Mike in China “Updated”

Can’t wait to see Mike in Kiss Me? Well you can quench your thirst first with this few bits.Mike

(cr gtv.tw)
Mike first period drama in mainland china.  He have a small role as 白琉璃 Bai Liu Li in 無心法師 Master WuXin. Bai Liu Li is a mythical creature who will take care of WuXin every time he go into deep sleep after every 100 years. I didn’t know that Mike would make such a cool period drama or wuxia character.  For those who wants to watch Mike’s cut without watching the full series, go check out AFC Youku’s. They have it in eng sub. Doesn’t he look cool?

And it does not only ends there. He also have a role in 青丘狐传说 Legend of the Fox of Qing Qiu as 胡四 Hu Shi

See if you can spot Mike in the teaser

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And there’s more….. I just found out that Mike will be acting as 猪八戒 Zhu BaJie, the Pig character from the famous novel Journey to the West alongside with Chen Bo Lin as the Monk, Tang XuanZang. The fantasy comedy movie, Surprise! 万万没想到: 西游篇 (Surprise! You’ll never think of it: Journey to the West) will be released in China nationwide on 18th December. 

Mike Surprise

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LOL! Mike sure is the cutest Zhu BaJie I’ve seen so far!
It looks to me that he’s expending his career in China like TAE (Sattawat Sethakorn).