I don’t mean to be sarcastic. But if you can read english subtitle you probably is able to read…


Lately I’ve been receiving a lot of request for Hua Jai Sila 2019 and I’m starting to get super annoyed with it! This is like Barb Rak Talay Fan all over again!

So here comes another ultimatum! 👿

If you doesn’t already know, I’ve listed what I have plan to sub and what I won’t under the Future Project page so if it’s not there then it’s unlikely that I would want to sub it! So stop spamming everywhere in the blog! Moving forward all request comment will be marked as spam!

I will only sub lakorn/series which I’m interested in. If it’s not to your interest, I don’t expect you to spend time to watch it. So please don’t expect me to spend 3-4 hours to sub something which I’m not interested in. FYI, this is the average time which I use to sub an episode of 40 mins lakorn/series. So do your own math if it’s a prime time lakorn which usually is around 1hr & 40 mins.

For those who have been leaving words of encouragement, being patience and playing by the house rules! Thank you very much. All your “gam lang jai” (moral support) is well received!




37 Comments on “NOTICE! HUA JAI SILA 2019

  1. Wellcome back and thanks for your hard work

  2. Quick question. I am new here. If a link for one show has the episodes when Dailymotion opens but another has no videos on it, does that mean she is getting rid of it. My question is for Secret Moon. Tried it several times. Thanks.

    • Link for ep1-4 for Mee Piang Rak is currently down.

  3. oh neko why are you gone???please come back……….. don’t give up…….please continue your subbing…………………..please dear come bacccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk………..

    • She didn’t go anywhere though. She’s been regularly updating her current projects. 🙂

      • I am new here. I love what she has done. I do have a question since I am a newbie. Some of her Dailymotion links have the shows on it but others don’t (Secret Moon). Says it is empty. Does that mean she is getting rid of them? Thanks.

  4. your the best from THE KINGDOM OF TONGA..We are only about 50 thousand people on the island but 60% watch thailand series so thank u so so so much..we love you..

  5. Please ignore the shameless people asking over and over again -_- .. I totally understand your position and that of the muse team as well. It’s a shame but that’s how it is, you can’t always pick up after others. Thanks for always doing a great job!

  6. Lol, it seems you had it worst than us. I was aware it was being requested but not to this extent.
    Understandably it’s true, we have closed off many outlets to reach us. And I guess some fans took the literal route with disclaimers. However concerning Huajai Sila, ATM restrictions are lifted. But depending on many factors that may or may not change.

  7. It seems some fans are avle to read that they can request another subber to sub something, but weirdly, they CANNOT read nor understand the rules you have had for a long time… No requests, as simple as that.

    Yoy have all the right to feel upaet, su su!!!

  8. Sorry to read this again – what a bummer. Keep your chin up – whatever you choose is very nicely done. I really appreciate your hard work, too!

  9. Okay understand thanks neko for all your hard work even I really want hua jai sila being subbed hehehe…

  10. Confession! I came to your blog wanted to ask you to sub this too and surprised when I saw this notice. Sadly I get error when I try to watch from Muse. And seeing how they say in their message that they don’t hold exclusivity and if we cannot wait, we should just make request from other teams. Please don’t be angry that some of us is just trying our luck with you. Even though I have not commented to request earlier but at least now I know the time you spend to sub. Thank you for subbing for us non-Thai so that we get to watch for free!

  11. Thank you so much Neko, for all your time you spend on translating. It is appreciated enormously!

  12. Man, I get annoyed for you. Muse is subbing this. Thank you for your hard work as well.

    • Part of the problem is that someone stole it from Muse so they stopped subbing the show. It’s frustrating for those of us who want it and play by the rules.

  13. I guess you lost your patience first than me! LOL Anyways, it is indeed annoying, though I sort of pity the ones that can’t watch but at the same time, it’s really rude and annoying to be spamming every damn day for a lakorn. Regardless, fighting!

    • Kekeke! It’s just a ticking time bomb waiting to go off! And mine have exploded first! 😛

      • Enjoy your life, enjoy what you do and ignore the nay Sayers and those that don’t listen to any other voices but their own. Most of the time their actions are through ignorance. Love everything you and others do for the community of NON Thai speakers who love Lakorns.

  14. Well said and done, Neko. I hope that it will be more quiet for you now ! Thanks for all your work !

  15. I get frustrated just seeing the requests everywhere on your blog so I can only imagine it is 10 times worse for you. I wish people would take the time to read your blog so they could find all the info before bothering you about it. As always thank you and the timers for everything you guys do! Su Su!!

  16. Muse is subbing this! But like my case, I couldn’t watch from their site even though it’s public release because I presume they have blocked my country from watching it. Maybe this is one of the reason why people is flocking to your site pestering you for this. I pity you Neko! And I think I saw request of HJS over at Thippy too. Probably also because there’s no way to contact Muse that’s why this is happening. I ended up watching RAW instead. Maybe someday Muse will make it available for my country to watch. Anyway, I’m just dropping by to say thank you for all the subs that you have provided and Gambatte! Fighting! Su su!

  17. Appreciate all your hard work and effort taken Neko . Thank you for sharing your work with us fans 🙏

  18. very clear, thanks neko for al your hard work, i am a neko fan 🙂

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