Mon Rak Asoon มนต์รักอสูร

Mon Rak AsoonMon Rak Asoon มนต์รักอสูร
Project completion May 27, 2016
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Watch @ dailymotion Or neko2play
Total Episodes : 27
Airing Date : 4th March 2016 – 26th May 2016
(This is a remake of Mon Rak Asoon 2004, 1989, 1978)
ไม่อยากลืมตา / Mai Yahk Leum Dtah (I Don’t Want to Open My Eyes) by View Nattapon
 แชะ แชะ (อยากเชลฟี่กับเธอ) / Chae Chae (Yahk Selfie Gup Tur [Share Share (I Want a Selfie With You)] by Lada

A word or two : 
 Wow! Finally it’s done! No regret in picking this one up! Everything wraps up nicely! Even though it’s a remake, they have indeed modify it to suit the current trend with a touch of kdrama style.
Special thanks to kitkat @alwaysmeena for styling, editing, uploading and hosting the project, despite her busy school schedule! Also to Tahmnong from for lyric translations.

Ep Air
Time %
1 03/04/16 DONE 100% 04/05/16 LINK
2 03/10/16 DONE 100% 04/05/16 LINK
3 03/11/16 DONE 100% 04/06/16 LINK
4 03/17/16 DONE 100% 04/11/16 LINK
5 03/18/16 DONE 100% 04/13/16 LINK
6 03/24/16 DONE 100% 04/14/16 LINK
7 03/25/16 DONE 100% 04/16/16 LINK
8 03/31/16 DONE 100% 04/18/16 LINK
9 04/01/16 DONE 100% 05/05/16 LINK
10 04/07/16 DONE 100% 05/05/16 LINK
11 04/08/16 DONE 100% 05/18/16 LINK
12 04/14/16 DONE 100% 05/19/16 LINK
13 04/15/16 DONE 100% 05/19/16 LINK
14 04/21/16 DONE 100% 05/20/16 LINK
15 04/22/16 DONE 100% 05/20/16 LINK
16 04/28/16 DONE 100% 05/20/16 LINK
17 04/29/16 DONE 100% 05/25/16 LINK
18 05/05/16 DONE 100% 05/25/16 LINK
19 05/06/16 DONE 100% 05/24/16 LINK
20 05/11/16 DONE 100% 05/24/16 LINK
21 05/12/16 DONE 100% 05/26/16 LINK
22 05/13/16 DONE 100% 05/26/16 LINK
23 05/18/16 DONE 100% 05/25/16 LINK
24 05/19/16 DONE 100% 05/24/16 LINK
25 05/20/16 DONE 100% 05/24/16 LINK
26 05/25/16 DONE 100% 05/26/16 LINK
27 05/26/16 DONE 100% 05/27/16 LINK

Subbed by neko^^ | Time/Segment by neko^^ | Edit/Style/Upload by kitkat

53 Comments on “Mon Rak Asoon มนต์รักอสูร

  1. hi dear, can you tell me what raw did you use for this project?
    thank you

    • I think it was from the official YT

  2. How did you sub this one? I love film nut I basically wanted to shoot myself in the foot while watching. The characters, plot, love lines, etc are all so clichéd. The FL character is the height of candy girl thai style. Eek!

  3. Thank Meow Meow…I haven’t gotten far into it. I’m wary of the whole racist element. I’ll see how I read into it. However, so far (I’m up to episode 12), the show is brilliant. I love Film and Chalida. They should be paired more often. Great chemistry.

  4. I really wanted to watch this drama but it got a little racist with the whole congo thing sucks it seemed like a great lakorn until that happened.

  5. Yay! Just got done watching this drama. It was super cute and good! Love the romance between the main lead and the second couple💖💖 Thank you so much for subbing this drama and all the other ones too. Can’t wait to see more dramas from you😄

  6. Thank you again for your hard work for us non-Thai speakers!

  7. Hi, may I ask where you can download the softsub MON RAK ASOON and the Karn La Krang … Neung Nai Hua Jai (2016) very much for your answer, please I can not find it anywhere

  8. How can I watch this on dailymotion??? Can’t find the videos

  9. big thanks from romania, i love your work !

  10. Thank you a million times for all of your hard work as well as kitkat’s! 🙂 This lakorn has made a Film fan out of me and I’ll be keeping a close eye on his projects.

  11. Thanks so much for subbing this! You’re so fast and accurate in your subbing. Awesome job! And thanks kitkat too for uploading it.

  12. thanxxx for the 17-27 eps
    and congratulation

  13. Thank you so much. Can’t wait to see the rest of this lakorn. I’m really gratefull 🙂

  14. Neko I knew you would finish it!!! Great Job!! you’re the best!!! When are you going to release the rest of the episodes? I was hoping tonight so that I can watch before the looong weekend.
    Thank you for the awesome job you did on this Lakorn.
    Enjoy the weekend and I will be waiting for your next subbing project. I know it will be a good one.

    • It’s available for downloading now…. But due to DM limitation, kitkat is still working on the uploads!

  15. OMG thank you for your hard work and your team really excited to see the rest of the eps
    But i have to wait becouse of my exams
    Thank you again
    Love youuuuuu

    Thank you in Arabic = شكرا

  16. Thank you again for subbing this. Super excited to see this completed. i know it takes time to release it which I have no problem waiting. I’m just blown away by your hard work on ALL of these projects. Freaking fantastic. Thank you again.

  17. Thank you for subbing MRA. I confess this is the first Film lakorn that I actually like. HIs character is just as wooden as his Mia Tuean pra’ek, but I’m happy to see much more character development in a shorter amount of time.

    Your efforts do not go unappreciated, and I will sit back and patiently wait for the next episodes to be released.

    I do hate the mustache and thin, wimpy beard on him. He looks soooooo much better clean shaven, IMHO. ^^

  18. I guess that you wanna finish MRA first, right? Even though it is too soon I want to say: “thank you for your hardwork :))))))”

    • Well that’s the plan! While I’m still going gaga over Film! <3
      Thanks for always checking-in! 😉

  19. Pls release the other parts of mon ruk asoon the part that has eng sub can’t wait to watch it thank ….

  20. Thanks so much for subbing. There’s absolutely no way of watching this without your hard work. 🙂

  21. Thank you for the subbing I really enjoyed watching it cause I understand now because of the eng sub hope the rest of the episode will ready to watch soon….

    • Very soon!:D Timing for all episodes to date are done and working on subbing it whenever I have time! At the moment head over heel MRA! I was hoping to wrap this project up once it finished airing this week. Wish me luck!

  22. tanks again for the Eps 9-16 and for your hard work to sub this and timing
    you are great
    love you sooooooooooooooo much
    happy happy and i have exam
    life is beautiful

  23. When can I watch episode 26 even though I don’t understand the language I enjoy watching coz I have an idea how the story run and it’s very exciting to watch….

  24. Thank You so much for your hard work. Just watched the first 2 eps and so far i really like it.

    • I’m glad that you like MRA as much as I do! 😀 This lakorn makes me likes Film more and more! I’m contemplating of picking up another Film lakorn! Oh well, maybe in the future 😛

  25. can someone tell me,where can i find eng sub for The Fire Series: Fai Ruk Game Rorn drama..??

    • So far I don’t see this being subbed other than the MV and teaser by Ninjakkn.
      I just glance through a few episodes. It was pretty intense!

      • that’s right..
        i also watch the MV and Teaser..
        Really like the story line and the cast..really hope that ninjakkn will sub this lakorn..

  26. hello
    i am really loving this drama
    and really want to thank you for your hard work and your team
    so i sent to your email 10USD for your hard work and i love you
    thanks a lot
    i hope you will accept the money
    i sent it by PayPal
    and i will do it until you finish sub this drama
    sorry for my bad English withing
    love you ^_^

    • Hi! Thank you for your support. I’m glad that you like this drama as much as I do 😉
      If you wish to donate, please leave a message to kitkat and she will be in touch with you. (
      FYI, all donation collected from the site will be used to fund these. Paid streaming sites subscriptions for Video RAW, VPN services into Thai IP restricted sites, two filefactory premium account for file hosting, DVDs, hard drive storages and etc.

  27. Hi
    I really want to say thank you for your hard work and i send you an email about 10 USD from me to your eamil as agift by paypal but you havent accspt it yet
    I really want to sport your webside by doniting every month 10 USD
    I hope you will take it
    Really not joking or anything
    Dont get my wrong
    Just fan of your hardworking
    Sorry for my bad english writing

  28. Wowwww… I didn’t know this lakorn was being subbed!!! Thanx q guys soooooo much!! I had always wanted to know what the old lakorns were saying & u guys made it happen!!
    Thanx q again…bless u guys!!! 😘

  29. Thanks for both Chaotic Love and this drama 🙂

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  31. oh, thats hell lot of work indeed!!…A BIG WELL DESERVED THANKS to both of you dear!!…

  32. I was toying around with this one! Wasn’t sure at first if I would want to sub this as it’s not my usual subbing genre. But I do love watching something angst from time to time! Moreover this is the 4th remake! How bad can it be, right?
    By the time I’m done with ep1 – I was like “okay!” 🙂
    After ep2 – “Hey! not bad! Even though the nang’ek is a bit stiff. The kid and the nannies make up to it!” 😀
    And when I’m done with ep3 – “Aww! I got to share this with everyone!”
    LOL! Here you go… another new project!

    • Thanks a lot dear for subbing this. Just wondering if subbing is done, why it takes time to release the episodes? Are there steps in between also? Sorry i am not aware of the process so just wondering!!
      Thanks a lot for your hard work. Only because of you guys we can watch such nice series of Thailand!! Currently i am following this and Chaotic love!

      • Yes indeed there is…
        First it will need to be encoded and hardsub to the RAW video.
        For this series it’s a bit tricky as the RAW video is in parts. So all videos will need to be joint without loosing the original quality. Then encode it with hardsub. Sometimes there might be problem occurs when doing this. For this lakorn, the audio isn’t working – so kitkat is figuring it out!
        After done with encoding, the files will then need to be uploaded to 3 different servers for both streaming and downloading.
        All this hard work is done by kitkat. Thanks to her that the videos are available both for streaming & downloading.

        As this is a fansub, we can only do this during our free time. kitkat is studying full time. As for me I’m working full time & studying partime.
        Thanks for all the support and the word of encouragement. Even though I don’t reply to each and every post of “Thanks” that I’ve received, they do brighten up my day and keep me going! 😀

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