for giving up your free time to sub for us.
    I appreciate it so much!

  22. Thank you thank you so much for subbing this lakorn! I needed a really good laugh after todays workday and this lakorn gave me this. Thank you.

  23. Thanks for latest episode!!….Although I like the story, i am really annoyed with the lead female……lets see the story how it unfolds

  24. Thank you for picking this up……it’s soooooo cute….. I love the lead actress’ acting.

  25. Loving this lakorn so far. A good lakorn to watch after having a bad case of drama withdrawal from Ice and Nine!

    Is there a full video clip of the duet of the theme song? I really like the duet version 🙂

  26. I am really enjoying this fun and flirty lakorn. A refreshing change from revenge hate/love and slap/kiss. Love the main leads and Grandma too! Thank you for subbing.

  27. thanks neko for your hard work >> can you please sub Barb Rak TaLay Fun

    • If it’s your first time here, you need to check Neko’s Guest Book. There’s a list of lakorns that Neko will NOT sub, and I believe Barb Rak Talay Fun is one of them.
      I hear Falada from Rainbow Subbing Team is considering to sub it, but I don’t know when she will start because she plan to do it after she finish her current project.

  28. Hi neko, i wish you a happy new year with a litte late sorry.
    Thank you so much for subbing this lakorn, it look great, i can’t wait to watch it, fighting 😉

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