Mussaya มัสยา

MussayaMussaya 2017 มัสยา [Irresistible]
Subbing Completed on  October 05, 2017
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Total Episodes : 17
Airing Date :  Every Monday & Tuesday starting 15th July 2017 – 19th September 2017

TEASER by Thippy


Ep Air
Time %
1 07/25/17 100% 100% 07/31/17 LINK
2 07/31/17 100% 100% 08/03/17 LINK
3 08/01/17 100% 100% 08/05/17 LINK
4 08/07/17 100% 100% 08/14/17 LINK
5 08/08/17 100% 100% 08/16/17 LINK
6 08/14/17 100% 100% 08/17/17 LINK
7 08/15/17 100% 100% 08/19/17 LINK
8 08/21/17 100% 100% 08/22/17 LINK
9 08/22/17 100% 100% 08/30/17 LINK
10 08/28/17 100% 100% 09/01/17 LINK
11 08/29/17 100% 100% 09/03/17 LINK
12 09/04/17 100% 100% 09/06/17 LINK
13 09/05/17 100% 100% 09/11/17 LINK
14 09/11/17 100% 100% 10/03/17 LINK
15 09/12/17 100% 100% 10/04/17 LINK
16 09/18/17 100% 100% 10/04/17 LINK
17 09/19/17 100% 100% 10/05/17 LINK

Subbed by neko^^ | Time/Segment by CHUỒN CHUỒN CÁNH SEN & neko^^ & FirstCS| Edit/Style/Upload by kitkat

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  1. Thank you so much for the work y’all do with putting subtitles. This is my first time watching here. I’ve heard about this site and so glad I found it. I am so addicted to lakorns now. Thanks again from the great state of Texas, USA

  2. Love this drama…coz romantic, funny and mostly important have a slang south Thai….same as me live in Malaysia…Kelantan slang…and have a song si hitam manis, pandang tak jemu…so funny heroine n hero try to talk slang south Thai…but I’m happy for hear that’s

  3. hi, anyone know the english song title and the singer in this mussaya movie?
    ‘ i love you baby, i wishyou love me too
    and i keep seeing you here in my mind
    anything i can give to you
    you will get it in no time’

  4. Hi admin, will you be translating Mik new show Jao sao jum yorm? If yes, when it will be available?

    • Hii .. u asked about Mick’s new serial .. seems like u r a fan of Mick like me .. actually i am a huge fan of Mick Tongraya .. can u plz let me know where can i find Mick’s serial named Nark Boon Song Klot with eng subs .. ? I’ll be really thankful to you ..

    • Hii Buddy !! Hope u r going good .. well i just read ur comment about asking Jao Sao Jum Yom .. so i have a good news 4 you .. if u want to watch it .. then go on .. u’ll find it there all episodes with english subtitles .. thank you

  5. Hi .. you r a great subber .. really love you Neko .. i am just in love with your work .. really appreciate it .. thank you so much for subbing it .. actually i am really huge fan of Mick Tongraya .. i wanna watch his all Lakorns .. once again Thanks .. lots of Love .. Xoxoxo

  6. Thank you for subbing Massaya. Thank you for being a subber. You are wonderful and have a nice heart.

  7. Watching Mussaya for the 3rd time! Love that Mik, 😍. Thank you for subbing this one again….

  8. Thank you for subbing Mussaya. The overall story was decent. I couldn’t stand Mussaya herself. If she’s not sulking at Lak, she’s crying over Lak. So annoying. Hated her whining-cry voice. I only put up with her because I’m a fan of Mik Thongraya.

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  10. Neko can you please sub “Luead rak toranong 2016” I love this lakorn so much but there is no sub from any sites. I have been follow all your eng sub lakorn thank you so much!!!!!!

  11. Hi… Neko..
    Thanks for subbing this Lakorn.. 😉
    Keep doing it…
    Really Appreciated..

  12. Dear Neko, thank you so much for tirelessly translating and subbing this lakorn!!!

  13. Thanks Neko for subbing this lakorn.. I’m totally fall in love with Khun Luk
    patiently waiting for two more episode at Dailymotion
    Thanks again~~

  14. Hi, If possible can you please sub “Phloeng Rak Fai Man”. Thank You very Much

  15. Thank you for subbing it, but is it normal most of your drama are on dramacool too ? I hope they asked for the upload

      • i know it’s heart breaking to see ur projects on other site but I was drawn to thai lakorn from those sites n googling to ur name n came onwards so many people have come through i believe .. keep doing good work ….. i hope many people watch through yours

        • Oh that’s quite annoying…Well as SA I hope people will come here and see all the good things you are doing ! Thank you again for such a hard work !

  16. Thank you very much for english subtitles .Enjoyed the show very much a huge mik fan …..Thank u neko meow meow . Hope to see mik’s other show so

    Best wishes n Love
    from an Indian Fan

  17. Thank you so much for your hard work. This was a charming story, with lots of romance. I liked the secondary stories also. The main leads are gorgeous and make a good pair. I think their acting had alot of nuance and expression. Very enjoyable.

  18. Big thank u, Neko!! Congrads on a terrific job in subbing this lakorn~ Enjoyed it tremendously with your help!! Truly appreciate it!!

  19. Whew, it’s finally over. Thanks for subbing the whole thing Neko! And thanks to anyone elser who helped you with the videos.

  20. Thanks Neko for subbing this wonderfull thai lakorn thanks again.

  21. Thank you for all the hard work! I appreciate it.

    Gosh, the grandma is awful. I am glad when she finally deigned to go to the south, she got kicked out. She was way over the line with Mussaya! Some of the stuff she said was horrible, and it’s true she never personally went there in 20 something years or however long it’s been. But I don’t like how the Rattamahasan family treats Muss as a thing, to just take her back when they’re ready/feel like it. They need to respect here and her decisions and give her time, if they actually care about her. I have been wanting to see the grandpa for a while now. She should have went back sooner, jeez they kept her like a prisoner there half the time. Also I hate when the grandma keeps saying she raised her, she didn’t. I feel like at the most she has been there a year, more or less.

    Anyway on a different note. I was wondering Neko if you knew if ep 7 and 8 of Tur Keu Prom Likit is being worked on or what’s happening? I was hoping you would know since you let them use your other site.

    • Sorry I forgot to write spoiker. It doesn’t let me edit.

  22. Thank you neko for subbing this lakorn,,, you colour my day 😘😘😘

    • Thanks Neko, I am so wrapped up in the story thanks again 👌👏💪🙏

    • All the links are working! Check if you can watch any other video from dailymotion. If you can’t that mean you are being blocked from dailymotion.

  23. Am I the only one having problems with accessing the videos. When I click on them, it disappears, there is nothing. This is happening with all the videos! Could you, please, fix it? Thank you for your help!

  24. Thanks for the continued hard work Neko 🙂 Your subs are helping me understand Massaya a lot better. Also shedding some tears at the sad scenes…

  25. Hi… Dear.. 😉
    Thanks a lot for your subtitles… I love this lakorn… Thanks a lot Dear… Keep up the good work.. 😉

  26. Hi Neko…
    Please upload quickly…
    We are still waiting… 😉

  27. Only two episodes left, I’m going to start watching this, thank you for your hard work.

  28. Welcome back Neko, thanks for subbing another episode.

  29. Thank you so much for subbing all the episodes! I really like this drama and I am looking forward to all your hard work!

  30. Hiii
    Thanks for your subtitles…
    Keep doing it…. 😉
    Waiting for the subtitles of Massaya…
    TY Again…

    • She’s on vacation right now. She will be posting soon though October 1st

  31. Could you, please, finish subtitling this drama in English? I really appreciate your hard work! Thank you very much!

  32. Hi Neko,
    I am new to thai larks but am loving them. BTW enjoy your vacation thanks again 👌🙏great job you are doing.

  33. Thank you so much for your hard work. please keep doing subbing the Thai lakorn….I appreciate it from my heart who are a fan of thai drama since a year


  35. Enjoy your holiday.
    Would be grateful if the thai version of fated to love you have english subbing. Thank you.

  36. Heel erg bedankt neko voor het harde werk.
    Wil je alsjeblieft zo snel mogelijk weer uploaden want ik heb alles al gezien.
    Heel erg veel bedankt

  37. Hi…
    Thanks for the subtitles of Mussaya.
    Please upload soon. We are desperately waiting for it.

  38. Dear Neko i would like to thanks you so much for your hard work. It’s because of you that we can see all this beautiful lakorns with subtitles so a big thanks to you and your team.
    I would like to ask you if you will subtitles the lakorn goong thai version and also Tae Pang Korn with Son Songpaisarn ? I thanks you once again.

      • Thanks for the info, do you know where i can watch it please ? i checked in the playlist in the page of alwaysmeena on dailymotion already but i couldn’t found it.
        Thanks in advance.

  39. Hello, anyone know where can I watch movie: Nak boon song klot Ost , with eng sub ??? Thanks so much.

      • Oh, okay. Cool. Thanks for answering. It did seem like it was ending soon, but you never know with shows if they’re gonna try to stretch it out.

  40. Thanks for subbing Neko! Enjoy your vacation. ( :

    Gosh, I hate the grandma and the cousin Pin and the Aunt Sajee they are all awful. Especially Pin and Sajee. Do they really have to make them like that? They are kinda caricatures.

  41. Hi
    People from Brasil is also watching .
    I’ve discovered kdramas and thai lakorn a few months ago, since then im addicted to then. Congratulations for your work, because of you we from another side of the world are able to enjoy tv series from Ásia.

  42. Neko thanks for taking time out of your vacation to sub for us, remember to take care of yourself first, we will always be waiting when you’re ready to sub some more.

  43. Sub them when u get time and Good luck with your Vacation Neko.

  44. Hi, If possible could you please sub “Phloeng Rak Fai Man”. Thank You very Much

  45. Guys… if you’ve checked on the “home” page you would have known that I’m currently on vacation till 1st Oct.
    Anyway I manage to get one part done and uploading it at the snail speed right now…

    • Thanks for all you do and also taking time on vacation to do so. The Cambodian version is slowly, I mean slowly being sub but I like tje eng sub because i can learn some thai too

  46. Thanks so much Neko~ Recent newbie to the world of Thai lakorn and as a non-thai speaker your subs are a life saver.. Greatly appreciate it. Hope that you have a restful and rejuvenating time!!

  47. Thank you so much for subbing this series. this is probably the first thai drama that i,m really enjoying and watched it without skipping! pls upload epi 13 soon!! 🙂

  48. Hii neko first of all thnk you for this much hard work of subbing by you thai larkons are adorable to watch but we are unable to understand and by your way we are able to understand the serial versions you make quite simple thanks again for your time next to it you hadn’t sub another episodes of mussya13i m desperatly waiting for it

  49. Hi. Sorry if I’m not suppose to write this here, but I wasn’t sure where to put it. Is there any way you could sub Tai Ngao Jan? There are only two episodes subbed. And that was in 2015.

    • And on the alwaysmeena website it said that Chobing Neko was subbing it. I thought that meant both of you. Since it had a link for both.

      • I was only involve in timing for Chobing. It was kind of her to include my name in the project. However I never hear from her so I’m not sure what’s the status of this project anymore.

        • Oh, okay. Thanks for replying.

          Well, Chobling’s wordpress site hasn’t been updated since Oct 2015 and the youtube channel a year ago ( comments by Chobling and last video uploaded were all from a year ago at the most recent). So if you wanted and had some time later maybe you could try it?

  50. Neko I hope you’re getting some rest, it’s 4.00 am here and I’ve just finished watching ep 11 so I’m sure you must need some sleep as well to be able to cope with your schooling. I have to admit I found this episode a bit unbelievable in that a civilian could just waltz into a supposed secret army camp and commandeer a vehicle. I guess it is a drama and we don’t always watch for logic do we.

    • Oh my I never thought of that. Wait then why would the grandmother keep Sajee?

      • @May Because of the husband. It’s his kid. He might have insisted or she thought it would look bad for Mom Choy to keep her.

    • I know me too. Just the way she is so worried about her and the daughter too. And no matter how they act she is willing to protect them/cover for them. Especially Sajee. And the way the grandma hates Sajee and that part of the family so much and prefers the others. She seems to like mom choy, but that’s now and she is still a servant. She likes that she’s obedient. And she is only willing to tell on them when it concerns Mussaya who is part of the main family/when she thinks they need to be punished. Although she doesn’t count herself.

      • LOL! Well it would be really interesting if the story goes this way. But… (highlight to read spoiler)unfortnately nothing of such development. 😛 Still remember there’s a scene where Pin ask Mom Sajee why Grandma doesn’t like her and Sajee was reluctant to answer? Well based on what I’ve read, Sajee answered that because somehow she’s the reason why her father died. That’s why Grandma doesn’t like her. But this piece was info wasn’t added in and it’s now making everyone wonder why. Mom Choy is sort of like nanny who raise Sajee and also Pin. I guess that’s why she treat them so good. Hope this clear some air!

        • Oh. Ok. Well, that’s less interesting and more interesting at the same time. I wonder if they’re gonna reveal that later. Or something, maybe that’s why they took it out.

  51. I say right now Mussaya is my new current favorite Thai drama lol.

  52. Hi. the link for ep 10 part 2, does not work. It says 404 not found. But when I went to your channel through part 1 and looked around, I found part two and it worked there. Weird.

    • until now 12 episodes released. 10 , 11, 12 non sub version available online

  53. Arya I didn’t keep it sorry, I just did a search for it.

  54. Thanks for your hard work Neko, I just finished watching the original version and although I enjoyed it I think I still prefer this one.

  55. thank youu for subbing 🙂 can’t wait for the other parts, things are getting exciting!!!

  56. just it Masaya really aethist?(according to sub in ep1)..
    Based on her mother and her grandfather clothing and race (Malay), i dont think so. as far as i know, mostly they are muslim. well i dont speak Thai and not really understand what they talk about.just could be my mistake.
    anyway thank for subbing and all the hardwork.

  57. “Jai Luang” Would you please translate? çok güzzel dizi eminin herkes sevecek lütfen çevirin…..

  58. This lakorn is interesting, and different. Thanks to you guys I don’t have to learn Thai to watch this great lakorn.

  59. Yes! I was away and just came back from a short trip. I’ll usually update my status on the “front homepage” if I’m away. 😕
    Thank you for all the word of appreciation while I’m away. <3
    However I'm going to be a bit busy with work this week but I'll try to catch up as much as I could with however much weekend time that I've left. So stay tune! ^^’

    • I think Neko said that they were on vacation or something so episode nine will be coming late.

  60. Thank you so much for the subs! I appreciate it,
    I just wanted to ask in ep 7 part 2 when she is reading from the book. Do you know what she is saying? Because you didn’t sub that part. I don’t know if that’s hard for you but is it a poem or just an excerpt from the book? They had looks on their faces like it was meaningful. Thank you.

  61. NekoMeowMeow, thanks a bunch for the Mussaya English sub! You guys are the best!!!

  62. Millions of thanks to Neko… Thank you so much for your hardwork…

  63. Reload this website several times in a day just to check if there’s new part with english subtitles😂

    Thankyou very much for your effort, Neko.. I really appreciate it.. Su su!

  64. Reload this website several times in a day just to check if there’s new part with english subtitles😂

    Thankyou very much for your effort, Neko.. I really appreciate it.. Su su!

  65. I’m LOVING this version of Mussaya. I’m liking it more than Andy’s version…it’s so hard for me to type that because I’m a die hard Andrew Gregson fan! I feel like the director and production crew is really taking time and effort to improve on the original and give us all the skinship we lacked in the old version. Neko thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you for taking on this project. You are amazing <3

  66. Thank you for the subs! Loving every episode of it! Love the lead girl because she fights back and not a weakling!

  67. Thank you Neko Meow Meow for your time uploading the shows with English sub and very promptly too 🙂 I quite enjoy watching the 2 lead actors acting and my first time watching Mik and Mookda’s drama too. I normal wait until the drama completes then watch but breaking my rule this time. Quite torturing waiting though hahahah

    • Me too. I broke my rule way too much this time especially with lakorns. I usually wait until the drama or movie completely subbed before I watch any of them, but this time around, it seems like the rule is broken too many times..hahaha. This lakorn and also the cupids series. Waiting is such a torture, but I enjoy it as it gives time for my heart to heal from all the fins and jin 😍😍😘😁😁😁

      • Hihih I am not familiar with lakorns or fins and jin term. Can you please explain a bit? Before this I was watching Princess Agents – Chinese drama. I supposed to wait until it completes then watch the whole thing but was so tempted with the trailer and the novel was good so I broke my rule also broke my heart as closer to the end, the drama gone worse. But one thing about Thai dramas is no mater how it goes ugly during the show there is always happy ending LOL…. One more thing I like Thai dramas is they are not too long. Most of Korean and Chinese shows went on and on like forever and it makes me not want to watch hahaha

        • I’m not that familiar with the terms toi. I just picked it up here and there..hihi. If I’m not mistaken, the terms refer to the sweet moments where it we spazzing and squeling over them. Lol.

          I’m a huge korean drama fan too. I have about 2-3 tb of the drama, not to mention, I lost some of them. Yeahh, I understand your feeling especially with long drama.

          I haven’t watch princess agent. Is it the one with the girl who acted in ‘the boss and me’? Shan shan or something?

          • Thanks 🙂 I haved watched E9 raw and can’t wait for english sub. It’s getting better and sweeter hahahah.

            Yes, Zhao Liying played Shan Shan in Boss and Me. She and the other 3 actors are all good in this show. I am only disappointed with the director for the ending of season 1 as the show started with high note.

            Have a fabulous day ahead!

  68. I agree with Neko…. this drama (Karn La Krang Neung Nai Hua Jai) is also good and the lead couple are so sweet…. This drama (Karn La Krang Neung Nai Hua Jai) was my 5th Thai drama…. N I really enjoyed Thai dramas as well…… I also love to watch this drama Mussaya.. Interesting plot…. lead couple is also cute….

  69. I agree with Neko…. this drama (Karn La Krang Neung Nai Hua Jai) is also good and the lead couple are so sweet…. This drama (Karn La Krang Neung Nai Hua Jai) was my 5th Thai drama…. N I really enjoyed Thai dramas as well…… I also love to watch this drama Mussaya.. Interesting plot…. lead couple is also cute….

  70. This is my first time I watch Mik’s lakorn and I am glad that I choose to watch this lakorn. He is a candy for my eyes 😁

    I usually am not into CH7’s lakorn except for Bow + Mike pairing..but now I’m in. Do you know how many episodes this lakorn will be? Any lakorn to recommend? Thanks for subbing, btw. You are truly the best.

    • Not sure how many eps tho. Thai TV station usually doesn’t state the number of eps until almost towards the ending. But I think we are almost half way through the lakorn. So my bet is it will be around 14-16 eps.
      If you like Mik in this romance genre then I’m very sure you’d like Karn La Krang Neung Nai Hua Jai too. There’s a lot of pillow sqeezing in this one. But beware, that you might develop the second male lead or third male lead syndrome! 😛

      • Thanks for the recommendation. Will check it out while waiting for another episodes 😘

        • yes defo watch that one it’s one of the best and my fave <3 almost everyone on that one are super cute 🙂

  71. Thank you for all the hard work you do to provide subs for us that don’t speak Thai! I’m truely enjoying this lakorn!

  72. Dear Neko thanks for subbing all interesting lakorns, can you please sub The Paragit Ruk Series the one with Mick when it comes out? he’s so handsome I can’t get over it ! lol

  73. Neko thanks to you and your team for working so hard in catching up the episodes. For those of us who don’t understand the Thai language you are special people and your efforts don’t go unrecognized. I hope you get a break before the next are out.

  74. Many love for the English subtitles of the massay series I hope that all the episodes with the subtitles will be

  75. Thank you so much for subbing this series!! I’ve been tempted by the raw episodes but I’m not gonna watch it w/o the subs because I want to be surprised/emotionally moved, so I’ve been keeping myself busy by watching the original. Su su with the subbing and all the work that’s involved in releasing the episodes!! 🙂

  76. Thank you for subbing this lakorn. I really appreciate your hard work. The couple is lovely and I wait anxiously for the subs always. Boston, USA.

  77. Neko you’re doing a wonderful job getting the episodes out so quickly, don’t wear yourself out though. I’m really enjoying watching Lak start to realise his feelings and it looks like next episode gets heated up.

  78. Thank you naka for subbing the lakorn :”)
    keep word hard subbing this lakorn love you from indonesia!

  79. Love this lakorn. Thanks for subbing! However, I’d like to know when you are subbing Nakrob Ta Pisat. If you are already subbing the Thai lakorn, I’d like to know where I can find it.

  80. I am in love with this lakorn, and am watching each ep u r releasing per hour….thanks a lot for all your efforts………..I mean the whole team’s effort………

  81. finally bit the bullet and started watching. I was planning on watching this after its completely subbed since I watched mostly in marathon but the curiosity to check it out was “irresistible”, haha!
    I liked the changes they made from the 1999 version. I also liked that the Lak and Massaya has more interaction on this remake. Although I liked the old version, I felt the two leads spent so much time apart that the interaction was lacking somewhat to build the relationship from a big brother-sister relationship to a romantic relationship. But so far, with 4 episodes there are a lot of cute and sweet moments between the leads that creates a good setup in building the romance. I like Mookda on how she played the spunky character of Mussaya and the at the same time wide-eyed woman falling in love with P’Lak. Mik as P’Lak is swoony so far in the 4 episodes I have seen. Can’t wait for the part the when he realizes he is in love with Mussaya as a man and not just as a brother.

    Thank you so much Neko for choosing to sub this. Good luck on this project and enjoy your upcoming vacation. May you be recharge and help your continue this hobby of yours that is brings happiness to us. greatly appreciate it.

    • I completely agree! I feel like there is more time and attention paid to this version. It gives the audience what it craved (and lacked) in the older version – skinship skinship skinship!

      I’m also impressed by Mik as an actor. I watched him in “Karn La Krang Neung…Nai Hua Jai” and enjoyed it, but I like how this role gives him a broader swath of emotion (and humor). So many of his expressions are priceless.

      And Mookda is awesome! Didn’t know what to expect from her at first. As the series has progressed her acting has become more consistent. Fiery, and vulnerable without being whiny. Older version Mass would sink into whiny town and it’s nice that is missing so far from this one!

      I keep rewatching the episodes to see the progression of their relationship and loving every second!

  82. Mussaya sleep talking calling her parents because she miss them. Haha i guess i dont miss my parents since the last time i sleep talking was during my college days. My friend told me that i sleep talk that night. I ask them what i talked about and they said i read the mathematics formula. Kekeke and this happen the night b4 my final exam and i really worried about this course since it really the hardest course for that semester. 😂😂

  83. Pretty please can ep 5 be released even if the last segment isn’t complete? 🙏🙏🙏

  84. Thank you so much for subbing this lakorn! The old version is one of my favourites, which I have rewatched several times. So I am pleasently surprised with this remake. I really like some of the changes I have seen so far and the story feels a little more fleshed out..things that felt rushed in Andrew´s version are explained better here. I really hope this stays true for the rest of the lakorn and I also hope that there will be less of these “artificial, zoom-scenes” as they disturb the flow of the episode…I mean scenes like Mick´s first appearance in the first ep..the way they zoom and the sudden change of music feels too forced. Mookda is also a really convincing Mussaya.

  85. Hi, If possible can you please sub “Phloeng Rak Fai Man”. I really enjoy every lakorn you uploaded. Thank You very Much!!

  86. Thanks so much for the subs! I appreciate all the hard work you put into subbing these lakorns for us! <3 🙂

  87. i wonder where can i watch the raw episodes of ep 4 ? i just want to see what’s happening with them, too curious i guess 😦 but thank you for helping us with the subtitle, it really helps us to understand 🙂

  88. Hi Neko and Team!! Thank you so much for subbing Massaya. I’m really enjoying this lakorn. Waiting anxiously for the next episodes. Much appreciate it for all that you do!!!

  89. Hi! Thank you so much for subbing this drama. really enjoying it. Can’t wait for the next episode! sub soon!! 🙂

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  91. Love love love this lakorn!, I saw a different trailer on Mik’s Instagram, you should check it out! Would be cool if u know someone who has subbed that version of mussaya teaser or even if u did if u have spare time? Thank you! Keep up the good work 😊 susu!

  92. Dear Admin

    why the lakorn “mussaya” of ep 3, there’s no voice of the actresses and actors, just sound of the song ?

  93. I love the lakorn Massaya and Kularb Tud Petch so much! It’s so interesting😍😁; however, I don’t understand the language which totally sucks. I would like to know what weekdays the episodes with English subtitles are uploaded on Dailymotion.

    • I don’t have a specific subbing schedule. I’ll sub whenever I’m free. All status will be updated accordingly in this page.

      • Neko klo bs bikin sub indonesia jg dong. Atau minimal jgn hardsub siapa tau ada yg berbaik hati mau bikin subtitle versi indonesianya

  94. Neko thanks to you and your hard working timers I am thoroughly enjoying this lakorn. I sometimes feel I’m like the hungry caterpillar gobbling up each part as soon as you post it and then anxiously waiting for more. You’re very special to us non-Thai speaking people.

    • Yes! I myself find this one pretty addictive too. I was craving for more when Tuesday night end. And can’t wait for Monday night to come again even though I’m usually not a fan of Mondays!
      Come to think of it, the English title given by Ch7 “Irresistible” suits it very well. 😀 In deed it’s hard to resist. But be forewarned that I have a short holiday and a long vacation coming up soon. So releases is going to be slow or none at all. Also I’m trying to go with the pace of my timers since I have wore them out with a few continuos projects! They are also working with other subbers and also their own projects too! So they deserve a break from me! 😛

      • Thank you for the heads-up! We can subsist with Andy’s 1999 version while you’re away 🙂

        • where can you find the 1999 version? I have to find something to fill my craving for more episodes every week. Thank you!

          @neko^^meowmeow I want to say thank you for subbing this and the other lakorns 🙂

  95. Thank you !!! Merci Beaucoup !!!

  96. Thanks for subbing this I’m interested to see if this is as good as Andrew an Bau version. Just love the height difference between the two main leads lol so cute

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