NRNKF Alek & Patricia Kissing Scene

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Short clip from their recent interview during Today Show.
I wonder which scene that they are talking about? Probably the finale scene. And is anyone as disappointed as I am with Nai Noi & Bell kiss in ep12? I think Bpong & Mei Hua kiss fare better! 😛

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  1. Oh! And I think it was about the kiss on ep 12 (so dissapointing -_-) cuz if they had kissed previously, Alek wouldn’t have been so nervous.

  2. I always hate that the second leads or Nang’rais get better kissing scenes than the leads.

  3. They finally showed the kiss and it was awesome! The love confession made me squeal though I didn’t understand what P’Chai said, only the I love you part! Hahaha

  4. Hi, would like to ask, what is the name of the drama/movie of the actors portrayed in the homepage header? Coz It looks like a Korean actor with Thai actress. Tq!

  5. Lmao but i still find their chemistry cute/adorable 😀😀

    • They have great chemistry and there seems to be more kisses coming so it’s all good.

  6. Lol, yes, we deserve a better kiss with all this Nong Bell falling from his lips every 5 minutes!

    • aww.. i guess they were talking about the kiss on the beach where in bpong suddenly came in,Nai Noi was kissing Nong Bell slowly and he was shaking as alek was saying becoz he is insisting to himself that nong bell is a younger sister but deep inside he loves her a lot.. and i am excited where alek said that there will be more kissing scenes then.. am i ryt?

  7. Well the kiss was to me not a disapointment in a way though cos finally he got to kiss her yay.

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