Lipta @ ARTBOX at EM District

I thought I would end the year 2015 without any addition to my starstruck album but who knows while I was strolling one of the famous night market in Bangkok that I would meet the R&B Pop Duo Lipta.

I’ve been listening to Lipta songs for a long time but I didn’t google them until recently when I was googling about the group “The Unknown” (lead singer Win Wathit a.k.a Inthon of Koo Prab Chabab Hua Jai) They did a cover on ลองคุย (Try speaking) originally by Lipta. Some other fave are ไม่คิด (Didn’t think) and แฟน (Girlfriend)

Now back to the chance encounter, at first I thought it was Bedroom Audio as they were singing my all time fave, ไม่บอกเธอ (Not telling you) Ost of Hormones. I missed the first few seconds of the songs, but nonetheless hope you’ll enjoy it….
[dailymotion id=x3huaur]

p/s: Next time when I’m back to Bangkok, I’ll try to stalk DJ Push! It would be great to add his pic to my starstruck album! LOL!