Nee Rak Nai Krong Fai หนี้รักในกรงไฟ

Nee Rak Nai Krong FaiNee Rak Nai Krong Fai หนี้รักในกรงไฟ
Completed English Sub as of July 28 2019
Total Episodes : 18 Eps
Airing Date : 15th June, 2019 – 26th July, 2019  (Every Friday, Saturday & Sunday)
หนี้ชีวิต /Nee Cheewit (Life Debt) by Kongthap Peak
พี่ชาย /P’Chai (Brother) by Alek Theeradeth
มารักให้เข้าใจ /Mah Ruk Hai Kao Jai (Come Love Me and Get Me to Understand) by Yam Matira and Kwan Chetchawin

Ep Air
Time %
01 06/15/19 100% 100% 06/17/19 LINK
02 06/16/19 100% 100% 06/18/19 LINK
03 06/21/19 100% 100% 06/23/19 LINK
04 06/22/19 100% 100% 06/24/19 LINK
05 06/23/19 100% 100% 06/25/19 LINK
06 06/28/19 100% 100% 07/03/19 LINK
07 06/29/19 100% 100% 07/08/19 LINK
08 06/30/19 100% 100% 07/08/19 LINK
09 07/05/19 100% 100% 07/09/19 LINK
10 07/06/19 100% 100% 07/10/19 LINK
11 07/07/19 100% 100% 07/11/19 LINK
12 07/12/19 100% 100% 07/15/19 LINK
13 07/13/19 100% 100% 07/16/19 LINK
14 07/14/19 100% 100% 07/17/19 LINK
15 07/19/19 100% 100% 07/25/19 LINK
16 07/20/19 100% 100% 07/26/19 LINK
17 07/21/19 100% 100% 07/28/19 LINK
18 07/26/19 100% 100% 07/28/19 LINK

 **  Subbed by neko^^ | Time/Segment by T Zone Kites.VN | Edit/Style/Upload by kitkat  ** 

101 Comments on “Nee Rak Nai Krong Fai หนี้รักในกรงไฟ

  1. One of the best lakorns I have ever seen. The love between the male and female leads is to die for.

  2. Thank you for the English subbing because it made me understand the story well and the lessons given. I was really amazed by the unique scene where the crazy Khun Patcharin cradled her leg pretending to be her baby Chakrit and amused with Bpong & Dad of Mei Hua when they dressed up/acted gays. The last episodes were more exciting. I commend both the scriptwriter and producer for wonderful story drama.

  3. Thank you so much for this lovely Lakota that I watched all to the end with your amazing subbing!

  4. Hi Neko. I just want to say thank you so much for subbing this Lakorn. It is indeed one good Lakorn. Can you suggest any other Lakorn that the male lead is head over heels with the female lead like Mark loves Belle? Thank youuu..

  5. Thank you for the eng subs! I love Alek and Patricia even more after watching this lakorn.

  6. Thank you so much for subbing all the lakorns! Dailymotion doesn’t work in my country, it’s banned. Could you please upload the subbed videos on different servers? I’d really love to finish watching Nee rak nai krong fai, but the dailymotion server doesn’t work where I live.

    • Alternative link updated. I hope Server 1 ( works for you. Cause lately I have trouble uploading to the other 2 alternative servers!

  7. I wanna cry, actually I have cried already coz I could not hold my tears back. It was such a great lakorn, really meets my preferences ^^. I love the relationship between Nai noi and Bell, and how he did everything for her. I do not know how to articulate my feelings towards this lakorn since I like ambiguous plans and actions scenes. My heart was trembling with each action scene ^^. I hope I can find another lakorn that can be the same.

    Thank you so much Neko for your subbing and choices. You do a great job with providing happiness for all of us. I could not imagine how I have enjoyed these lakorns without your help. Thanks again sweetie.

    One more thing, can any one recommend me with a lakorn name whose genre is action and romance with Eng sub? Thanks in advance

    • Another mafia love story that you might like would be Karn La Krang Neung Nai Hua Jai! 😉

  8. Thank you so much Neko ! Almost done with this one, this was a pretty good lakorn… I do wish for romance to be a little better between Belle and Mark, but overall was a good lakorn/story.

    Although I hated Nick from the beginning of this lakorn, I kinda really hoped for him to survive in the end lol which is weird I mean, after all the things he did, the end just twisted things around haha which makes you feel bad for Nick.

    But on the bright side, both of the bodyguards of Kawin are safe, especially K’Jay Jay, I loved his character so much lol I was crossing my fingers because I didn’t want another ending like KLKNNHJ! Thanks Neko ❤️

    • I’m happy with the happy ending of Jay Jay and Da Fong too!

  9. had 2 days free time and i’m glad I decided to pick this amongst my backlog of plan to watch. I was able to marathon watching this. It was a good watch. Thank you for your hard work neko.

  10. Just marathoned the remaining episodes. I’m going to miss Bell and Nai Noi – but I wish their relationship felt more romantic and less “siblingly.” Any one else feel the same? Loved that all the side characters also found their other half, hehe. I wish the lakorn delved deeper into the relationship between Big Boss and Nai Noi. It did feel like they loved each other deep down, but I would’ve appreciated more all the acts Big Boss did behind Nai Noi’s back if the lakorn addressed their relationship better.

    • I agree with you on the Nix Reeves and Mark Reeves part. I guess the screenplay writer wanted to say that Big Boss was the same to Nai Noi as Nai Noi was to Bell, like helping in the background and doing everything for him/her since he knew that he doesn’t deserve his/her love in the end. in that sense, Nix and his son were in the same predicament, but showed their love in the same way so when everything got revealed, it was easier to understand each other. I just hoped that that part had been explained further or there were more scenes to show that in order for the ending to be more solid.

  11. Loved this lakorn so much!! Thanks for subbing it Neko! I really really enjoyed it. I was in Japan when the subs came out, and did you know that some wordpress sites are blocked in Japan? Anyway, I was so excited that I watched it as soon as I got home and it made me sooooooo happy. Thanks again for your hard work and hopefully we get to see more from this pairing. Congratulations to another finished project! Cheers!

  12. Hi Neko!!
    Like everyone else, I too wish to thank you for subbing this lakorn! This one was the only one I watched during this period of time and I really
    enjoyed it. Without you, it’d be impossible! Thank you so much for your time and effort on this!

  13. Thanks for your hard working, Thanks so much for this drama.

  14. Thank you Neko for subbing this lakorn. On one hand i just want to see shy P’Chai with bell but good things have to come to an end . Super big hug and thank you for your efforts and time spent to bring us joy of thai lakorn . Muacks

  15. I’ve been watching episode 18 over and over. It made me laugh and cry. I love this lakorn so much. I did not want it to end and I wanted to see them get married and have children. 🙂 Thank you Neko for subbing this lakorn and thank you for making International fans happy. Great job!

    • One of the best lakorn I’ve ever watch.. It felt a roller coaster of my emotion.. The male lead is great in portraying his character.. Thanks neko for allowing us lakorn fun to enjoy this. I really appreciate ur effort every time… Love u guys and more power.

  16. I love everything about this lakorn. The story, the actors, the chemistry between the leads. Thanks Neko for subbing this lakorn. International fan like me understand and enjoyed it because we have you. Your hard work is truly appreciated.

  17. thank you for the this lakorn so much…
    between dad and son…nai noi and nong sau…bodyguard with nai noi….so much fun, sad and unpredictable scene…

    • What a great lakorn! Love the main leads as well as the second leads. The chemistry is superb. I’m grateful Neko decided to sub this lakorn. Thanks a million 😘😘😘

  18. Hi Neko, I just want to say that thank you very much for giving us a nice lakorn that you’ve sub into English. We appreciated all your efforts and time. Thank you for giving us an stress reliever. Now that this lakorn is about to end, I request to you that will you sub Madambaanna, the female lead here is the female lead in King Gor Rah Kah Gor Raeng, I think that this lakorn is more insteresting and it is funny to watch I’ve seen this in YouTube without English sub. I think many fans will love to watch this drama. I hope that my request will be granted. Goodluck and God Bless You!

  19. I can’t wait for the next episode Neko. Thank you and I really appreciate your hard work for subbing this amazing lakorn.

  20. looking forward episode 15 to 17 thank you thank you

  21. After Nee Rak Nai krong fa, please sub Great W. lakorn . Thank you and God Bless You!

  22. Hi neko, please upload episode 15 to 17 . Thank you. God Bless You!

    • I’m also waiting but if you look at neko homepage you’d know that neko is way for vacation break! Let’s stop bugging her and let her enjoy her break!
      Thanks neko for bringing Nai Noi into my life! Joob Joob!

  23. Thank you Neko! Waiting the next episode.I like this drama very much

  24. Thank you Neko! The female lead here is very beautiful is not suited in male lead but they great actors. Waiting the next episode. God bless you.

  25. will you please download it at rapidvideo

  26. I’m veeeery grateful for your translations Neko ♥. Thanks to you I’m able to enjoy lakorns and understand what is going on the screen.

    As for this lakorn – I like it, but recently I’ve started to like second lead couple more that our main leads. And the bodyguard with Bell’s friend. I’m always looking forward to their scenes 😀

  27. Thank you Neko for everything to make International fans happy. I’ll be waiting for your next update and love you for subbing this lakorn. Your hard work is greatly appreciated.

  28. Hi Neko, waiting the next episode. Thank you!

  29. so sweet for episode 12. looking forward to the sub. thank you for hard work thanks thanks

  30. This is really thee only lakorn that matters right now. It has taken over my life Hua Jai Sila style.

  31. how do i download the video here. cause i dont have personal internet connection thats why i rely on downloading the video

  32. So it’s 18 episodes? I’m so happy that I can still enjoy this lakorn for another 2 weeks. And after this I can watch Oomesaya lakorn. Yeyyy🎉😍

  33. looking forward episode 12 tomorrow thank you hard work

  34. Lots of sweetness in the upcoming episode 12…can’t wait! 😍😍😍 Tq for subbing this wonderful lakorn. Love it mak mak

  35. Thank you Thank you Thank you very very much Loving this drama

  36. Thank you so much for subbing this drama!waiting waiting waiting

  37. many Chinese like this drama and I know they come this website everyday

  38. Thank you so much for subbing this lakorn. I am really appreciate.Every day I come here if up

  39. thank you so much Neko! many Chinese like this drama and we love you too.

  40. Nai Noi is back. Thank you, Neko and team for ur subbing. I really really appreciate ur hard work. Can’t wait for the next episode. Lots of love

  41. Thank you Neko! Can’t wait for the first episode!

  42. Hurrah!!! Thanks so much Neko for subbing this!! I can’t wait

  43. I couldn’t find episode 6-B. How can I find it?

  44. Hi keep subbing! I love everything you do here and keeping it up to date. I check every day for updates. Can’t wait for the next episodes. Thank you.

  45. Neko!! Just wanna say I LOVE YOU; thank you so much I don’t know what I’d do without you ;-; .

  46. Waiting for 7B and ep 8 .. Thank you Nekooooooooooooooo ♥

  47. I can’t wait for 7B. Thank you Neko for subbing this lakorn.

  48. Oh my goodness this show is addictive love it 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 I was a fun of both now I’m in love. Can’t wait for the next episode. Neko as always you are my shero.

  49. Hi again
    are you going to re-upload ep 6 part 2 on dailymotion ?
    Thanks a lot for your efforts :*

  50. I was THIS hooked and excited with Kleun Cheewit and Bupphe Sannivat. I have seen a lot of lakorns and I can say this new drama is definitely a must-watch. Definitely one of my top faves. The chemistry is EVERYTHING. Thank you so much for subbers for the hardwork!

  51. Hi
    waiting for ep 6,7 and 8
    please don’t leave such a good project ♥

  52. Tq nekomeowmeow for consistently subbing. I enjoyed watching practically all the lakorns you have subbed including this one. Pls don’t be dishearten by the low rating. I really enjoyed the chemistry between alek and patricia. Su su na…. Will forever support our beloved nekoneowmeow 💪💪💪💪💞

  53. I don’t know what i cann see to you neko for sub this lakorn really liked it so much and can’t wait for the reast ep su su neko love you so much

  54. Thank you so much neko for hard working to make an English subtitle.

  55. Thanks for the fast subbing Neko 🙏🏻. I’m loving every single episode of this lakorn. Chemistry of the main lead is soaring high.

  56. I really enjoyed Savitree Samipak’s character in ‘Khing Kor Rar Khar Kor Rang’ a lot. I looked forward to her scenes more than the leads and loved her character. But in this drama, I usually fast forward her scenes whenever she appears on screen. Lol
    Thanks Neko for subbing this drama.

  57. drama is good but the part b from episode 3 is really bad because it stops from time to time or blackscreen only sound i don´t know if its only for me like this.

    i love the work you do 😀

  58. Well, well, well. After watching Mee Piang Rak with Toey I come across a lakorn with her boyfriend as the ML, what a coincidence! Love the intro song, can listen to it in an endless loop. As far as the story is concerned, there are a few things I find forced and unnatural – e.g. the scene in the hotel kitchen where the cooks try to gang up on the ML…

  59. I really like this so far! I was wondering, btw, is there still a discord? I have no one IRL to talk about my love for these shows haha

  60. Hi Neko! Just wanna say thank you so much for subbing this! Loving it so far!!

  61. Thank you so much for ep 1!! Very Good! 😘😘😘😘😘😘

  62. The first 2 episode is really good. I watched without understanding any word but it’s really a nice plot. Thank neko for 85% sub as of the moment. You’re really awesome. Your hard work is very much appreciated.

  63. Thank you Neko!! I’m so exited about this drama 🙂

  64. Can’t wait.. Thank you for subbing this!!! ❤️

  65. Neko, what does Nee Rak Nai Glong Fai means? Love Debt in A Fire Cage?

  66. Thanks for subbing this lakorn. I’m really interested after I watched the trailer.

    • Thank you so much for subbing this lakorn. I am really appreciate

  67. Super excited for this Neko!!!! Thanks so much for subbing this one. I’ve been waiting for this one since I heard that Pat and Alek are pairing up ❤️ Can’t wait for the first episode!

  68. Thank you Neko! I can’t wait! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

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