More of Push? Love Flight รักสุดท้ายที่ปลายฟ้า “Updated”


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I guess instead of calling it a Push Marathon I should have call it “2015 a year of DJ Push” instead. I was surprised that he have so many lakorn line up for him one after another.  I wonder where he find the time juggling from being DJ at ChillFM98, VJ at O:IC (Bangchannel) , acting in lakorn, singing the insert song for I wanna Be Sup’Tar, product ambassador…..
Does he ever sleep? Orz
I knew about เพื่อเธอ Puer Tur (For you) with Esther Supreeleela will be coming soon. But this one just pop up all of a sudden!

Okay so far what do I know about Love Flight?
Staring Push Puttichai and Pattie Ungsumalynn.
The story is about a young writer “NueaMek” and a beautiful flight attendant “Fah”. And then she comes to a crossroad where she will have to decide between love and dream.
Total episode : 4
It’ll be airing every Saturday starting October 10th, 6.30pm at GMM

I’ll share more when there’s more news.

Meanwhile check out the teaser with Eng Sub. I’ll translate the teaser when I’m less tie up! XP 
p/s: The song featured in the teaser is one of my all time fave. And just in case you are wondering what’s the song title. It’s เธอยัง… Tur Yang… (Do you still…) by Potato and I think the OST is sing by Push himself (I’m still verifying on this)


4 Comments on “More of Push? Love Flight รักสุดท้ายที่ปลายฟ้า “Updated”

  1. I love that push is gmm/onehd’s “it” boy, if I could have it my way he would be on my tv weekly … Oct. is shaping up to be a great month – push, golf, mike and mario all have lakorns coming out =]

    • I agree October is sure going to be full of hotties! Hmmmm let’s see what I’ll be tuning in next month.
      Push – I wanna Be Sup’Tar & Love Flight (10/10 GMM25)
      Golf – Devil Lover (10/7 GMM)
      Mike – Kiss Me (10/5 TRUE)
      Pae Arak – Club Friday Series 6 (10/10 GMM25)
      What else? Mario’s Two Spirits’ Love looks interesting too but I’m not a big fan of Mint! :$

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