Neung Nai Suang 2015 หนึ่งในทรวง

Neung Nai SuangOne in My Heart หนึ่งในทรวง [Neung Nai Suang]
Complete November 25, 2015
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Watch @ dailymotion OR neko2play
Total Episodes : 12
Airing Date : 28th May 2015 – 8th July 2015
หนึ่งเดียวคือเธอ / Neung Diao Keu Tur (You’re the One) Artist: James Jirayu
ปลายทาง / Bplai Tahng (Destination) by May Fonnapa
จูบ / Joop (Kiss) by James Jirayu & Yaya Urassaya

A word or two : This project is subbed especially for kitkat! 😉 Finally after a lot of ups and downs, NNS is completed!
Special thanks to kitkat @alwaysmeena for styling, editing, uploading and hosting the project. Also to Tahmnong from for lyric translations.

Ep Air
Time %
1 05/28/15 DONE 100% 07/03/15 Link
2 06/03/15 DONE 100% 07/14/15 Link
3 06/04/15 DONE 100% 07/31/15 Link
4 06/10/15 DONE 100% 08/13/15 Link
5 06/11/15 DONE 100% 08/21/15 Link
6 06/17/15 DONE 100% 08/19/15 Link
7 06/18/15 DONE 100% 08/26/15 Link
8 06/24/15 DONE 100% 10/17/15 Link
9 06/25/15 DONE 100% 10/23/15 Link
10 07/01/15 DONE 100% 11/25/15 Link
11 07/02/15 DONE 100% 09/14/15 Link
12 07/08/15 DONE 100% 09/12/15 Link

Subbed by neko^^ | Time/Segment by neko^^ | Edit/Style/Upload by kitkat

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  1. Hiii.. THANK YOU
    for subbing and sharing…
    always grateful for people like who help us..
    if you need more person to help you, just mail me…

  2. you are really awesome….next time please add sub into “The Rising Sun (Roy Ruk Hak Liam Tawan) and Rak Jung Oei “

  3. Hello Neko, I was wondering how I can get access to the password to download the hard-subbed videos? I used to have it because it turns out I downloaded up until episode 5 but I’ve been so busy since the last time, I’ve forgotten the password. Please help!

  4. Hello can you fix the download files in FileFactory Folder for the eps 5,8-11 please? They are deleted.

    • Oh sorry I ment the videos on I don´t have the password for filefactory, you need one to enter it.

  5. Can anyone help me how to block the ads for the dailymotion its really very annoying

    • Get adblock plus. If you have google chrome get it as an extensions it helps a lot. There are videos on youtube that explain how to installed it. btw you can also install on safari.

    • there are 2 versions…skip 1st video and scroll down play 2nd video

  6. Thanks so much!!’ I’m enchanted by both James and Yaya in this!!! James didn’t get that he was obsessed with Yaya. Crazy guy who drove her crazy and finally realizing that they liked each other.. made me enjoy this drama and what a great ensemble!!! The villains and the supporters… thanks so much for your hard work!!!!

  7. Thank you for all that you do…The community of lakorn lovers is in your debt. Enjoy your coffee.

  8. Thanks for all that you do…I really enjoy the hard work and your generosity.

  9. This lakorn make me FALL IN LOVE with Thai lakorns. THANK YOU SO MUCH for your hard work❤️️❤️️

  10. Neung Nai Suang -love it..I dont know how to speak /undstand thai language but through eng sub i understand what the characters saying…Here on the Philippines Nadechyaya looknlikes Filipina artist name Megan Young…Godbless

  11. Im Filipina..I ralized that i love watching thainlakorn..Thanks..

  12. Hello wonder if it is possible, the opportunity to download only softsubs of Lakorn

  13. Thank you so much for the sub! I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. Thnak you, Thank you so much! <3

  14. Thank you a lot for this lovely Lakorn. Much thanks an kitkat also to Tahmnong from for lyric translations.
    I must say I enjoyed the Lakorn, but someway the old one, for me, was way better.
    Ken is my favorite actor for all the time and he was naughty and manly, cinical and cute.
    I liked James too, but is role was more childish, not really explored but I loved is acting too and is smile.
    What i din’t like was that they give to much space to Panee and Khun Chai… and little to Song Saeng and the mother… who are the really masterminds!!!
    But how I say, I thank all of you for your wonderful work.
    Wish to all a wonderful day and a healthy, long life.

  15. Hello Neko :3
    Can I request for subtitle file?
    Thanks for subbing <3

  16. Hi Neko,
    do you know where can i download game rai game ruk with good quality ?

  17. Hello Neko,
    Do you know where can I download Game rai Game ruk with good quality

  18. Hi

    Can you do the eng sub for the MV sleeping pills as well, neko neko ?

  19. you are the best!! I really love your pages a a lot and thanks to you I could watch ” I wanna be a supstar” with eng sub!! I really love to watch thai dramas but I cant find them with eng sub so I hope you can do more dramas with eng sub!! I follow youu!! and Thank you so so much :*:*:* 🙂

  20. If U don mind can i request for subtitle files please. Because I have raw video files I only need subtitles.Thanks for subbing my dear^^

  21. Thx so much”💋
    I love u♡ u the best♡
    Hwaiting 💪 💕💕💕💕💕✌✌👍👍😍😍😍

  22. Thx so much♡♡
    I love u ♡
    I waited everyday ♡
    Being patience is work ♡
    Thx so much ♡ Hwaiting 💪💪👍👍💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕❤❤❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😍😍😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  23. thank you very much for your hard work and time for recapping this lakorn!
    Thanks to you i could enjoy this lakorn very much!

  24. thank you. arigato gozaimasu . syukran jazilan. terima kasih

    keep up the good work.
    this really made my day 😀

  25. Thank you very much. I really enjoyed this lakorn, the actors, the scenery, the costumes, the story … it was very great. again thank you and fighting for your others projects.

  26. I’m so thankful that you finished subbing this one. I was waiting patiently for you to finish it & I’m really pleased. I loved this version as much as the first one. Thanks again for all your hard work. I’ll be waiting patiently for you to finish all the other projects! Have fun on your vacation .

  27. Hello Neko,

    I downloaded this over at your sister site and then watched it over the past couple days. It was so enjoyable. I realize that this lakorn is probably viewed more as light hearted fluff but I actually was rather impressed with the story and the cast. In particular Yaya who in the past while I like her I never thought she was more than a okay actress. But in playing Hathairath in my humble opinion she really nailed the role. And I have always liked James so it was fun to watch him in a bit of a different character, more cad than gentleman. Actually the whole cast was great with the exception of Noey’s (who I usually like). After a while the character of Song got a bit tiresome. LOL…

    But you combine this lakorn with your impecable timing, the quality of the video, and outstanding job you did with translating this lakorn I can’t even begin to tell you what a enjoyable experience watching this was. I truly see the hard work and the care you put into this project. I appreciate that and again I wish to thank you not just for this lakorn but for your other projects as well. I’ve been enjoying them all.


  28. juz cameback from vacation..the first thing 2 do is checking ur u already completed neung nai suang project..thank u so much neko & both of u so much..muah muah

  29. Neko! I just finished watching all the episodes. it was really wonderful, i cried so much. Thank you for your translation! I appreciate it very much. I wouldn’t have enjoyed it without you. Thank you to you and to KitKat too. Thank you for all your hard work.

  30. Hi Neko…
    Thank You for Your hard work subbing this lovely series…
    Best regards from Romania…

  31. Oh <3 Neko ^^. You made my day!!!!!! Thank you so much for all your efforts and time spent on bring us so much joy watching thai lakorn. Neko fighting!!!!

  32. WOW NEKO! Just when we thought that the next episode of this Lakorn wasn’t going to be uploaded, you hit us with the rest of the episodes. I’m so happy right now, thank you so much :’)

  33. Hello Neko I wanted to ask if will continue subbing this larkorn I hope you will but either way thank you for taking your time to sub this lakorn. 🙂

  34. helloo neko, tonight is my birthday can u pls release an episode this week?☺️ it’ll be the best birthday gift😘

  35. How can I get episodes 10 to final? I can’t seem to access them. Thanks!

  36. thank you for your hard work i can’t wait for the rest of the lakorn^^

  37. hi, i so much you will continue this project when you have time! Btw i just watched this on youtube and your name is on the screen . So i’m happy you finally get the credit!
    Thanks and best of luck!

    • Her name is hard subbed into the picture. They still uploaded it without her permission so it’s still stolen. Kinda like if someone steals your book with your name written on the inside of the cover. I want her to continue subbing also, but the YouTube uploader is unapologetic, so I understand if she doesn’t.

  38. helloo, please continue releasing the rest of the episodes pleaseee ?😔

  39. Helloo, please continue releasing the rest of the episodes pleeasee ?😔

  40. I hope neko will continue subbing neung nai suang soon..i’ll be waiting patiently..

  41. Thank You for Your hard work! Fighting on finishing ep. 10, i really want to know how the story goes so Fighting!

  42. Neko you’re the Best. Only épisode 10 and you’ll have another great project done .I liked I wanna be a sup’tar too, I liked it better with your sub .I am looking forward to seeing other projects . I think I will like anything you choose….fighting!

  43. Neko you’re the best. Only episode 10 and you’ll have another great project donne . I liked wanna be sup’tar too I liked it more with your sub. Am looking forward to other projects…..fighting!

  44. Thank you so much for your hard work 🙂 I happened to find your blog by chance. I really appreciate to watch this lakorn. Didn’t know your work was used on YT without your consent. Anyway, I wanted you to know that somewhere in France someone really liked your work

  45. Thank you so much for subbing this one. I’m just now starting to watch this using kitkat’s links. Truly appreciate your efforts. .

  46. helloo dear, how is the situation with the one stealing ur work? is it over? and how can we help you? xx

  47. thank you for you hardworking subbing this lakorn.. really love it..
    waiting for the rest episode to be released..
    su su .. !! 😀

  48. helloo, hope ur well.
    just wanted to say, i miss watching this lakorn, and hope that u release a new ep soon. thanks xx

  49. Thank you for subbing!! Can’t wait for the next episode 🙂

  50. Neko,just asking,where the new poll??
    excitedly want to vote…555555

    • Lol! I just kick start a work related project so am going to busy until it’s over in Dec… that’s why there won’t be poll till then! 😊

  51. thanks to you i can enjoy this great lakorn, thanks a lot, hugs and kisses from the netherlands (europe)

  52. Big hugs and kisses to the most hard working and generous person. Please don’t forget to rest and eat we can’t stand it if you get sick 💟💝💗💋

  53. thank you for your time, effort and hard work…subbing this lakorn enable people from around the world to enjoy and appreciate thai drama…i am from malaysia and i love watching lakorns…keep up the good work..fighting!!!

  54. thankyou for subbing this lakorn.. cant wait for the rest of episodes, greetings from Kuwait💗

  55. thankyou for subbing this lakorn.. cant wait for the rest of episodes, greetings from Kuwait 🌸

  56. Thank you very much for your hard work. I love this lakorn, the story is really good and the actors are amazing. All your projects are interesting so thank you for sharing it and let us discover those lakorns

  57. Your the best!! Thanks again for your time and effort for subbing this lakorn!
    I understand you reluctance to continue with someone else stealing your work. I’m so glad i found the real subbers to say thank you to.
    I really really hope you will continue, please take your time. I love your work!
    Thanks again 🙂

  58. thankyouu for ur time and effort , excellent work. cant wait for the rest to come😍

  59. thankyouu for ur effort and time.. excellent work , cant wait for the rest to come😍

  60. Thank you very much Neko! Thank you very much to you and kitkat for your hard work!

  61. Thank you for all your hard work! I’m so sorry people are stealing your work, they should at least give you credit. I also didn’t know it was stolen work. I’m so glad I found the real person behind all the subbings.

    Is there a way we can report that person on YouTube?

    Again thank you! If it wasn’t for you I will still be watching Korean and Taiwanese dramas! Keep up the good work!

    • Same here..mi was a korean and taiwanese drama fan before but wen I watched Thai Lakorn i fell in love with them… Kudos to meow meow and kit kat👏👏👏👏 God bless guys🙏😇

  62. Omg…Sorry for those posers and fake subbers. I hate that they do that to u and other true subbers as well.. I actually appreciate u taking ur tym in subbing this lakorn and sharing it to d world who also love this lakorn. All i can say that those rude people will be punished in another way. And we are just here cheering for u and supporting ur works meow meow… Just tell us wat we could do so that u will find ur comfort again and be at ease. We thanks u sooo much and we again are here to always support u..because of u guys u allowed us to understand and fell in love deeply with the lakorn. God bless🙏😇 and praying that this conflict will be resolved soon.

  63. Are u not subbing the Neung Nai Suang ep 10 this week? I though that lakorn will be given second priority because it got 255 votes. Thanks

      • Oh I see. Anyway thanks a lots for subbing ep 8 and 9. Sorry for rushing because this lakorn is so good. Fighting !

        • Yeah I know! But whenever I think about youtube channel stealing my work, I just couldn’t push myself working on it anymore!
          I really understand how Chor Muang, subber of Leelawadee Plerng feels. I guess she drop the project because of this reason!

          • Yes, I saw that but don’t worry almost everyone knows that you guys are the real subbers even say in the those videos that they stole from you who project it is, yet hey are lying . Also, all the sound on their videos from that channel are weird can’t compare to your real works at all. Therefore don’t be discouraged and take the full credit because you only have one more Ep to sub. We are very much appreciated for bringing this great lakorn to us. You guys are the best.

  64. Ep09 is up!
    Please don’t ask when Ep10 will be subbed and the rest to be released. I’m still trying to make peace with the Nadech & Yaya Sawadeeka youtube channel uploading my video without permission and claiming it that they are subbing it. *dilemma*

  65. ohhh myy Geee !!! It’s so good!! Thank you so much for taking your time to sub this!!!

  66. I wish I know how to sub 🙁 I check this website 20 times a day to see if there is new episodes.

  67. be patience for the EP9…~~~
    be patience,be patience,be patience *talking to myself*

  68. I love this series!! I’m so excited to watch the rest of the episodes! Again thank you so much! U rock!

  69. I love this Thai series so much! Thanks so much for subbing this and making it available to us to watch on Daily Motion! I look forward to the upcoming episode 9 soon! Keep up the awesome job!! <3 🙂

  70. Big THANK YOU to neko and kitkat for your time and effort! <3

  71. thank you, thank you, thank you so much for finishing and releasing ep 8. You’re the best! xxx

  72. thanks so much for the new episode. I just love this show so much, for sure is going to go on my rewatch list =)

  73. helloo, I couldn’t find eng sub of ep 8 on dailymotion? is there any other website that i can what the episodes through?? thankss for ur effort:)

  74. Thank you so much neko & kitkat for subbing this lakorn! Can’t wait for the next episode. Keep up the good work! 🙂

    • Pls be patient guys. Were all waiting and pls do read the rules so that we all can enjoy this Lakorn. Pls encourage her and show support.

    • Pls read the rules… Don’t make her rush…. Pls be patient.

  75. Thanks neko & kitkat for the subs! Lovin the series! Can’t wait for the release of the remaining eps. Keep up with the great work!

  76. Dear neung nai suang lakorns fans, pls wait patiently & pls do not rushing neko & kitkat regarding uploading..we have things 2 do daily right they are…pls show some respect & understanding ok..patience is bitter but its fruit is sweet..

  77. helloo, i,ve been waiting for episode 8 and the rest of the episodes of neung nai suang eng sub for too long , i hope u post them soon , thankss xx

    • Just keep whining and we’ll continue delaying it even more. Read Neko’s house rules again. 🙄

  78. Hopefully all will be subbed soon.. Just got hooked up by this Thai Lakorn. I Love the stars “james j and yaya” .. They look soo good together and love the story too… Hopefully u will keep on subbing the rest of the episodes cause its difficult without the eng subs. But still thank u…

    • Nobody likes to be told to release soon. Read Neko’s house rules and just you know, Neko doesn’t say that she’ll drop it so you don’t need to worry about it unnecessarily.

      • Sorry… I’ve commented before reading the rules…. Just been soo excited… Thanks for the reprimand….
        Thanks also Neko sooooo much…

  79. Thank you so much for your hard work!! I really appreciate every subbed word i can get 🙂
    So take care and take your time, i will be patiently waiting…..

  80. Thank you so much I’m dying on the lakorns, Neung Nai Suang I’m so addicted I cant sleep at night because of this Thai lakorns can’t wait until you finish subbing so I can watch it all. Take your time. Just a word of in couragement not here to bother you

  81. I watched the video you suggested of Neung and Pum on a talk show. So cute!!!!😍 It even made me like Song! Thanks for all your work subbing this lakorn. Take care!😊

  82. First of all, I want to say thank you very much for your hard work on subbing neung nai suang. Neko, you’re really the best!!! I saw that you’re already finish subbing episode 11 and 12, can you please please please release those episode? 😀 Thank you so much again Neko 😀

      • Thank you Neko!! Even if I said thank you a thousand times, it still wouldn’t be enough for me to show you my gratitude 🙂 You make all international fans life a lot easier Neko 😀

      • Hehe I’m going to be patient 😉 It’s just that I love Neung and Pum so much. Thank you so much again for your hard work ;D

  83. Thanks for work hard for translate this drama, i cant wait for next episode

  84. Thankyou for your hard work. Keep it up! Looking forward to Neung Nai Suang 🙂

  85. Loving your blog! It is so helpful that you post the status of each lakorn and makes me more patient knowing that you are atleast subbing it for us 🙂 Can’t wait to finish off watching Neung Nai Suang 😀

  86. i like this drama and i did not know that the sub does not completed yet until I reach ep 8 … pleaaaase can any one tell me when all the episodes with sub will release ? because i have to travel and i want to know if i can see it or not

  87. Thankyou for subbing 🙂 I have looked every for episode 8 and it seems that only you are working on it. Can’t wait 😀

  88. Neko ,may i know if this project is dropped or not ? It looks like you stopped it cause its been a long time since you released ep 7.

  89. Hi neko how are you? Thank you for you hard work i appreciate it very much

  90. this is a thank you from Canada Your time and excellent translation is much appreciated. Hugs to you

  91. Thank you thank you thank you thank you soooooooo much for resuming subbing this lakorn love you soooooooo much 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜😘😘😘😘

  92. yeahhhhhhh…soooo happy when i saw the HIATUS word is not there anymore..thank u neko for resuming subbing neung nai suang..luv u..muah muah

  93. omg! i can’t believe because of a selfish person’s action, all of us have to be punished. your work has been really appreciated Neko. I really do hope you continue the work. I’ve constantly been checking just to be able to download and preserve your hardwork. btw, can’t you report/contact the user for uploading your work?

  94. im so glad to hear that you will continue this project someday, im loving this version so much (im actually surprised because I like this more than ken’s version and I loveee ken and Janie) … its such a shame that someone would steal your hard work and take credit for it =///

  95. I usually don’t post on such blogs, but I want to say thank you for all your hard work!! I’m sure there are other silent lurkers like me who appreciate the work you’ve put in and can easily tell the distorted youtube videos were stolen! Thanks again for deciding to continue subbing it & can’t wait for the next release 🙂

  96. Many thanks Neko…
    Hope that person who steal your hardwork will regret and will appreciate someone’s hardwork and not just copy or steal from others.

    Will wait patiently for the rest of your project.
    Since this will help lot of people who doesn’t understand Thai a lot.
    Fighting !!
    and please don’t feel down yah Neko…

  97. Thank you very much Neko! Take your time! I will wait for you! Thank you very much for your hard work. Ganbatte ne!

  98. Hai neko..first of all thank u so much for ur hardwork…i hv been able to watch thai lakorn because of u..i hv read the above comment regarding ur work been uploading without ur permission..felt really frustrated 4 what happened.i juz wanna ask..will u continue subbing neng nai suang in future?..i really hope u will continue because what u did for us who cant speak & understand thai language were really valuable…juz say thank u were not enough but thats all i can do right now and i hope those who stole ur work will reflect themselves. luv u neko..

    • I guess I will since I’ve finished timing the rest of the episodes and some episodes are more than 90% completed! As for when I’ll be resuming I have no definite answer for you right now! 😜

  99. thanks for all ur hardwork for people like me who don’t speak or understand thai! i really appreciate your work!

  100. hi neko..thank u so much for subbing & uploading neung nai suang..thank u soooo much for u hardwork..its really mean for us who cant speak & understand thai language..

  101. Hi neko l am very sorry to know that someone is stealing your hard work it’s terrible I really feel it .you spend so much HARD TIMES on subbing this episodes and then someone without conscience, I will say a thief come and steal your hard work it’s really frustrating . I don’t know if I tell you this you will feel any better, but at first I watched the first episode at YouTube ,on the beginning of every episode you wrote ” a neko meow meow project this is an execlusif realise at alwaysmeena.wordpress.Com”
    so I come to know that I had the chance to watch the episode on eng sub thanks to your hard work . I believe that everyone who is watching at YouTube knows very well that it’s your work , and that person only uplaod the video, I mean even if that person upload the videos under his name still the big thanks goes for you . I also come to know about your blog from that sentence. I was really hurt when they made pum’s voice like dude’s effff so frustrating , I am waiting for kitkat to upload at dailymotion. I will comment to that person and teach him a lesson about MORALS about RESPECTING AND APPRECIATING SOMEONE’S HARD WORK I will make every one knows that’s your hard work . I dare to envite your fans too i mean you were with us when we caught jirassaya fever so we should be with you at times like this. I will keep my hopes up that this project will continue because I know that you’re a soft hearted person you will have mercy on everyone of us who has jirassaya fever . I will tell you that you have fans from all the world , English isn’t even my language but I got to learn it and watch your sub.
    I apologize if I said so much it’s just that I want you to know that we are always with you even if you stopped the project , you have already made us very happy with the sub for episodes 1-7 .I hope you read my comment and I will wish you luck with your projects. Katy big fan of yours.

  102. Thank you Neko for your subbing of this drama. Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the drama as I don’t understand Thai. It’s horrible to know that someone steal the hardworks of others. Don’t know what else to say but I would like to thank you very much for your time, effort and hard work.

  103. Oh no!!!! Well, thank you very much for all your hard work! I will still hope and pray that this project will be continued someday! If you need any help just ask! I’ll try to do as much as I could. thank you again Neko! You made me so very happy with the subs for episodes 1-7.

  104. Is there any way you can upload these videos, when I try and download it takes close to 5 hours on my laptop and for some reason the downloading process always gets interrupted. But I am so happy that I found somebody that is subbing this lakorn. THANK YOU

  105. I am sorry to here about the theft of your hard work. It is disheartening. I do hope one day you continue this project one day, however. I am anxious to see how the story ends. But understand your frustration and wish you all the best. Thanks for allowing me to enjoy such a beautiful story with your subbing. I have really fallen in love with Thai lakorns, but I know I would never be able to enjoy them without the tireless efforts of people like you. So thanks again!

  106. Oh that’s too bad. Ok we will wait patiently for the episodes. I will still visit your blog because you have other lakorns that I haven’t seen. Thank you for your hard work so far.

  107. It’s such a shame because that always happens with both thai and Chinese shows they take the hard work of others and get credit for it I see it everyday on YouTube and as soon as they get one account taken down because people complain they just make another one =// I really hope you change your mind because I know tons of people are patiently waiting for the remaining episodes

  108. Why there are always be someone out there who can’t respect other people hardwork ? 🙁
    just be patient dear, someday she/he will get karma of what’s she/he doing.
    You’re really doing a good job so far. Thank u for your hardwork to sub lakorn for non thai speaker like us.
    We will wait you patiently.

  109. I just found out that this subbing project have been uploaded to youtube without my permission. Even though I don’t own the video, but I spend countless hours timing, subbing, so those who don’t understand thai and really love watching lakorn will be able to watch it with eng sub.
    So I’m really very disheartened! 🙁 A little respect would be nice!
    And to top it, a portion of the video have been cut off and also the sound have been distorted! Pum sound like a dude! Arghh!! I’m not sure how Yaya’s fan feel. Even though I’m not a big fan of her but I feel unjustified for her!
    So all I can say is that this project will be ON HAITUS!

    • Oh no…..i really feel for you and i just found out about you and kitkat blog and was so happy that i can access to thai lakorn with eng sub in HD!. I also would like to convey my thank for all the hard work and efforts put into this lakorn and hoping that you will continue to sub for us non thais to enjoy the lakorn. Will wait patiently !

    • Hello
      first I would like to thank you for this hard work that you are doing to all of us
      second I want to talk to you about this issue initially I found this YouTube playlist while searching on google for this TV series and I was very annoyed by the cropped video & distorted sound so I tried to search again and again but no use couldn’t find it anywhere.
      I stumbled on your videos by chance through “” which I also found by chance and I found other series that I want to watch
      but I think this is happening because your videos’ names are all the initials only that’s why they can’t be found easily through search engine. If you could changes the names to be more like the series name so we can reach it through search engine it would be really nice
      please don’t take my words in offensive way I really like the hard work and hope that it could be reachable to people like me who are searching to watch

      • There’s a reason we use initials to prevent the higher ups finding us and everything we do is considered as illegal, we can get in trouble for the infringement copyright. Please understand that. Thank you and enjoy the lakorns! 🙂

  110. Is there any way I can get episode 5 & 6? I don’t see it on kitkat’s page. Thank you and Kitkat for all your hard work 😉

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