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neko2play is a site to consolidate all video links that have been uploaded by the original subber with the consent of the subber for the ease of lakorn lover who prefer to stream than download.
We do not do any uploading of lakorn that does not belong to us. So please refrain from requesting lakorn or missing video to be uploaded.
Only completed subbed lakorn will be compiled into neko2play.

If there’s any broken link, please comment here.
Thank you.


44 Comments on “neko2play Comment Page

  1. hello i will just ask where can I find the downloading links for King Gor Rah Kah Gor Raeng?

  2. Hello, is there anything you can do to fix Morrasoom Sawad links? I believe all of them are down or unavailable? Thanks

  3. Good evening,
    I come to you to ask if it would be possible to have the subtitles files where well tell me where I could procurers me preferences in English, please, for the lakorn “Tur Keu Prom Likit เธอ คือ พรหมลิขิต “.

    I would like to translate it into my language, which is “French”.
    Of course, without forgetting to credit you, thank you.

    PS | I did not know where to ask and I did not find the project on the site, only on the blog.

  4. Dear Admin, can you check series Namthaa Kammathep E12 END?
    The link is broken…

  5. Hi , could you fix Murrasom Sawad videos please, I try to watch from your blog , but it doesn’t work, thank you

    • That’s because the video from the original subber page were either set to private/move/deleted. You can try ninjakkn FB page. I believe she’s starting to reupload in private page.

  6. I didn’t check all the links but ep. 17_18 of Cheewit Puer Kay Huajai are video unavailable.

  7. gostaria de saber se posso fazer uma solicitação de legenda para um lakorn? se possível quero muito a legenda de Barb rak talay fun, resumindo minha história de amor a primeira vista, a 1 ano e meio atrás por acidente entrei em um site e me deparei com meu primeiro lakon estava legendado em inglês(sou brasileira) e não sabei nada mas vendo somente a cenas fiquei deslumbrada peguei um caderno e o tradutor google e conhecei a traduzir sem perceber comecei a entender outra língua aos poucos e assim vou me divertindo e apreendendo, thanks you so much!

  8. can you reupload for Krungthep Mahanakorn Sorn Rak E10 (its same video with E09) and I cant download the Krungthep Mahanakorn Sorn Rak E12. thank you ^^

    • All SJDK subbed video are unavailable…. As neko2play are consolidating and linking videos from original subber site. So if original subber site are down then so are the videos.

  9. Hi for stupid Cupid the episodes won’t load for me and if they do load they pause every 5 seconds or so. The Thai drama is on Neko2play blogspot, and I tried reporting it but it sent me here. Can you please tell me how to get the videoes to work for me? I really like the drama and want to continue watching it

    • It’s too hassle to manage 2 separate blog platform, so for all neko2play comment it will come to this page. Stupid Cupid is one of those show that got hit by copyright in Dailymotion. So we can only put this in openload. And it seems like openload doesn’t work for you. So your alternative is to download the video and view this offline.

      • Oh that really sucks I was hoping there was way to fix it without me having to download it but thank you for replying

  10. Hello,
    about Sorn Rak Kammathep,
    Episode 4:
    there is the first part, then the 2x the second part. The third part is missing!
    Thank you for fixing.
    High Regards!

  11. Hello, MeowMeow! Thank you for the great work you do subbing the Thai language Lakorns. The links for Episode 06 of NGAO Kammathep both point to NK05-2. Thanks again!

  12. I am having trouble playing Tur Keu Prom Likit E08 part 1 , I click the link and the video never loads. I have tried opening it in a separate window/different browser but part 1 will not start playing. All other parts of episode 8 work fin… 🙁

  13. I wanted to see the new thai lakorn about Tur Keu Prom Likit at Neko2play but I don’t know how to do…it will not open easily

    • Please upload download link for drama Koo Za Rot Zab . Your working is much appreciated. Thank you.

      • Neko2play is mostly linking videos from original subber site for easy viewing. For download request you’ll need to request directly from Ninjakkn.

  14. Thankyou for the subs. But I cant find any of Kluen Cheewit episodes here? Its deleted?

      • How awful, I thought that something was wrong when I couldn’t access the page today. Hope everything ends well for them, I really appreciate the work you guys do, i’m not that long in the lakorn world, but i’m already in love, and the subs that you guys do is what make possible of me to see. Thank you.

  15. I have just watched Yai Kanlaya on Neko2Play and noticed that the links for episode 13-15 have the wrong links. They link to episode 11 and 12 instead of 13-15.
    Thank you so much for collecting the different lakorns on Neko2Play..I love having them there, especially if I am not sure anymore how a lakorn was called. It makes it easier to find and to watch them.

  16. The openload link on Kon La Kop Fah Ep 8 is not working…. just fyi. Dailymotion is still working for that ep, so it’s still watchable. Thanks for all your hard work!!

  17. Hi Neko, I can’t watch morrasom sawat ( video isn’t exist) . What’s wrong ?

  18. hi neko , can u show me links raw of game payabath ep 9 ??? thanks you so muchhhh

  19. Namthaa Kammathep can’t be watched, please tell me where can i watch that drama ?

  20. Help me Drama Namthaa Kammathep (Stupid Cupid) for all episode is unavailable for download. Thanks

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