Maturot Lohgan มธุรสโลกันตร์

Maturot LohganSuphapburud Jom Jon Series 2 : Maturot Lohgan สุภาพบุรุษจอมโจร: มธุรสโลกันตร์
English Sub Completed as of November 04, 2019
Total Episodes : 16 Eps
Airing Date : 28th September, 2019 – 1st November, 2019   (Every Friday, Saturday & Sunday)
/Dok Mai Nai Meu Jon (Flower in the hand of Bandit) by King Pichet
Suphapburud Jom Jon Series 1: Duangjai Kabot 


Ep Air
Time %
01 09/27/19 100% 100% 09/29/19 LINK
02 09/28/19 100% 100% 10/01/19 LINK
03 09/29/19 100% 100% 10/02/19 LINK
04 10/04/19 100% 100% 10/07/19 LINK
05 10/05/19 100% 100% 10/10/19 LINK
06 10/06/19 100% 100% 10/11/19 LINK
07 10/11/19 100% 100% 10/15/19 LINK
08 10/12/19 100% 100% 10/16/19 LINK
09 10/13/19 100% 100% 10/18/19 LINK
10 10/18/19 100% 100% 10/21/19 LINK
11 10/19/19 100% 100% 10/23/19 LINK
12 10/20/19 100% 100% 10/25/19 LINK
13 10/25/19 100% 100% 10/29/19 LINK
14 10/26/19 100% 100% 10/30/19 LINK
15 10/27/19 100% 100% 10/31/19 LINK
16 11/01/19 100% 100% 11/04/19 LINK

Subbed by neko^^ | Time/Segment by CHUỒN CHUỒN CÁNH SEN| Edit/Style/Upload by kitkat

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  1. Hi Neko,
    thank you so much for the effort you put into subbing these lakorns, I have had the greatest enjoyment watching this one & its prequel, you are a GEM

  2. Hi neko
    I just wanted to say thank you for subbing this lakorn 🙏
    It’s been a while since I’ve known your site but it’s the first time that i leave a comment
    Thank you for trying so hard to provide us amazing lakorns ❤️❤️
    Keep up with the good work 💪👍🏻

  3. Thank you for the subbing, glad to know your website and been watching some of your subbing here. But this is the first time I say thank you 🙏🤟 once again, big thanks for all the subs…
    And for all the hard work doing the effort 😘♥️

  4. This is my 11th lakorn. I started watching lakorn last year on another website (out of boredom and the main guy was really cute) but it had your name in the subbing section.and that’s how I found you. I just wanted to say Thank you for doing this. It must take a lot of hard-work and time for doing it. Also I love to watch videos over here because of your simplified website design. I got introduced to a different form of drama all thanks to you. keep up the good work!


  6. Dear Neko Meow Meow,

    Thank you soooooo much for subbing this lakorn. Very Interesting lakorn. How sweet the couple Peung & P’Pha. Fall in love with their chemistry in this lakorn. Again, thank you for all your effort to sub this lakorn. Will miss this lakorn and their moment.

    • More power to you!!! Keep it up. Looking forward to another of your projects!!! Thanks much!!!

  7. Just wanted to say, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SUBBING! I really enjoyed this series and its all thanks to you that i could watch it. Once again, thank you soooooo much!

  8. Thank You Very Much for subbing this Neckmeowmeow. Happy and grateful to watch beautiful thai lakorn like this .Great Love story indeed! Super love the characters of Nampeung and Seua Pha. They have great chemistry. I appreciate also the supporting characters very funny!

  9. Thank you so much Neko team for subbing this drama
    I love it
    Have a nice day, everyone 🙂

  10. Ame el drama— gracias por su dedicación y esfuerzo al traducirlo

  11. By far, one of the best lakorn that I have watched. And I’ve been watching lakorn for nearly 30 years.

  12. Thank you so much for all that you do and continue to do Neko!! I wish you and your family great health, prosperity and happiness. Happy holidays!

  13. Thank you for subbing this drama, Your hard work is greatly appreciated.

  14. Thank you! I really appreciate the time you take to provide this entertainment for us. You’re the best!

  15. Thank you so muchhhhh for this!!! Will support you guys, thanks soo much for your effort. Love from Malaysia.


  17. Thanks so much for segging and subbing Maturot Lohgan. You’re awesome! I know how it’s done (by experience) so it appreciate your hard work, time, and efforts.

    In addition, I’d like to recommend this drama. Phenomenal cast! The protagonists, antagonists and the supporting actors gave excellent performances except 1 (P’Pha & Pasu’s mom). I’m going to miss that team of actors. Hopefully, Mokda and Michael get to do another project together. Their chemistry looked genuine.

  18. I cannot thank you more than enough for subbing this lakorn… Its one of the best drama I have seen this year..thank so much for your hardwork for subbing it.. I just love the story.. I would love to watch it again.. thank you neko for reaching out to people who don’t understand thai for us to enjoy thai drama… great work

  19. I really love this lakorn, hope to see the both of them again in other movie or drama they look cute..

  20. Thank you so much for your hard work Neko! Greatly and truly appreciate you. I hope you enjoyed P’Pha and Nampeung as much as a lot of us did!

  21. This is my all time favorite Thai lakorn….I didn’t want to end…Im gonna miss this drama….Plz can there be a series 3 lol….gonna miss Mook and Mike….Wish they can play in another Lakorn again…Love this drama and the characters….

  22. Fabulous! I thank you for taking time out of your day (and probably your nights) to sub these lakorns. I just love that you have written in giant red letters that you will not take any subbing requests, but people are still trying . . hah! I just want to thank you for subbing anything you feel like. I have enjoyed them thoroughly. I also want to thank you for taking the time to re-upload your projects. I just hope I can continue to watch them over and over again. Thank you profusely for all your hard work (and please extend my thanks to your team as well).

    • This was the best love mookda and the lead, p’pha, the cast was great, music really good. I like this much better than duang jai kabot. I really appreciate you subbing this and so quickly and the team you work with, you guys are the best, thank you kindly. New York and Georgia

  23. I have noticed the issue with dramavery on Muse and the fact that rapid video has disappeared. I will wait oh so patiently for Always grumpy cat . I would like to ask one question though….. will it be locked, password protected? I have read the all the rules on Alwaysgrumpycat but cannot access locked ones.

    Thank you so very much for all you do!! I enjoy almost everyone of your selections. Have a great day.

  24. So fast with the subs! I have just finished episode 16. Thank you for much, team, for subbing this lakorn. It is my favourite lakorn this year, and probably my favourite ever Channel 7 lakorn. If we didn’t have wonderful people like you subbing lakorns, we would miss out on so much. I cant express how grateful I am for your hard work.

  25. Thank you for your great job, and for taking your time to sub the lakorns

  26. This drama is gold 🙂 Even if it is buried deep under all the other dramas it’s still gold. I will deeply miss this drama, and I want to thank you for making these past few weeks bearable by subbing this. I hope Mike and Mookda will pair up once again!

  27. thank you for this lakorn, a link for download this lakorn will be possible ? because i like watching the lakorn when i am in airplane or in foreign countries

  28. THanks neko and timing team for all your hard work! Because of all of you, I was able to enjoy (and squee) the development of P’Pha and Nampeung’s relationship. Go get some rest so that you guys don’t burn out <3 <3 <3

  29. Hi Neko! Thank you for subbing this Lakorn. Their chemistry is over the top. I really like the story line. And it’s great that I stumbled on your site. I’ve been waiting every week for these eps. Thanks to you and your team, I have something to look forward to on the weekend! Now that it’s finished, I felt a little sad and happy. Just want to know, I’m planning on re-watching it where can I download these videos? Thank you!!!

  30. Thank you very much, Neko! We loved and enjoyed this drama very much! I love this CP and Mike and Mook will be one of my favourite artists as well!!

  31. Thank you so much for subbing this lakorn. Us international fans really appreciate your hard work. Mike and Mookda have great chemistry, love them so much. Looking forward to their next lakorn 💕

  32. Hi neko, thank you so much for this lovely lakorn.. I’m wondring will be another server to be ?

  33. Oh man…I don’t want it to end. Thank you so much for all the hard work and quick uploads! Keep up the awesome work.

    • Thank you so much neko for subbing this lakorn, really appreciate your work!

      before i could watch the last episode i repeat watching other episode so that i can stop myself from refresh this blog like numerous time for the final episode. Hahaha

      Hopefully, there another lakorn with the same cast in the future, really love to see their chemistry together!

  34. I would like to thank you all for putting so much effort and a selfless service that you are doing for others.Thank you so much.

  35. Thank u so much for subbing this series .. #hifromMalaysia

  36. Nekoooooo and the timing team! You’re amazing! Thank you sooo much for this!

  37. I’m not really like this first series. Little bit boring for me and feel awkward watching it. No offence✌🏻. But this second series really make my heart want to scream. Love the chemistry both of them. Mike and mookda really look like a real couple. Look so natural . Thank you neko for subbing this lakorn.. 💕

    • I think same as you Jue, I love Mike and Mookda together. I love him from Leh Rak Bussaba….he is very funny with his facial expressions and cunning looks.

    • Perhaps you might want to volunteer to time/segment before you question for the next episodes! One doesn’t need to know Thai to time/segment. You’ll just need to sit through the entire eps and make sure you capture all the conversation. And here’s the guideline that you can start with. Timing with Aegisub

  38. I come on here every couple of hours to check if esp 16 sub is out yet haha ♥️♥️♥️🤣my heart heheheeh sooo exciting

  39. hi nk
    thank you for your hard working
    some of the links are not working plz can u fix it

    • Glad I’m not the only one facing this problem … I was worried
      I even tried different internet networks and different devices but still it didn’t work ㅠ.ㅠ

  40. Thank you so much Neko, you make me able to watch and understand this drama with your subtitle! I’m so thankful for your kindness and hard work!

  41. Nekooooo! Omg!!! You and Thippy are my lakorn sweethearts! Thank you so much for subbing this lakorn. I started watching it very late but I have kept up really quick with the episodes thanks to you. This will become one of my favorites of all time. Love Mookda and Mike here. I hope the lakorn is having good viewing inThailand!

    • Yes, second that. This lakorn will be one of my all time favourite as well. Happy beyond words that i could watch it subbed. Again, thanks a million Neko. And to Thippy too. 😘😘😘😘

  42. Thank you Neko for upload episode 15
    I’m gonna miss P’pha and nampeung 😭😭😭

  43. Can we change the quality(pixels) of the video because my internet is really slow so it takes a lot of time to load

  44. Thank you neko, your subbing super fast for episoden13 and 14 😁😁😁

    • Moving forward there won’t be anymore upload in Dailymotion due to copyright. 2 of the DM account already got deleted due to CR!

      • sorry to ask neko..juz wondering what u mean by Alternative server link will be uploaded upon completion of the project..

  45. Thank You for your hard work, love the lakorns that sun in eng

  46. Only a few eps left! I’m going to be sad when this is over, I’m really enjoying it

  47. I love all your dramas only now I can.t watch it now because I only have a tablet😭😭😭😭 but I shall we patience and whait. Love all your work

  48. Thank u for subbing. Your team is very hard working. But there are only 4 eps left, i dont wanna say goodbye to Nampeung and P’Pha

  49. Thank you neko for subbing another great episode, love this lakorn so much, the chemistry between mookda and mike is amazing ❤❤❤

    • Thank you soo much Neko for subbing this lakorn, the chemistry between nampeung and p’pha are too much too take! Really love this series better than the prequel, Neko keep on going and just do what you love to do, we will support you!

  50. Hi Neko! Just finished binge watching episodes 1-10 hehe. I’m so glad that you decided to sub this lakorn. I loved part 1 (thanks to Thippy) but I’m loving this sequel even more. Pasu and Jao Joi had decent chemistry, but Nampueng and P’Pha have even better chemistry (squee!)!! I find this story line even more riveting than the prequel … I hope there’s a happy ending for my favorite couple 🙂

  51. Thanks for the subs! I’m enjoying this part better then the first one. That one wasn’t able to hold my attention.

    • Moodka and MIke have an amazing chemistry. Thats why its more interesting.

  52. Thanks for subbing this lakorn , i’m so in love with Mike. When do you upload new episodes ?

  53. Thanks for your hard work. I enjoy all the Lakorns you subbed in the past. have a great week dear Neko Meow Meow. !!

  54. Thank you so much Neko for subbing this! I’m enjoying this lakorn so much! I really hope you are too!

  55. Guys, i wonder why everytime Seur Pha wants to make love with NamPeung, he always makes her unconscious??????
    Anyway, thanks for subbing Maturot Lohgan <3 <3 <3

    • i guess he doesn’t make love to her, he just wants her to believe that he did it so that when she cries and shows her hatred to him everyone around them will believe that they did it in order to protect her

      PS: i hope you got my point cuz i am not good at explaining :p

      • Thank you. I surely got your point because i also thought like you

  56. Hiiii
    I follow you. You do a great job. Thanks very much, i can’t wait to download this wonderful drama!

    Thank you very much!!!!!

  57. Where can I download Maturot Lohgan,Mr.Neko?You are so fast subber.Thank you so much.

    • Download and alternative link will be make available after the lakorn is completed subbed.

      • Neko are u a boy or a girl?? just curious 😁 I really like this series btw and thank you very much for put english subs in this series.

  58. Thanks so much for this lakorn being subbed in English. Love you guys for doing it for us.

    • I love this more than part 1, love Michael and Mookda, the music is really nice, thanks for the subs, and doing the work so quickly, you guys are awesome

      • Same here, i love there tandem, mike and mookda.. 😊 waiting for another episode to be sub by neko. Thank you from 🇵🇭

    • Thank you very much for your effort! I really enjoy this drama especially Mike!!!

  59. I really like this lakorn. Michael is such a handsome and great actor.
    The fighting scene in episode 7 makes him shine. He is an epic! He is now my favorite Thai actor.

  60. Really enjoying this lakorn. So in love with our main couple. Thank you again for taking the time to sub it!

  61. Omg I’m so obsessed with this lakorn! It’s been long since I’ve watched a good lakorn and so far, this is my favourite. Love it

    • Yes, me too. Obsessed to the max. I don’t want the series to end…let there be season 2 of p’pha and nampueng, plizzzzz

    • Me too. I really like this lakorn so mach more than the series 1

    • Yes me too
      While waiting for neko sub it, I watched the trailer at ch7 youtube channel every episode 😂😂
      Even I don’t understand what the meaning, I watch it all over again and again
      Thanks to neko for subbing this lakorn ❤❤❤

  62. Thanks for Eng subs. For those who dont want to watch the links on their PC you can always watch it on your phone.

  63. Thank u for subbing. I look forward to watching this lakorn everyday.
    Have a good day subteam!

  64. Awesome job with the sub! Keep up the great work. Appreciate that this lakorn is being sub! Yay!

  65. WoW , Neko itُ s really agreat lakorn really can not wait for it Ep 5 was a great waiting for ep6 Su Su

  66. WOW, it is soo intriguing. I cannot wait to be subbed completely to watch it ^^.
    Thanks NEKO MEOW MEOW for such a good job.

  67. Hi! I love that you are subbing this lakorn! I love the chemistry between Mike and Mook!!! Can’t wait too see all! It seems like I can’t see episode 5 and 6 though…

  68. Thank u so much for your effort to subbing this drama💪.. I’m very appreciate this.. Excited to watch the next ep 😍!

  69. Really thanks Neko This Part make me Crazy Mike & mook really amazing canُt wait for the next ep Su Su

  70. Thank you so much for subbing, this looks like another great lakorn! 🙂

  71. Thanka for subbing thia lakorn. Can’t wait for the next episode.

  72. I’m about to start watching this series. Thanks for working hard and subbing. I do have a question why is episode one 37 minutes and change while eps 2 and 3 are over an hour & a half?

    • Eps 1 was air continuously right after the part 1 ended. So the last eps of Duangjai Kabot is only 58mins long!

  73. Neko just letting you know this page is stealing your work

    • Yes! It’s really annoying! Which makes me wonder, why some people need sub when they clearly don’t read!

  74. Hey Neko! I’ve been curious about this for a while. Do you know the English translated title of Maturot Lohgan?

    • Maturot means sweet honey (Nampeung)
      Lohgan means the abyss of hell
      Nampeung in the abyss of hell 😛 It just doesn’t sound good after translated!

  75. Neko thank you so much for subbing this drama. I thought I would not like it since it had magic involved, but I like it very much! This will interrupt my studies, but WHO CARESSSSS (future me might but who caresss)

  76. Fabulous! Thank you very much Neko for subbing this lakorn. Keep up the excellent work as I know this is a time consuming endeavor.

  77. Hello, I’ve been trying to watch ep 2 but each time I tried to watch it, doesn’t matter which link/site; it kept giving me ep 1 only. I’m not sure if it is just me or something. Need help. Thanks! Besides, thank you for all your hard work!

      • I try to watch episode 2 and the link is a white screen with the words no v in the upper left hand corner. Please help!

      • Thank you so much for the fast repair. Greatly appreciate it 🙂

    • Me too its its really a fun drama

      Thank you neko for the sub 😍

  78. Love this lakorn😍😘. Thanks for your hard work. You are lovely. God bless you.🧚‍♀️

  79. Thank you for subbing this one neko.😘 so in love with petch and pha.😍😍😍

  80. NEKO! Thank you so much. I’m so grateful to you! TRULY TRULY. Thank you.

  81. You’re truly the best!!! I can’t thank you enough!!! I appreciate all the hard work you’ve put into subbing these dramas out of your free time! You don’t even have to but I’m so thankful you are and willing to.

  82. Thank you so much for subbing this lakorn. Thank you for your time I really appreciate your hard work with you I wouldn’t be able to enjoy these Thai lakorn without eng sub 😀

  83. I watched the teaser 1-4 again and again, I watched episode 1 2 times already 😂😂😂

    • Haha…same here. I watched ep 1 more than 5 times already 😂😂😂

  84. Episode 1 is really great, I think the story is more interesting than the prequel

  85. Hello Neko, is the 1st episode only 30 minutes? Part 1 were all 1 hour long. Thank you

    • Yes that’s correct. It was on air continuance from the ending of part 1.

  86. Thank you so much for all your hardwork Neko! Will probably wait until a few episodes are out before I start this, but I’m definitely excited =D

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  88. Hi Neko, thank you so much for your continuous effort in giving us eng sub lakorns.. i just simply adore it.. but i have to ask tho, for this one, isnt Muse also subbing it??? I’m just wondering

    • I have no idea they are! Well, everyone is free to sub what they want.

      • Muse is subbing part one, Duang Jai Kabot. Personally the teaser for that did not interest me, but this, this looks like something I might enjoy. Looking forward to watching. Thank you for subbing it.

  89. Counting down to the first episode of this new lakorn. I can barely contain my excitement as it is….The 2 main leads are going to be sizzling on screen. <3 <3 <3 Tq10x Neko…..

  90. Oh, I’m really, really looking forward to this one – love both the actors! I just like watching them on my screen, they are both so charming, and now they will act together mind blown
    So, so glad you decided to take this on, Neko, thank you.

  91. I loved the 2 teasers!! I am really looking forward to this lakorn. Neko, thank you so much for taking an interest in it! 🌺

  92. Looking forward to see this one. I really appreciate your hard work, Neko!

  93. Another great segment. Michael is cute and a good actor. I loved his performance in Leh Rak Bussaban.

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    • One of the plugin for the homepage wasn’t working properly. I was messing around and screw up some of the stuff. So I ended up experimenting with something new instead! XD
      I’ve been waiting for this one. And from my past record, I usually end up being disappointed with those that I have high expectation. I hope this won’t be one of it!

      • Same lol. Hopefully this part has more pranang scenes. Oh if you need connections on part 1 characters, you know where to find me. I know handsome Euro will be here as. Lt. Paothep hehe 😍

  95. Wow neko u always get me excited with your choices of subbing. This one is going to be a treat for neko fam 😍🤗

  96. It looks to be an awesome lakorn. Thank you so much for subbing this! You are incredible for taking the time to sub all these lakorns.

  97. YAY! Looking forward to this! Thank you so much Neko for taking your time to sub this and just lakorns in general. Truly, thank you!

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