NOTICE! Upcoming Spoiler Alert!

Upcoming next on neko^^ Meow Meow Project…. Now did I get your attention yet? 😛

Some of you might already know or have notice that lately fan subbers have been affected by copyright and also trolls (a.k.a re-uploaders). Copyright is something that’s beyond our control. However trolls is a problem which can easily be avoided and you can play your part by preventing this to happen. I don’t understand why this one person can create 30 ish fake FB account just to reupload other fan subbers work. And what’s more disheartened is when I see some of those familiar names which prefer to watch from these FB account instead.  I’ve said this many times and I’m going to say it again “PLEASE DO NOT RE-UPLOAD” any of my work. neko^^ is a typical cat person who get frustrated very easily. And when that happen, it just ruin my mood to continue to sub. And eventually will lead to project put on hold, no more new project or what’s more serious is the desire to quit subbing once and for all! 😈
I have my reason for not reuploading in FB so please respect it. I know that it’s easy for some of you to view FB video but that’s not an excuses for reuploading other people’s work. Please consider the number of hours that we have spent to time, sub, encode the video. For you to view a 10 mins video, it will require an estimated of 20 mins to time/segment accurately. 10 – 15 mins to sub. And another 10 – 15mins to edit and encode it. So remember, when you are watching one short part of lakorn, behind the scene, it usually take us around 40-50 mins to get it done! 😮
We would very appreciate if everyone just play by the simple rules which are put in place by each and every subber. If you’ve enjoyed our free work, the very least you could do is to support us by watching it directly from our blog site or dailymotion account. Again! PLEASE DO NOT RE-UPLOAD!

So what’s going to happen moving forward?
I have no plan to continue with facebook. And am not sure if this is going to be permanent or not. All releases is going to be updated in this blog. And also in discord. If you are still not in discord, here’s the link to click.
Warning! Discord can be addictive and is a life a changer! Once started, it cannot be undone!
Most of us subbers and lakorn lovers have gathered in discord (organised by kitkat – Thank you). So do feel free to come join in the fun. We do not discriminate and we welcome everyone as long as you are a well wisher avid lakorn fan. At the moment we have close to 200 fans and growing, gathering to discuss/debate/talk/rant/spoiler about lakorn, dara and every other things in life. <3
Thippy, Kitkat, CatAttack and I will be leveraging the #release tag to update our latest release. So if you want to go to only one place to check out what’s being release for the day and where to watch? This is the place that you should go to!

For those who have always been playing by my rules. I thank you very much. And please do know that despite that I don’t say this all the time nor do I response to all your “thank you” post. I really appreciate all your love! <3 <3 <3 Thank you!