Kao Waan Hai Nu Bpen Sailab เขาวานให้หนูเป็นสายลับ

Kao Waan Hai Nu Bpen SailabKao Waan Hai Nu Bpen Sailab เขาวานให้หนูเป็นสายลับ [The Secret Bride]
English Sub Completed as of December 23, 2019
Total Episodes : 18 Eps
Airing Date : 8th November, 2019 – 15th December, 2019 (Every Friday, Saturday & Sunday)
/Saeng Sawang (Bright Light) by Boy Peacemaker
อะไรก็ลงที่ฉัน/Arai Gor Long Tee Chan (Whatever also is on me!) by Kaew Jarinya
อยากต่อเวลา/Yaak Dtor Wayla (Want to prolong time) by Kao Supassara



Ep Air
Time %
01 11/08/19 100% 100% 11/13/19 LINK
02 11/09/19 100% 100% 11/15/19 LINK
03 11/10/19 100% 100% 11/17/19 LINK
04 11/15/19 100% 100% 11/20/19 LINK
05 11/16/19 100% 100% 11/21/19 LINK
06 11/17/19 100% 100% 11/22/19 LINK
07 11/22/19 100% 100% 11/26/19 LINK
08 11/23/19 100% 100% 11/27/19 LINK
09 11/24/19 100% 100% 11/28/19 LINK
10 11/29/19 100% 100% 12/02/19 LINK
11 11/30/19 100% 100% 12/04/19 LINK
12 12/01/19 100% 100% 12/06/19 LINK
13 12/06/19 100% 100% 12/09/19 LINK
14 12/07/19 100% 100% 12/10/19 LINK
15 12/08/19 100% 100% 12/17/19 LINK
16 12/13/19 100% 100% 12/18/19 LINK
17 12/14/19 100% 100% 12/21/19 LINK
18 12/15/19 100% 100% 12/23/19 LINK

Subbed by neko^^ | Time/Segment by CHUỒN CHUỒN CÁNH SEN| Edit/Style/Upload by kitkat

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  1. i wish there will be a series 2 for my secret bride..i love their tandem so much

    • Watching this series for the second time.. Never get tired of watching the main leads they are so adorable great chemistry. I hope i can watch them again in another series. BTW thank you very much nekomeow for a very good subbing. from the Philppines

  2. Thank you very much for this best lakorn, I am from Indonesia, and I really hope the neko meow meow team can create a new project with the same partner.

  3. Thanks so much for your hard work subbing this. Enjoyed every minute.

  4. Thank you so much Nekomeowmeow…I love you and all your work…LOADS AND LOTS OF LOVE INDIA

  5. Love this lakorn so much!!!
    Please make more seasons of this lakorn as it really entertain scenes of all.. 😍😍😍
    Love the chemistry of P’Great & P’Kao so much..

  6. thank you so much neko for subbing this project.. it was an amazing lakorn. thank you for your hard work for subbing thai drama. you are like colors in my black and white life.. su su ka.. good luck and lot of success and happiness. stay safe ..

  7. Hi Neko,
    Thoroughly enjoyed each and every ep of this drama, thank you so much for subbing it.. This is my second time watching Great and he’s really Great, hot and handsome ❤️❤️
    Kao is super cute it’s my first time watching her drama..would love to see more of her.. Just recently I saw that she’s having a drama with Mark Prin..I am sure that would be cute too.. Great and Kao have sizzling chemistry..hope they have more dramas in future..
    This drama had a rerun too and now it’s 19 eps..how come? Did they release am uncut version? Also one thing i am confused about it Why did Danurut hire Suam for three months? I am still not clear about that? Coz he finds her interesting?
    Loved the drama a lot a really lot..I am suggesting my friends too to watch it.
    Thanks again Neko and keep up the great work ❤️❤️

  8. On behalf of all non Thais who love Thai lakorns, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the hard work in subbing in English and for all the Thai dramas!
    Keep up the good work, please!

  9. Thank you so much for uploading and subbing this drama. It had action, love, humor and some supernatural. This has become one of my favorite dramas. I will never forget the scene where someone was drop kicked and knocked out. Everytime I think about it I crack up. I really like the actor Great and I really enjoyed the fact that the female lead was a fighter. Thank you for your time and hard work!!!

  10. Honestly one of my favorite lakorn! I cant get over this series. Both of the main character have great chemistry. They make my heart jump. Also im so glad I found this website! Its amazing and great job! I hope they pair up again in another lakorn in the future! 😊😊😊❤️❤️❤️

    • Hello there, rewatching this now while waiting for marn bang jai.
      Thank you for your hard work neko. GREATing from Indonesia 😘

  11. I have enjoyed each and every episode of this series with english sub 🥰 thank you guys you have done a great job thank you for making us entertained lots of love from india

  12. I love their chemmistry, I hope they can play other films. And I’m waiting for that! Thankyou

  13. I love their chemmistry, I hope they can play other films. I’m waitinggg!

  14. its been while since i watch lakorn , happy to said im really glad pick up this lakorn ! btw the chemistry between them is just so good ! and love sutheerak !

    gonna comment again after finish this lakorn

  15. Thank you for subbing this. I am rewatching it during Covid19. Its even more fun the second time around. I love Great W. and he was phenomenal in this show as well. Side couple was adorable. Come to think of it the two main villains, Asia & Uncle were kind of hot 😁All in all the whole drama team did a wonderful job. Writers gave depth to the villain characters With their back story. Thank you once again Neko for your hard work. I don’t have any background with thai culture and only because of your work here and on dailymotion I have seen so many good quality Thai shows.

  16. Just finish watching and loving it. Thank you sooo much for subbing this lakorn. 😘 from 🇸🇬🇸🇬

  17. Thanks so much for subbing this lakor,. it was so great ! big thanks from France !

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  19. Thank so much Neko for subbing My Secret Bride. It’s an awesome Lakorn and I would recommend to all my Lakorn friends to watch. Love the chemistry between Great and Kao ❤️

  20. Thank you for introducing me to Great, will definitely check out more of his dramas.

    I am binge watching this whilst in quarantine with COVID 19 and i have never been so entertained, this is sweet, funny and romatic with a very good looking cast.

    Love the lead pair who have great chemistry and the secondary couple is just as adorable.

    • I agree it’s wonderful. I’ve raved about it and listed as a big time favourite on other sites. I have referred requests to Nekos site and recommended her full list of dramas. I can assure you that watching this one again is almost even better than first time. It was a wonderful production in all aspects. Neko is a champ!! ( AND now she’s subbing the one with the actor from Trabab See Chompoo)

  21. Thanks so much for subbing. Great drama so far. Just wanted to say that episode 14 and 15 are the same upload.

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  23. Oh Neko Neko…..this time you have outdone yourself. Although a fan of Great, I’ve been busy with the holiday season ( summer in Australia) and put this one on the “watch later” list. I have just spent this weekend gaining a new one for my favourites list. I LOVED it!!!
    All the performers were “great”. I felt such a range of emotions . it was so good I didn’t even mind the ghosts. I think I will start to pay attention to the script writers and directors as both for this show were excellent. There was even one scene where I went from really sad to laughing out loud. I liked the characters and even found the villains not only well played but multi-dimensional. How the show manages to have the most evil character have moments when you feel for him and even allow him to deliver a reflection on the impact of poverty. All the while it still felt believable.
    Yet again Neko you have added to my life. Thank you and the team for allowing me to enjoy Thai dramas and , in this instance, for me, a little gem. I wish you receive lots of joy in your life.

  24. Thank you so much to all of the members on the subbing team. This lakorn has to be my all time favorite. I really appreciate all your hard work.

  25. omg i can’t move on from this lakorn😭 i wanna see them again in another lakorn, i love their chemistry😭😭😭😭

  26. Thank you very much for all you hard work!!!!
    Good luck with all your other projects!

  27. Thanks you very much for the subs i really love it!!! and fall for Great! Greeting from France

  28. Thank you so much to all members of the team working on this project. We all appreciate all the time and effort you put in.
    I think I read before that download links for this lakorn will be available on alwaysgrumpycat website. If not..then ok, I might have misread it and it was about another lakorn.
    wish you all the best!

  29. Thank you soooooo much for subbing this lakorn!!!!! LOVED IT SO SO MUCH. Totally topped the list. 😉

    for all your work and dedication!
    Your website is on my favorites and every episode I watch I’m so grateful to you!
    Can’t wait to discover amazing new dramas with you!

    Thank you and I hope you’ll have an amazing new year

  31. Khob khun kha neko meow meow❤❤❤❤ sending love and courage from Malaysia .

  32. Thank you so much Neko!! You ended our year with such bliss and justice! May the new year bring you and the team more drama and strength to carry on! May it bring health, prosperity, and longevity!

  33. Great is acting great like always xD
    Like this lakorn a lot

  34. Thank you soooo much dear neko..your effort is much appreciated.

  35. Thank you Neko and team! I really enjoyed watching this series from start to finish. Love the story and twist. Love the main couple and also the second couple. The villains and its actors were really good. And this series gave me a good dosage of Great.He suits his part very well. Can’t believe I have been missing out. I love watching him on screen. He has an awesome chemistry with his female lead I hope they work again or perhaps another drama that hows how charismatic he is. Once again thank you for subbing. Your drama picks to sub are always a must watch.

  36. This one I love. Thank you so much Neko, for all your hard work it is very much appreciated.

  37. Love it so muchhh thankyou for subbing this lakorn…
    Thankyou so much for your hardwork nekoo
    Kobkun na kaaa…

  38. Great job nekoooo…
    Really appreciate your hardworks for up this lakorn on your site … Love it so much …
    Kobkunn naa kaaaa… 😘

  39. Wow even the last episode they managed to make it sweet and emotional! I can say this lakorn was the star of 2019 ! Great was actually great ! All the supporting actors, director.. they thought about every single detail.. happy that i enjoyed it but sad because i am gonna miss it..

  40. What a nice Christmas present: the last episode of Kao Waan Hai Nu Bpen Sailab! wouldn’t have wished for anything better. Thank you a million times!!!

  41. Thanx once again Team Neko for picking up this lakorn,enjoyed watching it 👍wishing u n ur team a very happy a prosperous 2020.

  42. Neko. Thank you very much for this lakorn. I’ve enjoyed it a great deal. Hope you and the timing team have a great holiday season, wishing you a happy and enjoyable new year

  43. Thanks so much for subbing this. Your hard work is greatly appreciated. Loved this one. I wish the ending was a set up for a season 2. So many things they could do.

  44. It was an exciting ride from the start until the end. Love Great and Kao crazy chemistry as well as “Sara” addictive smile. I will surely be missing P’Damkerng and P’Songkram, the scene stealer with their brief but memorable addition to the story. I had laughed out loud from watching Suam and her gossip group, cried a river whenever the real Por Kob appeared, cursing my heart out at Sia Ha and Su (towards Darika and her indecisive husband as well) and had butterfly flying in my stomach whenever Danurut looks at Suam. This lakorn reminded me why I love watching Thai series so much. I can always relate with the story more and there are many meaningful lessons that being imparted to the viewers.

    So, here I wanna thank you Neko for subbing this lovely lakorn and let us be apart of your Nekoland. This “land” has bring happiness all year round and hopefully will be bless with fertile “land” with plenty of delicious “fruits” and beautiful “flowers” next year!

  45. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR SUBBING !! I have been regularly checking out your page to see if you have finished subbing the episodes. I really enjoyed this drama especially the cute moments between Suam and Khun Rut. I look forward to watching other dramas subbed by you. I wish you Happy Holidays and Happy New Year 2020.

  46. Dropping by to let you know how much we appreciate ❤️ you taking time nearing the end of 2019 to complete this lakorn. We had a pleasant gift from you even before Christmas ❄️. This year has been ups and downs in Nekoland 🐾. Hopefully this upcoming new year will be a bring a brighter smile 😍 and happiness in you as well as in Nekoland 🐾. Have a happy vacation this year end. And see you in the next project! 💋

  47. thankyou so much neko for subbing all the episode i’m so happy that i find your website! hope u have a happy holiday! :))


  49. Hi Neko… A quick word to say that I greatly appreciate your efforts and dedication. You’ve made lakorns and Thai culture accessible to those of us who do not speak the language. Thank you, thank you… to you and to all those who contribute to your projects.
    Best wishes for a very Happy and prosperous New Year.

  50. Thank you so much neko. The parody video make me laugh out loud 😂😂🤣 they are fun couple

  51. Hey thank you so much for subbing this show! Is there an error with ep 16? I’m getting ep 14 when I click the link. It says 16 but the video is 14

    • Thanks for bringing to my attention. Refresh the page. The link should be correct now!

  52. I’ve been refreshing this page since morning. 70%.80%.90% now. Thanks for your hard work. You don’t know how much we appreciate it.

      • Ahahahaaa. Me tooo. Tomorrow i will keep refreshing for final episode. Thanks Neko for your hard work subbing this.😘

        I’ve never watch P Great lakorn before. Now i fall in love with him 🥰

  53. Hi Neko, Thank you very much! It’s only 2 episode remaining. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! God bless you!

  54. Thanku neko for your hardwork for all of us who want eng sub.
    All the best

  55. Tq so much Neko for the latest episodes 😘
    Kop khun kaaa… Su su Neko!

  56. Thank you so much Neko for subbing this Lakorn! The original version of this was my all time favorite Lakorn from when I was younger. Watched the second version and the chemistry just wasn’t there! But this version was just as good with more back story. I like seeing the original Male and Female lead as the current Suam’s mom and “dad”. Thank you so much and your hard work is much appreciated!

  57. omg omg I cant not wait for the rest to be uploaded its like leaving us on a cliff hanger ps ps thank you thank you for subbing this Lakorn love love it

  58. omg this is one of my favorite lakorn, i really love the chemistry between rut & suam. thank you neko for subbing this!💜 cant wait to watch the next episode, gbu xx

  59. Thank you so much for the subs! Finally caught up! I’m laughing and crying! Thanks again 💕💕

  60. I loved this drama so much!waiting for the eng sub thanks neko.. Been a fan of Great since i watch his drama with chippy Kon la kop fah.#teamgreat❤🇵🇭

  61. Thank you very much…..this lakorn really make me hook up , laugh and cry at the same time…really awesome! Keep your great works.

  62. Hi thanks for the good work.Also can some tell me if there is a way to reduce the video resolution to lower than 750p so that i can reduce my data bandwith while watching on server 1

  63. I can only say, that you are wonderful and thank you very much for all the translations, for your hard work, I watch them with great pleasure.

  64. tank you for this subtitle… thank to you, i could appreciate this super lakorn ep.. i’m too exited to see the next.. thank you (heart-heart)
    su su

  65. Thank you so much for subbing this lakorn, Neko~
    Really appreciate your efforts subbing this in good pace, for non native speaker like us to enjoy the lakorn.
    About this lakorn, I’m really hooked right upon watching the 1st episode.
    I only know Grate apart from other main role casts & some supporting roles from many lakorn before this.
    But I have to say, I really love all the casts, all of them played their part so well, although most of them are new.

  66. Gr8 work of fast subbing Neko👏, excitedly waiting for the next set of episodes 😃🧐🥳 thanks a Ton👍

  67. Thank for subbing this one, Neko. I just started it and LOVE it. You’ve been subbing some really good dramas lately. You’re the best!

  68. Ugh, the preview at the end of ep 12 really makes me want to watch the next episode. But I will wait patiently since Neko is subbing this with a nice pace. This is my favourite lakorn since Maturot. Neko is picking up some diamonds to sub. Thank you, Neko!! ^ ^

  69. I am back after a short hiatus and I can see that I have some drama to catch up with. I started with this one and I can admit that I fell for this one after the first two episodes. Thank you so much Neko, for choosing this one to translate.

  70. Thank you for subbing it!❤️ I really enjoyed watching this lakorn. Great is great hihi but cant lie im attracted to second male lead^^

  71. Been watching Thai Dramas for 2 years already – love them all and have 7 boyfriends including Mek, Aum, Ken – but I am dropping them all for Pariit. Also this is my first time to write something.
    Hey let me know who agree with me – his role in this lakorn is so perfect and I can’t stop laughing and being so happy with his reaction to Pie – especially on his birthday and when he was eating with her family. I like Great too but I just like watching my boyfriend now. Please finishing subbing soon as you can – please….

  72. Thank you neko for your hardwork, at first I’ll wait for marathon this lakorn, but I can’t
    Just want to watch great with his greatness😁😁😁❤❤

  73. Thank you very much you made our day. Cheers to your effort.

  74. Hello nekomeowmeow…. You are always satisfiyed me alot with all lakorn’s ever had. This drama I have 2 best couple’s, first P’Rut and Suam. Second is P!Sarawat and khun Neung. Love u both, so perfect and looks natural in acting. Love u guy’s. Love a lot from your fans Indonesia

  75. Thank you so much for your hard work. I cant wait to see the next episode 🙂 🙂

  76. Thanks a lot for subbing this lakorn!! This s very interesting.
    Being Indian, i am curious do in Thailand, they pray to Goddess Kali and Ganesha?? This is my first time seeing seeing their temple in lakorn!!

    Loved the say Suam wears Saree…she s looking so cute with Saree and Indian jewellary

    • Me too I’m also an Indian and I love Thai lakorns mak mak….. I love Thailand & wish to visit😊

    • Me too
      I’m also an indian
      But i love thai lakorns
      Specially cute expressions of Great warinthorn.
      I love it.

  77. Hello Neko, thanks a lot for ur hard work, yet another entertaining project. Very interesting plot and talented actors portraying the characters.
    Just out of curiosity, Neko what was the disclaimer shown during the middle of the show with hashtag #amstrong ?
    Keep up your good work, thanks once again to u n ur team.

    • It’s a community message of helpline number for woman who are the victim of domestic violence and abuse

      • Thank u for clarifying that, gr8 work social message within lakorn 👍👏

  78. Thank you very much nekomeowmeow for giving many best lakorn, especially Kao Waan Hai Nu Bpen Sailab. I’m so so… Crazy in love with this drama all the actor’s and actress so natural in acting, especially Khun Rut and Suam, lobe u both😍😍. And so entertain me… Xu.. Xu nekomeowmeow !!
    Best regard 🙏

  79. Im so so thankful for the sub of thıs lakorn . .
    Morn power NEKO.😘😘😘

  80. I appreciate your effort for subbing all the drama( completed, current and SPECIAL upcoming )

  81. Thank you so much for ur uploads with english subtitle. 😍
    Looking forward to the next episodes.
    Again thanks.. and God bless!

  82. Dropping by to give some love to Neko <3 Thanks for picking up this project.

  83. I want to
    THANKU in a veryyyyyyyy loud voice
    So Thhhhhhhaaaaaaaaannkkuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  84. Neko, you are the best ❤️ Thank you for subbing this lakorn.

    • Thanks neko for your hardwork 😊 i really like this lakorn but nothing in english sub from youtube ch3. Xu xu nekomeowmeow 💪

  85. I can’t wait every episode this lakorn, waiting both of Khun Danu and Suam acting. Very…very satisfiy me as the big fans from Indonesia. Love u both….😍😍😍😍

  86. I’m eagerly waiting for the 7 episode 😊😊😊😊😊😊

  87. I found this wesbite a year ago and I have to say this : HUGE THANK YOU for all the different lakorns that you translated. I can see the pressure that you receive from other people to translate as fast as possible but I think you”re doing a great JOB!! Thank you for allowing me – a french girl – to discover lakorns and to learn new vocabulary every day! Keep going girl!

  88. Thank you for choosing to sub this – I no longer have to guess what they are saying! Really appreciate you taking the time to sub this and sharing with us.

  89. Thank you for taking the time and effort to share the fun, the beauty, and the cray cray of Thai Lakorns. I know you only do shows you like, but thanks for giving us the opportunity to like these shows with you.

    I do have one question though with this show in particular….what are the words that appear at the beginning of all the videos before the beginning credits? Are they a disclaimer of some sort for the show? The music they play when showing them is making me curious.

    • Disclaimer like those you see before movie stating that this lakorn is entirely fictional. Any resemblance to real persons or actual facts is purely coincidental….

  90. the more forward the story the more interesting and refreshing. I like the hard work of the director and the players. Xu… Xu…. Nekomeowmeow !!

  91. I love this lakorn so much, especially for the actress and actor’s too. They acting very awsome and funny 😍😍😍😍

  92. I love this lakorn so much, especially for the actress and actor’s too. They acting very awsome and funny 😍😍😍😍

  93. I am really liking this movie. I love the pra’ek. She is new but she is great. It is also a funny movie. I was reluctant to see her play a comedic role since the last movie she played in as the villian from the Flute movie with Bella and Grate.

  94. Thank you so much! Looking forward to the upcoming episodes. You’re a blessing. Keep up the good work!

  95. too happy to see this drama begins, thank you at you for take this project

  96. Great Great Great
    Thank you neko
    I hope you get your way witha the hosting problem

  97. thanky you so much dear!!! it’s really refreshing my day ^^.

    • Thank you so much for subbing this lakorn Neko and team! I experienced a rollercoaster ride of emotions from laughter to sadness, anger to happiness, and so much more! I especially cried the most watching the last two episodes. 😭 Also loved the relationship development between the two couples (Rut&Suam, Padet&Nueng). Always love watching any of Great’s lakorns and will no look forward to seeing more from the other main actors/actresses.

  98. Good job Neko! Nice lakorn with Great. Thank you and God bless you.

    • Thanks Neko for subbing. May I know how many episodes are there for this lakorn?

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