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Now I can’t really decide which I should start subbing first. I’m tempted to sub all three but know very well that I couldn’t handle it all at once. Considering I have 3 on going projects in hand right now.
Also at NMM Project we are just a small team of 3. Me in charge of subbing and timing. Blueskies also does timing from time to time. Kitkat does all the backend and technical stuff of getting raw, editing, styling, encoding, uploading….
So I guess it’s best to see which one you guys prefer to watch first through poll.

Jao Sao Chapor Kit เจ้าสาวเฉพาะกิจ
Starring : Film Rattapoom, Amy Amika
Airing Date : September 9, 2015 – November 19, 2015
Total Episode : 27 (Approx. 40 mins per eps.)
Neko^^ say : After watching Film in Mon Rak Asoon I couldn’t help looking for his earlier work and this remake of Ka Neung Ha caught my attention.

Angel Destiny อุบัติรักเทวา [Ubath Rak Thewa]
Starring : Golf Pichaya, Nan Sasira
Airing Date : Starts May 5, 2016 (Every Wed and Thurs 8pm @ True4U)
Total Episode : 26 (TBC) (Approx. 40 mins per eps.)
Neko^^ say : Big fan of Golf! How can I miss this one right? Especially he’s an angel of love trying to match make 3 hundred thousands of couples so he can become heavenly God and the series starts with him having 5 couples more left to go…..
Previously in Devil Lover, Golf brought us to Kitakyushu and this time the filming location took place in Hokkaido, Sapporo.

I See You พยาบาลพิเศษ..เคสพิศวง [I See You : Special Nurse… Astonishing case]
Starring : Pae Arak, Tor Thanapop, Pat Chayanit, Mild Wiraporn
Airing Date : Starts May 7, 2016 (Every Sat 10.30pm @ GMM25 )
Total Episode : TBA
Neko^^ say : It have three of my fave Pae Arak, Tor and Mild. <3 No actually it’s four! The ghost is my fave too. I always enjoying watching her portraying the character of a mean, extremely suspicion wife, have an uncanny passion for handsome guy (and in this case is Chakrit & Son Yuke) in comedy sitcom PenTor!

After watching all 3 Trailers/Teasers. It’s time to cast your vote 😀
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