NOTICE! Upcoming Spoiler Alert!

Upcoming next on neko^^ Meow Meow Project…. Now did I get your attention yet? 😛

Some of you might already know or have notice that lately fan subbers have been affected by copyright and also trolls (a.k.a re-uploaders). Copyright is something that’s beyond our control. However trolls is a problem which can easily be avoided and you can play your part by preventing this to happen. I don’t understand why this one person can create 30 ish fake FB account just to reupload other fan subbers work. And what’s more disheartened is when I see some of those familiar names which prefer to watch from these FB account instead.  I’ve said this many times and I’m going to say it again “PLEASE DO NOT RE-UPLOAD” any of my work. neko^^ is a typical cat person who get frustrated very easily. And when that happen, it just ruin my mood to continue to sub. And eventually will lead to project put on hold, no more new project or what’s more serious is the desire to quit subbing once and for all! 😈
I have my reason for not reuploading in FB so please respect it. I know that it’s easy for some of you to view FB video but that’s not an excuses for reuploading other people’s work. Please consider the number of hours that we have spent to time, sub, encode the video. For you to view a 10 mins video, it will require an estimated of 20 mins to time/segment accurately. 10 – 15 mins to sub. And another 10 – 15mins to edit and encode it. So remember, when you are watching one short part of lakorn, behind the scene, it usually take us around 40-50 mins to get it done! 😮
We would very appreciate if everyone just play by the simple rules which are put in place by each and every subber. If you’ve enjoyed our free work, the very least you could do is to support us by watching it directly from our blog site or dailymotion account. Again! PLEASE DO NOT RE-UPLOAD!

So what’s going to happen moving forward?
I have no plan to continue with facebook. And am not sure if this is going to be permanent or not. All releases is going to be updated in this blog. And also in discord. If you are still not in discord, here’s the link to click.
Warning! Discord can be addictive and is a life a changer! Once started, it cannot be undone!
Most of us subbers and lakorn lovers have gathered in discord (organised by kitkat – Thank you). So do feel free to come join in the fun. We do not discriminate and we welcome everyone as long as you are a well wisher avid lakorn fan. At the moment we have close to 200 fans and growing, gathering to discuss/debate/talk/rant/spoiler about lakorn, dara and every other things in life. <3
Thippy, Kitkat, CatAttack and I will be leveraging the #release tag to update our latest release. So if you want to go to only one place to check out what’s being release for the day and where to watch? This is the place that you should go to!

For those who have always been playing by my rules. I thank you very much. And please do know that despite that I don’t say this all the time nor do I response to all your “thank you” post. I really appreciate all your love! <3 <3 <3 Thank you!


35 Comments on “NOTICE! Upcoming Spoiler Alert!

  1. Hi! I need help here. I had to restore my computer this week (refused to continu working) and I don´t know why now I can´t koin discordapp. The links are probably old and are not workig, if you could give me a new link to join that would be great. I miss it!

  2. Hellooo, will you be subbing paragit ruk series, part 2?? Love your work!! ❤

  3. Hello are you subbing drama kularb tud petch it is only found in sub till 5 episodes

  4. are you planning of subbing nak su tewada ? if not do you which subber picked this lakorn ? thank you & we all appreciate ur hard work

  5. Neko, may i know whats your futre project after kard chuek and sai see plernh finish? And are u gonna sub prosche and kwan new lakorn?

    Thankyouuuuu ^^

  6. hello,
    just wanna ask r u planning on subbing Kharm See Tan Dorn 2018 version ??? sorry if I write it wrong I just see this title listed as P’ Pope new lakorn.

      • thank u so much !!!!!! I have been searching it but cant seem to find it . THANK U !!!!!
        and noted I will only watch and support them directly from their channel

  7. “Sapai Rod Saab (2016)”– please reconsider this drama as well for your next subbing project…….hope you will check this …..Thank you once again…Warm Regards.

    And i only watch from your direct links.

    • Nope not interested. I’m going to stay away from Jean Gaewalin for the time being!

  8. Heyyyyy xn u plzzzzzz sub the the drama buang ruk gamathep plzzzzzzzzzz

  9. thank you for all the hardwork.. you have done amazing job 🙂 appreciate your time and effort..

  10. Neko thank you for your hard work. I appreciate you for doing this. I’m a avid fan of Thai lakorns since 2009. And I would love to watch your new subbed projects in the future. Thank you & God bless.

  11. Neko can you please give us a list of people who sub thai lakorns??

  12. Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into subbing. The trolls are one royal pain in the tush. I came across one on Facebook and instantly reported it. Again thank you for all the work you put into this.

  13. Really appreciate your hard work Neko. As one of the avid fan of Subbed Thai Lakorn, I am really sad when these ignorant people trolls other people hard works as their. It doesn’t only create problems to the subber but also to the fans who have been patiently waiting for the videos to get subs every week. Recently SJDK and Ingfakirata became the victims of these but they stay strong. And I hope you too will stay strong. I am really grateful for all of the subbers’ effort as I started to love Thai Lakorns ever since I’ve watched my first lakorn which was Wong Wien Hua Jai. After that, I get to know Wishboniko in YT, Jasmine lakorns blog, Kudalakorn, Alwaysmeena, Anonyblue2001, Thippy and then many others fansubs from there on as well as you NEKO. So I really hope that this community will become bigger with more understanding and supportive people from our side as you subbers do a really great job in spreading LOVE to us the interfans. Thanks.. <3

    P/S: One day I want to become a great fansub like you all do. This is my greatest wish to be helpful as from your subs I learn the beauty of Thai language.

  14. thank you neko for all the hard work you have put in your subbing
    Neko or anyone… whenever I click the link for discord given by neko or says invite is invalid… can somebody help me on what to do next?

      • I can’t open this link to neko and i would like to join in this community ok neko and if i may ask you what of the name blog of thippy creation i forgot the name and the facebook is shutdown now i can’t open the facebook

    • Thank you very much for your hard work. For us that don’t speak Thai all of you subber are saviour. Thanks. Thanks a lot. Keep fighting, Neko.

  15. Thank you for all the hardwork you and the subbers have done! You guys are greatly appreciated.

  16. não entendo muito sobre esse assunto , sou brasileira e fã de lakorns , gosto muito do seu trabalho ,não falo ingles, eu traduzo todo os lakorns no google tradutor e dá um trabalho , força!

  17. I appreciate all the hard work you and other subbers put in. I wish people would follow the rules. THANK YOU Neko.

  18. This is the first I have heard of Discord, how do we join the group?

  19. Ok neko appreciate of your hardwork your team but i sure i din’t do it because i don’t know how to upload i just can watch good lakorn so you must figt again all them ok don’t give up ok…for the best lakorn so i will always can watch good lakorn ….:)

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