Neko Meow Meow Project 2.0

Hello Neko-lings!

Welcome back to nekoland! Another update on what’s going on behind the scene since the last update. It have been crazy 2 weeks since my last update.

With work & life – I was busy hosting an APAC partner conference for my company. Hosting a crowd of 33 from 12 different countries in a foreign land was no fun at all. I used to enjoy preparing these yearly conference but I forget that this year I no longer have the resources that I used to have for the previous few years due to re-org in the company. So I ended up have to do A-Z all by myself. Sigh! Reminder to myself, I better allocate more time to prepare it next year. And I guess running around like a blind cat causes me to break down towards the end of the conference. neko have been under the weather for a few days after the conference ended! And at the same time neko did took a few days off to get some rest to recover and recharged!

With nekoland – So neko initially found a nice Blue house for nekoland. (Due to privacy reason, neko decided to give them nickname instead). The monthly cost looks affordable. But once moved in, there’s so many things which is lacking. And by the time neko add in all the plug-in to make nekoland running like before, the cost almost doubled. So neko decided to leave and luckily able to get full refund.
Then neko tried to sneak back into WP again. Everything looks like it was going well for a few days. But then neko got spotted and got kicked out again after almost getting 90% of the site running. Sob! Sob!
So back to more browsing and research. Until neko came across Dream house which is exactly what I’m looking for.  The montly cost is slightly more expensive than WP but still relatively cheaper than Blue house after everything all add in. Look like I’ve hit the jackpot! Dream house even give free “house moving” service. Which will save me endless of hours setting everything up again. Immediately neko jumped into Dream house. Signed up, provide everything they need to move nekoland over. And took a cat nap! To my surprised that in the morning, I was told that nekoland have too much external links which they frown upon. Just over night Dream house doesn’t seem like such a “dream house” anymore. So neko decided to pack up and move again! And unfortunately, Dream house doesn’t provide full refund. They only refund 80% of what was paid. Well there’s no point staying if they doesn’t allow me the freedom, right? So neko took the deal and left.
And the house searching continue again! Until I landed myself here! It wasn’t in my list of first choice due to the costing. But I guess beggar can’t be choosers!

broken link – neko managed to get most of broken link fixed. As neko didn’t pay for “house moving” service. So all link will need to be fixed manually and page by page. And to neko surprise, neko have 48 completed projects and 4 ongoing projects. Summing up to more than 800 pages and 100 posts! 😮
Anything which is of 2019 is already fixed by the time you reading this. And until neko fully mastered Kage Bunshin no Jutsu, broken link will be fixed starting with the newer projects. And then with video links then follow by missing picture links.

address – Yes! neko have a new address which is “.blog” Neko is trying to figure out how to get the address change back to the original “.com” But it seems like it will take a week or so for me to transfer the ownership over to my current hosting.

video – Unfortunately with neko getting evicted from WP,  that also mean gone all the ads free WP video and also most of the alternative link. So for those video which are rejected by DM too, will be slowly uploaded to Unfortunately (very similar to openload). It contain a lot of ads and popups. And video which is inactive for a period of time will be deleted. So I’m not sure that this would be the right choice. I will look into this again after I caught up with everything else! But for now this will would be the best alternative!

subbing – With everything that have been going on lately, it was hard for neko to focus on subbing. And to be honest, with obstacles after obstacles it does cross my mind if neko still have enough 9 lives left to withstand all these! Now that at least I’ve got the framework of nekoland up and running, I will slowly be resuming with subbing. Starting from Bangkok Vampire. Since there’s only two episodes left. For those whom are waiting for King Gor Rah Kah Gor Raeng, Pisat Hunsa & Mon Gaan Bandaan Rak. Thank you for your patience. I will get to that in due time. All the status will be updated in the respective pages! And at this time, neko need a lot of love and affection so all I’m asking is to play by the house rule! Thank you!

Finger crossed that all will be smooth sailing from now on!