[NEW PROJECT] Rak Gan Panlawan รักกันพัลวัน

Pic cr : Manager Online

Wrapping up one project and ended up starting another new one. LOL! I hope this turn out to be good. Even though ep1 have started airring yesterday, I only manage to get a glimpse of the first few minutes of the show. I was “wow” by the beautiful scenery and also I’m a sucker for cute animals (not to mention cute guy like Nine Naphat too!) So it’s pretty hard for me to resist subbing this one to share it with all of you. Moreover I also receive a lot of request asking for this one. So I’m sure (I hope I’m right) that this will make a lot of people happy! 😀 😀 😀

This lakorn is going to air every Friday, Saturday & Sunday. I’m not sure if I could keep up with the airring pace as lately I’ve been tasked with more “work” to do. So please try to refrain from asking and begging for more it will just make me feel pressured or annoyed and ended up subbing other lakorn or doing other thing instead. And of course TLC is always welcome! <3 <3 <3

Subbing status and links will be updated at project page : https://nekomeowmeow.com/rakganp/

Chan Ja Ror (I Shall Wait) by Nine Naphat OST Rak Gan Panlawan
[dailymotion id=k7vxFfioKCTSQ3pq5BG]

Raeng Deung Doot (Gravity) by Room 39 OST Rak Gan Panlawan
[dailymotion id=k2kQJ828Qxe6Ubpq83K]