Ngao Kammathep เงากามเทพ

Ngao Kammathep

Ngao Kammathep เงากามเทพ
Complete April 7, 2014
Viki subbing project (Ep7 onwards)
Cast : Weir Sukollawat, Mai Davika

ห้ามใจ / Hahm Jai (Forbid) by Weir Sukollawat
คนที่ไว้ใจ / Kon Tee Wai Jai (A Trustworthy Person)by Mai Davika

The story of Rome (Weir) using the enemy daughter to get revenge at his enemy mercilessly. But her cute innocence make the devil’s heart be shaken. Will he choose resentment or love.

6th July 2020 – Updated with better quality video RAW. All Links are updated

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