Kwam Song Jam See Jang ความทรงจำสีจาง

Kwam Song Jam See Jang ความทรงจำสีจาง [Fade Away]
English Sub Completed as of Nov 20, 2020
Total Episodes : 18 Eps
Airing Date : Sep 17, 2020 – Nov 18, 2020 (Every Wed & Thu)
Dtit (Stuck) by Cutto (Lipta)
Nai Sak Wan (Someday) by Punch Worakarn


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Ep Air
01 09/17/20 09/19/20 LINK
02 09/23/20 09/24/20 LINK
03 09/24/20 09/27/20 LINK
04 09/30/20 10/02/20 LINK
05 10/01/20 10/03/20 LINK
06 10/07/20 10/08/20 LINK
07 10/08/20 10/10/20 LINK
08 10/14/20 10/16/20 LINK
09 10/15/20 10/17/20 LINK
10 10/21/20 10/22/20 LINK
11 10/22/20 10/24/20 LINK
12 10/28/20 10/30/20 LINK
13 10/29/20 10/31/20 LINK
14 11/04/20 11/06/20 LINK
15 11/05/20 11/07/20 LINK
16 11/11/20 11/13/20 LINK
17 11/12/20 11/14/20 LINK
18 11/18/20 11/20/20 LINK

Subbed by neko^^ | Time/Segment by CHUỒN CHUỒN CÁNH SEN

24 Comments on “Kwam Song Jam See Jang ความทรงจำสีจาง

  1. I just started this lakorn. Now on 2nd episode. So,Narin is the bad guy here right?

  2. Hello, how are you? Thank you for subbing this lakorn, Neko! It means so much. The thing is that Rita is getting on my freaking nerves tho. Like the boy does not like you like a girlfriend. Stop trying to force the feelings already! Sorry about that, I just needed to vent it out. Have an amazing day!

  3. Thank so much for dubbing this Lakorn otherwise I wouldn’t be able to watch it. The storyline is interesting with twist and turns. You are doing a great job, much appreciated. Promoting Thai Lakorns so that non Thai people can watch.

  4. Thank you for giving this lakorn a chance to be appreciated . I like how the story is developing. I’m entertained by the Khem character. He can act compared to the one in SW. The whole cast is carrying the movie together.

  5. I am really looking forward to this show every week. Such bright and cheerful faces of the four main characters (including the second couple)..most of the time I am grinning along with them. Anyway, things may become murky now, what with multiple villains starting to show their claws and fangs ! Thanks again Neko for choosing this one to sub. Nekoland has become one of my favourite destinations now

  6. Double treat with the 4th and 5th episodes subbed so fast even before the weekend ended. I am grinning ear to ear at the cuteness of the second couple and the falling in love process of our main couple. One major hitch..FL thinks ML could be her long lost brother! Lots of tension and stress oncoming as understood from the latest preview. So keeping fingers crossed and praying for our main couple as well as the Japan project.. Cheers and many many thanks to Neko for the subbing. By the way, wanted to see a light hearted rom com as a stress buster and stumbled into SEE MAI KARN! And I like Ko (I’m also watching King Gor Rah.. but taking a break as the fake pregnancy bit is so very annoying, no matter how many times I see it in how many lakorns!)..SEE MAI KARN with its multiple couple stories should keep me laughing for the time being….Thanks again

  7. Dear Neko,

    Thanks for the quick subbing….plot intensifying. I love the bonding in the R& D deptt…specially Khem, Pat, Chom and the new hire Paeng. And one more thing….i was able to access server 5 this morning and saw the 3rd episode without any interruption. Don’t know if you have finetuned anything there, if you have, then a very very big THANK YOU🙏
    Cheers and best wishes😊

  8. Hi Neko I have a hard time watching the Episode 3 because it doesn’t have Server 7. The Server 5 was so slow.

    • Server 7 account got deleted due to violation of T&Cs. There will be no alternative server until I can find one which is compatible!

  9. thank you so much..for giving us to see such lovely lakorns..all my best wishes to be allways healthy and happy

  10. Dear Neko,
    Thanks so much for the super fast subbing. The story is getting more and more interesting as it has so many different groups of villains trying to attack our double Toeys in personal as well as professional fronts. I’ll be ever optimistic and pray that P’Phu will not be Paeng’s real blood sibling..I am sure the script writers will not be so heartless! I love the backdrop of food as setting for the story. Thai cuisine is full of colours and a huge variety of fresh is a pleasure to see dramas where food is featured heavily (Just finished My name is Busaba). The 2nd episode had me smiling almost all the time…but the third one will be full of trouble for double Toey as far as the preview shows..We are also ready for the rollercoaster ride,….bring it on

  11. Im looking forward to watch this lakorn because i love Toey.. I am so glad and grateful knowing you sub this lakorn.. Thank you very much Neko<3 God bless you<3

  12. I wasn’t planning to watch this one, but now I’m having second thoughts after watching the teaser. My only question is that are they biological siblings?….. I must know!!! LOL….Thanks for all the hard work!!!!

    • I honestly have no idea. I guess we’ll need to anticipate it together! XP

  13. So thankful to NEKO for the years of service of continued hard work. In bringing and touching so many lives around the world. Your sense of giving to others is beyond words and I wish for you only the best life has and pure thankfulness in what you have given me… Love from the USA

  14. Hi Neko. As someone who loves Thai TV series, I would like to ask you. I am Turkish. And is it possible to add Turkish subtitles to the subtitles? I can help with Turkish translation. Please return to me when you read my message. I have translated before. I’ve watched most of the series on the page. We love you. I can count on you more viewers and followers. I will be glad if you reach me.

    • I have no plan to add any other languages subs! Feel free to translate to Turkish as you like.

      • Hi Neko! Thank you so much for all of your works. Can I check if you have also subbed or plana to sub Pom Rak Salub Hua Jai? Thank you.

  15. Dear Neko,
    I just had a wonderful Sunday morning watching the first episode of Kwan SJSJ , Thanks to your generosity and hardwork. Loved this episode and looking forward to unravelling of some great drama enacted by one of my favourites Toey. I like the ML as well, and good to see a whole team of youthful and attractive people led by the super pretty CHOM – PANZEE! I just wish Paeng doesn’t get forced into paying the money to the bullies ( more than bullies, they are downright criminals) it’s so not fair! Anyway, thanks again for your subbing…Warm wishes from a grateful lakorn lover

  16. Really want to watch this, but the teaser looks depressing. The newly-found (adopted – i assume) brother might already has a fiancee, or somebody obsessed with him. The brother family looks to be against his relationship with the adopted sister. It’s going to be a roller coaster. May be some temporary separation ? I am very scared of the potential ending.

  17. Feel excited to watch this lakorn but I am sucker for happy ending and always avoid sad ending. Scared that from the synopsis and teaser, that both Toey x Toey won’t end well 🙁 Nevertheless, thanks for picking up this lakorn. I will brave through this lakorn with few boxes of tissue and pillows.

    • Ikr ? I’m scared of the prospect just by looking at the teaser. But rrrreally want to watch because usually neko’s picks are good.

  18. Happiness, so thankful you are subbing this. Please keep up the awesome work, it is greatly appreciated.

  19. Congrats neko to you and your team for your hard work. I and my family members wait eagerly for the sub.thanks again.god bless

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